I lost my personal businesses...

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I lost my personal businesses...

#1 Post by bartofer » 20 Aug 2020 14:33

In the last few days, I don’t have my own personal businesses,
Not in the list of freight, not in the cities....
yet I didn’t touch it, I just enlarged my map (roads, scenery...)....
My company signs are still there, but that’s all...
Here is the image of the files.. I have no error in the gamelog...
By the way, I’m mapping to 1.38
I am interested in all the ideas to find them....
Thank you


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Re: I lost my personal businesses...

#2 Post by pete_agreatguy » 23 Aug 2020 20:50

SCS recently stopped using the extension ".sii" for company files (in v1.38). You need to amend your company files to be of an extension ".sui". The code is not wrong. Just the file naming :)
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Re: I lost my personal businesses...

#3 Post by Blackspots » 23 Aug 2020 23:49

@pete_agreatguy If it has SiiNUnit inside, it stays a .sii file. If it does not have SiiNUnit, it was renamed to .sui.

Files within \def\city\, \def\country\ were renamed from sii to sui. However, the game reads the older .sii format anyway.
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Re: I lost my personal businesses...

#4 Post by Space_Night » 29 Aug 2020 15:52

Blackspots, thanks. I did an extended manifest that gave me non refrigerated loads for the refigerated cargoes and that stopped working in 1,38

time now to re-edit again i think

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