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Re: LGV/Gigaliner/Eurocombis in Germany [FEATURE]

Posted: 13 Apr 2019 11:04
by howey
What is the total Gross weight you can haul in these combinations in Germany out of Curiousity? Is it only 40 or 44 tonnes or have the increased it?

Re: LGV/Gigaliner/Eurocombis in Germany [FEATURE]

Posted: 13 Apr 2019 11:26
by xXCARL1992Xx
the politicians here are cowards, while Sweden and Norway have greater VGW for those combos, and Sweden even increased it to 74t i believe if you have more axles on it we still have 40t, or 44t if you just pass though germany from countries that have 44t VGW (ISO See container for example)

so no, the length was increased but not the overall gross weight, really benefit of those Eurocombies are only for cargos that are big but not dense enough to reach the 40t limit, those you can haul up to 50% more in volume

Re: LGV/Gigaliner/Eurocombis in Germany [FEATURE]

Posted: 13 Apr 2019 14:02
by howey
Thankyou for the reply I thought that might of been the case. Like you said the only benefit out of it is more volume for light cargoes such as Air mail, IBC containers, Recycled products such as empty bottles cans and boxes etc.

So I guess to their weight limitations they wouldn't be very popular in Germany?

Re: LGV/Gigaliner/Eurocombis in Germany [FEATURE]

Posted: 13 Apr 2019 18:13
by Some newbie driver
I don't think it's a matter of cowardice Carl1992. I think it's more about lobbyist pressures of railroad sector (a very powerful one in Germany, if I'm not wrong). That kind of combos makes them lose market share, so they are interested to limit it as much as they can.

And up to some point, I'm mostly agree. After all, if we want to have a viable future in a few decades, we should be putting trucks out of the roads and sending a lot more goods by train. It's a nonsense that hundreds of thousands of trucks were doing daily the same long distance deliveries all across Europe. That kind of trips should all had to be done by train and trucks taking the good at train-road interchange hubs for the last part of the travel. The actual system is a wastage of energy and manpower, and also helps to fill in excess the road infrastructure. Here in Spain we have a big problem with that situation.

Re: LGV/Gigaliner/Eurocombis in Germany [FEATURE]

Posted: 05 Nov 2019 18:10
by HRTrucking
@Some newbie driver it's the bridges in Germany and some other infrastructure thing's that aren't build for 40 tonnes.
A lot of bridges need to be rebuild or repaired and we can only do 60km/h on them because they're worn out. What would happen with 60 tonnes.

Rail companies like DB are among the biggest transport companies and companies that give orders to road transport companies. DB even has road cargo themselves.

The transport by train or water doesn't work as well you think. A lot of work for road cargo also comes from the rail and ship transport. In most countries they're number 1 and 2 for giving work to road cargo companies.
If a transport company can think of a better way they'll do it.
And then there's product's where multi modal transport isn't flexible or fast enough. Capacity isn't always big enough on rail and by ship as well.

I drive foodstuffs in a roadtanker rail cargo or ship will be to slow for what we drive most of the time. It's already changed to specialized products or things that have to go quick.

Before the crisis we used to drive a lot more simple thing's as well. That's all changed as well.

I want less freight on the roads (less cars as well) but it isn't easy to get it of the road.

SCS should let us pay toll in Germany,Belgium, Austria and other countries as well and get the delays we get in real life. Then you'll see that companies will try to get cargo off the road and get it done cheaper and better.

Re: LGV/Gigaliner/Eurocombis in Germany [FEATURE]

Posted: 06 Nov 2019 10:09
by B787
@Some newbie driver Wrong. The railroad doesn't have any lobby like cars etc. The point is that over the past years/decades a lot of railways got scrapped so that the infrastructure of the railroad is extremely bad to hande all these extra trains for cargo and the connection to different places is also not always given.
Another point is that using trains instead of trucks would be just too expensive. Yes. As we got our 'great' market economy where you always have pressure to be the best, the cheapest, etc. the railroad just looses against each company which uses trucks to haul cargo. And using companies from eastern Europe makes it even more cheap... ;)

So, in my opinion it has something to do with cowardice like @xXCARL1992Xx said. In some points the government has to control stuff. They never had interest in railroad like Switzerland for example. This country is a brilliant example for a perfect working railroad network. In Germany cars and trucks are above everything. And don't forget, building new railroad tracks, hiring new people, buying new trains costs a lot of money. Let thousands of trucks passing our roads will make you earn a lot of money... ;)

And talking about the weight of trucks... well, just take a look at our roads and like @HRTrucking said, our bridges. Our roads are just to bad to handle higher weights. I see daily Gigaliner and other extra long trucks as we got a lot of automotive companies and a VW manufactory in the area. But they only use them as automotive parts are very light and you can carry more parts and don't exceed the weight limit.
At some places our roads are really worse. Maybe one of you have read about this, I live at the famous part of the A4 where the speed limit was reduced from unlimited to 60kph. Yes. 60kph on an Autobahn. :lol: Any why? The complete roads was reworked some years ago but as it has to be as cheap as possible they used gravel which didn't matched the concrete and now we got a completely broken surface.
I don't know how much money they fetch with the toll but I think it is a lot. And if the toll for cars come (I honestly don't believe in it) the will earn so much more. But the money isn't used for it as it should. You could build perfect streets with it but no one is interested in it. It's much better to build never finished airports from it... :roll: Now, more than one year after they noticed that the road breaks they start to rebuild it. And what did they do? Just leave everythink like before, at some places they just put a new layer above it and at some other places they just fix the brokes parts so that you don't have a pothole anymore, now you have shock edge. :roll:
And we don't talk about a small sector, it is about 25km long in each direction! :roll:

Re: LGV/Gigaliner/Eurocombis in Germany [FEATURE]

Posted: 06 Nov 2019 18:37
by HRTrucking
Bridges and rest of the infrastructure is a big reason.
And cowardice as well yeah. German politicians and police are always on about the distance a heavier truck needs to brake :roll: . Extra axles and all means also more power to brake.

@B787 Bad A4 + VW Plant = near Zwickau ??

And putting a new layer on top is something they learned after Germany became one. When I went to the Germany for the 1st time in 2000 the roads where so bad in the east :lol: . My Scania 3 series was rattling everywhere ( only 1.600.000km on it) on tarmac that was paved over old cobble roads and other old DDR roads.

Re: LGV/Gigaliner/Eurocombis in Germany [FEATURE]

Posted: 29 May 2020 18:32
by _Avto2000_
@ xXCARL1992Xx Yeah!

Look Here :)

Here what i found about it.