One last update?

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One last update?

#1 Post by gigawert » 12 Jul 2017 04:36

I'd love to see a proper in-cabin view as well as free-roam in this game.

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Re: One last update?

#2 Post by Bocaj » 22 Jul 2017 17:38

Dont think thats ever happening, sorry
ETS2 + Going East DLC + Scandinavia DLC + France DLC + alot of xtra DLC's
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Re: One last update?

#3 Post by Reinhard » 22 Jul 2017 17:54

Hey, I'm still waiting for the one dot four patch of ETS 1! It was announced in an interview! :D

No sorry, do you really think somebody wants to touch a 10 year old game? For major improvements which results would disappoint any new customer?

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Re: One last update?

#4 Post by Solo_Kamen » 15 Aug 2017 11:33

I once did a small update on a little game I made in 2012. I had nightmares for three months.

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Re: One last update?

#5 Post by WizardsNipple » 04 Nov 2017 10:24

I think we can only hope for bus driver 2. If SCS did this I think they would smash the competition!

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