Skinnable SCS Turbo King Reefer Unit

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Skinnable SCS Turbo King Reefer Unit

#1 Post by Lucasi_ » 22 Nov 2020 06:54

I helped MDModding with this project so he gave me permission to post it here. Some SCS trailer skin looks a little off but only cuz this accessory will need added to the defaults skins but thats up to you if you use them.
If you use ModStudio2(MS2) drop the supplied xml into you MS2 folder and replace default xml so the Turbo King shows in your accessory list.
You have 2 options for the temperature control panel. So if you're hauling frozen foods like ice cream you better be using the -20 panel or you might have some upset customers.

Template is in the zip file. Have fun and Keep On Truckin

Credit: MDModding, Lucasi ...
drop the xml into you MS2 folder and replace default xml
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Re: Skinnable SCS Turbo King Reefer Unit

#2 Post by CarCat » 22 Nov 2020 18:31

This is great, I'll have to try it out later today! Thanks
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Re: Skinnable SCS Turbo King Reefer Unit

#3 Post by jarryed » 09 Dec 2020 22:22

Nifty little mod here however the 53' reefer...the trailer skirt with hole is not showing as an option. Can only select the solid trailer skirt.
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Re: Skinnable SCS Turbo King Reefer Unit

#4 Post by willy1962 » 15 Mar 2021 09:30

thanks for sharing.
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