Cargopack Cistern_Menci [23.03.2020]

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Cargopack Cistern_Menci [23.03.2020]

#1 Post by Rico1789 » 03 Feb 2020 16:56


Hi guys,
today i have a big update for you. Its now in version 2.2.

Currently integrated loads
Food: drinking water, cola, yoghurt, jelly, ketchup, milk, orange juice, olive oil
ADR: cyanide, acid, hot chemicals, nitrogen, chlorine, fluorine, chemicals, nitrocellulose, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, LPG, pesticides, arsenic, sodium, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, acetylene, white phosphorus, sulfuric acid, oil, chemical sorbent , Drilling acid, heating oil

Known bugs
1. All loads are currently available at every loading point

Please report bugs on this thread. With information what load, loading station, deliverystation, what kind for an issue

Version 2.3
-Added support to ProMods Middle-East Add-on v243
-Added support to RusMap v2.0
Log is clean.

Version 2.2
- Added previewpictures to ALL loads
- 7 new loads
Food: Vinear, Coffeedrink, Mustard, Strawbeeryjam, CaramelSauce, Foodcolor
ADR: AdBlue

Version 2.1.1
- Just a small update on the Description (thanks to willy1962)
If you have the version 2.1 you dont have to download this one

Version 2.1
-Clean Logfile
- 5 New Loads of food (Wine, whey, beer, liquid chocolate, cooking oil)

Whats next?
The next big and important step will be to clean the company's entrances and exits.
For example, you cannot bring orange juice to a sawmill, nor can you load orange juice there

You need: Menci Cistern

Download V2.3 ... 3.scs.html

Download V2.2 ... 2.scs.html

Download V2.1.1 ... 1.scs.html

Download V 2.1 ... 1.scs.html

DOWNLOAD V BETA2.0 ... 0.scs.html

Attention: There may be compatibility problems with other cargopacks or trailers
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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [04.02.2020]

#2 Post by pedrelorotrucking » 04 Feb 2020 21:53

Ok thank you for this addon.

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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [04.02.2020]

#3 Post by JoachimK » 05 Feb 2020 09:58

Good Idea for this Pack.

But: Why UL for the Downloads? On other Sites it´s forbidden.

Would be nice to upload on sharemods. Thank you.

Have a nice Day.
👍We looking always for Drivers👍

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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [04.02.2020]

#4 Post by Rico1789 » 05 Feb 2020 10:21

Thank you

Sorry I signed up for uploaded for a few years. Didn't think that made a difference.
But I will log in to sharemods and swap the links.

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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [04.02.2020]

#5 Post by willy1962 » 05 Feb 2020 12:06

what do you mean with , " Non DLC version. DLC werden nicht berücksichtigt ".

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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [04.02.2020]

#6 Post by Rico1789 » 05 Feb 2020 12:29

Oh sorry my mistake.
I am working in parallel on a non-dlc version for people who do not have dlc. But version 2.1 is the all dlc and promods version.

I will change that with the reupload on sharemods.
thanks for the hint
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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [23.03.2020]

#7 Post by maverick_TIB » 27 Mar 2020 09:37

Hy, I am on version 1.36 with promods 2.43, rusmap 2.0, project balkans, poland rebulding, the grrat steppe and the southern region.

Will this mod work without crashes? Thanks.

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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [23.03.2020]

#8 Post by Rico1789 » 27 Mar 2020 22:24

Hey maverick_TIB,
yeah it should work well.
But its possible that you become on project balkans, poland rebuild, the great steppe and the southern region not all loads from this pack.
I dont now what companys these maps are use.

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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [23.03.2020]

#9 Post by maverick_TIB » 27 Mar 2020 23:46

Ok thanks.. I will test it and report back

MG Mike
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Re: Cargopack Cistern_Menci [23.03.2020]

#10 Post by MG Mike » 26 Dec 2020 16:08

Hi there, thank you for the update

And yes there is work left to do.. I hate sensess freights, such as orange juice to a sawmill..

If you can fix it and I can only deliver heating oil from the processing plants to other oil companies it would be great.. It would also be nice if you could add gasstations as a custom company where we can deliver diesel or gasoline to it. Also living houses as a customer for heating oil if possible..

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