Camera turns always on when using mouse control [FIXED]

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Camera turns always on when using mouse control [FIXED]

#1 Post by EminGTR » 15 Mar 2017 15:36

I'm using a clean profile, and I use mouse control.
When I use photo mode, then exit photo mode and continue playing, my mouse starts to work for two things when I move it. First, it does controll the wheel of my truck, but secondly it also makes my camera turn. My camera becomes always on for looking around. I press the look around button but nothing changes. I go to main menu and continue again, I go to photo mode and exit again, but nothing changes. Only solution is restarting the game.
And also, this happens "always".
I'm using 64 bit with DirectX.

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Re: Camera turns always on when using mouse control.

#2 Post by morrelo » 15 Mar 2017 15:49

Thanks for your report, this issue has already been fixed and will be included in one of the future patches.

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