Ireland pre-research tips
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Re: Ireland pre-research tips

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Route: Loch Gowna - N55 - Granards
Small research contribution to Ireland DLC. some parts of Rural Highway in Ireland

Route Link: ... 11!1m0!3e0

Foamalite Ltd. Loch Gowna, Co. Cavan

2:20 Foamalite Ltd - Entrance ... 384!8i8192

4:56 Loch Gowna - Village ... 384!8i8192

9:12 Bridge - one way. River Erne. Random Event. ... 384!8i8192
Potential game suggestion: Random event of car passing on the one-way bridge while the truck is obliged huh to wait passage.

9:47 Car overtakes on the tight highway (Video). Random Event.
Another potential random event: the truck driver has to keep an eye on the mirrors .

14:28 Church - Saint Joseph's Church, Drumhawnagh, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Landmark. ... 384!8i8192

16:33 Acess Higway - N55 ... 384!8i8192

17:42 Drumbannow, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Random Event. ... 384!8i8192
Another possibility of a random event: a small food delivery truck, converts the entrance to the site (video). Meanwhile, a small traffic jam of trucks and vehicles awaits the entrance conversion. It requires a lot of attention from the player in the truck driver (semi-trailer truck).

26:01 Oak Tree Park - Granard ... 384!8i8192
This road access requires the driver's attention.Randow event suggestion: A car or motorcycle may randomly leave the village of Aughnagarnon.

27:08 Station oil - Granard ... 384!8i8192

28:39 Saint Mary's Church - Granard ... 384!8i8192
28:57 Station oil - Granard ... 384!8i8192

The end.


1. Lake Gowna

2. Island in Lough Gowna


3.Granards farmers - cattle auction


Street view: ... 384!8i8192
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Galway Wind Park - Special Transport.

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Port of Galway - Wind Energy Project - Special Transport.

Here is a small contribution to the development of special transport in Ireland.

Special transport for wind energy in Ireland.

Special transport, for setting up the wind farm. It starts at the port of the city of Galway.

The special transport was day and night.
Route Special transport: ... 0?hl=pt-BR

Transport Special. Night. Reference: Link:
Transport Special. Day. Link:

The result is Galway Wind Park:

Galway Wind Park - Is a collection of wind farms that consists of four wind farms: Cloosh, Lettercraffroe, Seecon and Uggool. The '' Cloosh Valley '' unit is located approximately 6 miles southwest of Oughterard, Co Galway.

Localization Google maps:
Link: ... 3?hl=pt-BR

A total of 69 wind turbines are allowed with a maximum production capacity of 169 MW. It comprises 58 Siemens 3MW wind turbines, each. It produces enough renewable energy to supply more than 140,000 homes a year.
Phase 1 (64 MW), which began construction in February 2015. v Phase 2 was 105 MW and made commercial power generation commissioned in 2017, and operational since then.

Reference: Site: Specific reference:
Reference: ... wind-park/

OBS: There is a conflict of information between the two sources of reference regarding the total number of wind turbines in operation.

Scenic - Eolic sunset. Galway Wind Park

1. Galway Wind Park. Link:

2. Galway Wind Park. Link:
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Oweninny Wind Farm - Special Transport.

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Oweninny Wind Farm - Mayo

Oweninny Wind Farm, which consists of 61 turbines with a total peak height of up to 176 m. Oweninny is located in North Mayo, west of Crossmolina and east of Bangor Erris, north of the N59 road. The project site covers approximately 2,400 hectares. The wind farm is built in two phases and, when completed, will have an installed generation capacity of 172MW.

Phase 1 of the wind farm consists of 29 3.2 MW Siemens SWT-3.2-113 turbines supplied by '' Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy ''. It has an installed generation capacity of 93MW. It has the capacity to supply more than 75,000 homes in Mayo County. Phase 2, is a development of similar size, is under development. The special transport is scheduled to occur 20.04.2021. With an expected duration of 4 weeks. For more information visit the link: about the phase 2 special transport phase.

1.Oweninny Wind Farm - Phase 1.

2. Special Transport: Killybegs port - Ballina - Oweninny Wind Farm.

Upper Bridge - Ballina. It was possible to identify with the videos the route and the beautiful scene of the trucks over the bridge in Ballina and the church at the back of the scene.
Bridge location: ... 384!8i8192 ? hl = en

3. Map route: Killybegs port - Ballina - Oweninny Wind Farm. Phase 1.

Route: ... 0?hl=pt-BR

4. Oweninny Wind Farm
Map: ... 2?hl=pt-BR
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Re: Ireland pre-research tips

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Grousemount Wind Farm

Grousemount Wind Farm is being developed.
The site is located in the southeast of Kerry, in a location east of Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry and west of Coolea, Co. Cork.

The wind farm will consist of 38 wind turbines. The turbines will have a maximum total dimensions of 126 meters (m). Production of 114 MW electric power generation. It allows electricity for 70,000 Irish buildings.


Localization: Grousemount Wind Farm.
Link: ... 1?hl=pt-br

The special transport route is likely to be between the port in Ringaskiddy bound for Grousemount Wind Farm.

Route: Ringaskiddy - Grousemount Wind Farm:
Link: ... 264m/am=t/ data =! 3m1! 1e3! 4m17! 4m16! 1m5! 1m1! 1s0x48448474f7253429: 0x3de2896d03ad1c53! 2m2! 1d-8.3308138! 2d51.8350014! 1m5! 1m1! 1s0x48451b34a! ! 2i0! 3i0

This is information that can allow better research to SCS, the special transport road route (this is certainly the case). Extracting your information for the creation of the Route through the analysis of the video.

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