Semitrailer "Schwarzmüller" [NOT A BUG]

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Semitrailer "Schwarzmüller" [NOT A BUG]

#1 Post by Mordrheik » 07 Aug 2017 09:57

Do not lift the axle at the semitrailer "Schwarzmüller"!
Since version 1.27 this case!
Or is it the way it should be?

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Re: Semitrailer "Schwarzmüller"

#2 Post by SiSL » 07 Aug 2017 10:01

Schwarzmüller trailers don't come with liftable axles from factory.

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Re: Semitrailer "Schwarzmüller"

#4 Post by Reinhard » 07 Aug 2017 15:51

If using a mod is okay for you: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=231031. It handles 3 Schwarzmüller trailers: cistern, courtainsider and reefer.

Also the log-trailer, but this wouldn't have been necessary. The overweight is not handled. Wouldn't make much sense.

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