Nvidia FreeStyle Settings

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Mr juve
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Nvidia FreeStyle Settings

#1 Post by Mr juve » 10 Jul 2020 21:20

These are some realistic Nvidia FreeStyle settigns for ETS2:

-Exposure -4
-Contrast 13
-Highlights 6
-Shadows [-20]

-Tint Color 20
-Tint intesity 12
-Temperature [-11.6]
-Vibrance 4.5

-Sharpen 0
-Clarity 95
-HDR Toning 19
-Bloom 2

-ClarityRadius 1
-ClarityOffset 2
-ClarityBlendMode -Soft light
-ClarityBlendlfDark 214
-ClarityBlendlfLight 218
-ClarityViewBlendfMask off
-ClarityStrenght 0.4
-ClarityDarkIntensity 0.06
-ClarityLightIntensity 0.14
-ClarityViewMask off

Ambient Light:
-alDebug off
-allnt 2.01
-althreshold 3.32
-Al_adaptation on
-alAdapt 0.33
-alAdaptBaseMult 0.02
-alAdaptBaseBlackLvl 0
-AL_dirt off
-AL_DirtTex off
-AL_Vibrance off
-Al_Adaptive -Cold
-alDirtInt 0.06
-alDirtOVInt 0.03
-AL_lens off

This Looks much better using PNG {Project Next-Gen} With Filmic Wheater.

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