Ownable Classic trailers (60's-90's)?

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Ownable Classic trailers (60's-90's)?

#1 Post by Pascal1986 » 23 Feb 2020 16:50

Hi All,

I've recently started a new Playthough in wich i'm only going to use Vintage, classic youngtimer trucks from the 60 til 90's. For example, daf2800, Volvo F88, Iveco Turbostar, Daf95, Actros MP1 etc.

The ting is, there arn't that many ownable classic trailers for the game. XBS made a classic Freuhauf for the freightmarket, and now im using a late 80's/90's canopy trailer with side panels.

In the past there were some great oldschool trailers like the H. Essers Trailer by, Micha BF3, Fred_be
https://ets2mods.lt/euro-truck-simulato ... -x-1-25-x/

The old reefer by Madster (with the Roman truck)

and the Astran trailer for the Shoofer Scania.

But these mods are all obsolete.

So does anyone in the comunity know any good classic trailers foor ets2 1.35 and up? preferebly ownable, but maybe also Freightmarket use?
Charastaritics i'd love: old canopy or reefer (no Tautliner), ca. 12meters (trailers shorter back in the day), prefeably 2 axles etc, no modern side fenders
For reference: youtoube; Auf Achse!

I'd love to hear any Thoughts! :D

Thanx Pascal1896

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BK Vissers
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Re: Ownable Classic trailers (60's-90's)?

#2 Post by BK Vissers » 23 Feb 2020 17:58

If you're not averse to using freight market versions then the Astran trailer is convertible to 1.36. One would need to edit the defs to work with the freight market changes since 1.32, and update the PMG/PMA files, which the game will do for you.

I also converted the MADster reefer with his permission. Check the thread for it.


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Re: Ownable Classic trailers (60's-90's)?

#3 Post by Pascal1986 » 23 Feb 2020 19:25

Thanx BK Vissers, i'll give it a try!

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Re: Ownable Classic trailers (60's-90's)?

#4 Post by Pascal1986 » 23 Feb 2020 19:32

BK Vissers,

what do I need to change to adapt a trailer to the 1.32+ trailermarket? Is there a tutorial somewhere?
so what are the changes and what should I adapt?


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