How can I have a homemade mod that alters more than one folder?

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How can I have a homemade mod that alters more than one folder?

#1 Post by crazycrinkle » 06 Oct 2020 14:45

I have only ever modified files from the DEF folder previously, so just made a zip called and changed it to .scs and put into the mods folder.

But Now I've tried to add a second folder for UI, but i want it all in one mod from the mod-list, not two. How do i do it like workshop mods and have multiple different folders in the same mod/zip?

I tried also adding description.txt manifest.sii and mod_icon.jpg from another mod and altering them and then zipping up that folder (with the def and UI folders in), but although the mod appears in the mod list, it doesn't seem to load it (it doesnt have an image), as all the previous changes (when it was just def.scs) are gone.

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Re: How can I have a homemade mod that alters more than one folder?

#2 Post by Underscore_101_ » 06 Oct 2020 15:51

description, manifest and mod_icon go in the main folder for your mod.. you have


Your manifest and mod_image file need to be described in your description.txt

the "ui" folder goes in the "material" folder, there are no main "ui" folders/the ui folder is always inside another folder, the only one i know of is the "material" folder..

Hope this was of some help, for more help more info is needed :-)

edit: there is no need to zip your files, not zipping them makes things easier, only zip them when you want to share your work AND you're sure the mod works.

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Re: How can I have a homemade mod that alters more than one folder?

#3 Post by The Old Fart » 06 Oct 2020 17:52

crazycrinkle, if you're talking about a local mod in your mod folder then it's dead easy.

The above description is helpful but perhaps a bit complex.

First off, yes, you can have a standalone ui folder in your mod, just like def or automat or material. That's where the 'dashboard' and its associated 'templates' folders go. Underscore_101_ was thinking of the material/ui/accessory folder - that's an entirely separate entity.

Second - you can just drop any folders related to your mod on the desktop: all you really need is the 'folder' files such as def or automat or ui or whatever. You don't need to have any manifest, mod image or information files (but it's a good idea and it's helpful - particularly keeping track of versions and any other information). You could just put the folders directly into the mod manager )without zipping them up but that's messy if you're using more than one folder. The tidiest way is simply to zip up your mod folders and your manifest, image and information.txt files. You can leave the zip alone and use it 'as is' or rename the .zip extension to .scs. The game does not care either way.

If you want to make your own manifest file the easiest is just to copy one that has all the necessary info and then edit it to reflect what's in your mod. If it does not have a display_name: line then it won't show the name of your mod in the mod manager.

If that's unclear at all just come back and ask
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