Belarus pre-research tips

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Belarus pre-research tips

#1 Post by Dirk » 18 Jan 2019 15:26

Hello everybody!

As we're doing some pre-research for ETS2, we'd like to know your opinion on some of the things which we shouldn't miss in the game in our future planned DLCs - in this case for the BELARUS state.

Unfortunately it can be very easy to miss some key spots when planning a future road network. We can judge only from what we read or see, while those who live there, have driven there or visited there, can point us towards some famous truck stops, interesting landmark, points of interest etc.

So we'd appreciate any tips which could be helpful for us and that could easily work with in-game mechanics. Try to keep in mind that we're interested in places connected with trucks and roads. So if you have some tips, we'd be grateful. Don't be shy to add photos / videos of said locations (in better quality, so our graphics can use them as pattern).

Please be aware, that states listed here mean absolutely no promise of what's the next DLC or what states will come first. Also we can't guarantee that we'll use the research you give us - it depends on many aspects (which can't be all written here).

Cheers! Image

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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#2 Post by Artem24352 » 20 Jan 2019 08:13

Republic of Belarus in Minsk I. great library of owls.

*attachment removed, replaced with google images image of the building*

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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#3 Post by kalash » 20 Jan 2019 12:13

Hey. My English is bad. I use translator.
Here is one of the attractions of Belarus, which is located along the E30. Here is a link to google maps. ... 1?hl=ru-RU

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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#4 Post by kalash » 21 Jan 2019 12:15

About speed limits
Belarus has speed limits: in cities 60 km / h, outside the city on motorways 90 km / h, other roads 70 km / h. In many ways, this is similar to Russia.
But there are exceptions. Almost all along the E30 (M1), the speed limit for trucks is 100 km / h, for cars 120 km / h.
There is a ring road around Minsk. It has a speed limit of 90 km / h for all types of transport. Also recently built another ring road. It is located a little further from the city. These are sections of the M2-P80-M14-M7-M14-M1 roads(on google map). On Yandex Map, this is one road - M14. The section of the road from P80 to M1 consists of a concrete pavement.
Unfortunately in our country, Google did not make panoramas, but I will try to find photos of objects that you should be interested in. By the way, we have Yandex panoramas ( ... D0%BA&z=11).
Thanks for reading. Sorry for my English. I use online translator. :roll:
To be continued...

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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#5 Post by adamrybak960 » 19 Feb 2019 15:12

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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#6 Post by adamrybak960 » 21 Feb 2019 21:14

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Tablice Rejestracyjne
Tablice Rejestracyjne

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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#7 Post by rost21 » 01 Mar 2019 20:18

adamrybak960, well, trucks are forbidden near National Library Of Belarus and along the whole length of Nezavisimosti avenue (проспект Независимости in Russian or праспект Назалежнасці in Belorusian).

As for me the centre of Minsk is too tiny to add it into the game. I supposed, that it will be better to pay attention on it's suburb, which contains pretty much cargo depots and industries.

There are five largest cities in Belarus which, to my mind, should be added into the game: Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev (first russian translation, second belorissian - where it's needed: Брест, Витебск/Віцебск, Гомель, Гродно/Гродна, Минск/Мінск, Могилев/Магілёў). And, maybe, some smaller cities like Bobruysk, Baranovichi and Polotsk.

Also, you have to point attention that there are two official languages in Belarus: russian and belorusian. Most people speak russian and there are a lot of road signs and different billboards in russian

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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#8 Post by SairitVS » 14 Jul 2019 00:01

Mound of Glory -
Minsk Automobile Plant -
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#9 Post by » 15 Mar 2020 10:15

Search tip for SCS Software.
  Use the following website as a source of economic data for Belarus:
  Routinely follow up on lots of up-to-date information about the country's economy, the language used is English.
The Economy section has a lot of information, about the country and in a very simple, didactic and complete.
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#10 Post by » 15 Mar 2020 23:08

Research tip.
The company "Gomselmash", is one of the most important companies for the industrial economy of Belarus, it would be very important that there could be the licensing of its
agricultural machinery for the ETS2 game, and this licensing would allow delivery of cargo throughout Europe, and also to other continents.
The company's website and more information including machine models can be accessed at this link:
-- Dealers - Gomselmash ---
Stasdorf, Austria has only one resale of agricultural machinery from the Belarusian company.
ETS 2 - The reseller contact is in that small town in Austria for the ETS2 game a suggestion would be to have a dealership in the city of Lins.
Stasdorf map: ... 9?hl=pt-BR
How it is possible to observe in an agricultural area this region of Austria.

The company has two areas of authorized resellers; Bruxelles, Belgium. Lovenjoel,(Near City:Leuven), Belgium.
ETS 2 - For gaming purposes it would be interesting if the dealership was in this city: Leuven.
So taking advantage of the occasion and adding this Belgian city that also has a very important agricultural region around it.

The dealership for the sale of the company's machinery is located in this city Pleven in Bulgaria.
Another dealership is located in the city of Ruse.
ETS 2 - For the purposes of the ETS2 game, it would be important for both cities to have dealerships for this agricultural machinery factory, because they are the most common places to be found.
The concessionaire can supply the Bulgarian market with agricultural machinery ,eventually the market in North Macedonia, and Greece, as well as the southern half of Romania.

The agricultural machinery dealership located in the Slovenian capital - Ljubljana, can supply Belarusian agricultural machinery with the agricultural farm market itself, as well as the Croatian market, and eventually Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The Czech Republic is a country with a lot of agricultural tradition and fertile land in both moravia and bohemia and understands all of this the country has two dealerships authorized by the company to negotiate machinery: Praha, Smidary.
ETS 2 - As you can see map. The city is in an area with a lot of agricultural activity. The concessionaire could stay for game purposes in Hořice or Hradec Kralove.
Map: Smidary. ... 9?hl=pt-BR

Estonia has an authorized concessionaire located in the city of Tartu.
ETS 2 - The important agricultural area in which the concessionaire is located, and is reasonably bounded by the Lakes: Võrtsjärv, Peipus, Pihkva/Pskovskoe.

France has two locations with authorized dealer and resellers of the brand for agricultural machinery: Til-Châtel, (Near City: Dijon), Sandouville,( (Near City: Le Havre).
ETS 2 - For gaming purposes the concessionaire Sandouville, can be located in the French port city- Le Havre. This is due to a factor that this small town is practically "glued" to the big port city. Til-Châtel, is a small French town located near Dijon. Looking at the map, it is possible to see that the small town is on the E17 highway, and has road access at the other end of the highway, the city of Nancy.
  Therefore, in a superficial analysis, there would be no impediment to inserting the small agricultural town.
  However, the location of the dealership in the city of Dijon is also very acceptable as there is an E17 road route between Nancy and Dijon.
Map: Til-Châtel: ... 5?hl=pt-BR

Germany has as a city with a point of sale for the company's agricultural machinery the city of Leipzig. It could then generate a very interesting flow of cargo between the city of the factory that is located in Gomel and the German city.Making a road that has the city of Bialystok in Poland more busy. Because one of the routes for transportation passes through this region.

Latvia, the authorized concessionaire is in a small agricultural town in the country, his name is: Dobele (Near City: Jelgava, Saldus).
ETS 2 - Looking at the map, it is possible to see that it would be possible to build a small scenic town, in which there was a concessionaire, for the delivery of the company's machines. Another possible approach is to place the dealership in a slightly larger city, the suggestion is - Jelgava.
Map: Dobele ... 8?hl=pt-BR

Lithuania, the authorized concessionaire is in a small agricultural town in the country, is located in Radviliškis (Near City:Siauliai, Panevezys).
ETS 2 - Here we find several possibilities for adjusting the dealership of the Belarusian agricultural machinery manufacturing company.
  The concessionaire can be located in the 3 options: Siauliai, Panevezys, Radviliškis.
A suggestion is to include the small town, to be able to provide a flow of road traffic, and a little more give options for those players who do some final loading in Panevezys afterwards may wish for another type of cargo nearby.
Map: ... 7?hl=pt-BR

Moldova, the company exports its agricultural machinery including to moldova where the dealership is located in the country's capital; Chisinau.

Poland, Poland has two agricultural machinery dealers in small towns located in regions with strong agricultural activity.
One of those areas destined for agricultural machinery is the small town of Sokolka, (Near City: Białystok), the other concessionaire is located in Przyborów, (Near City: Nowa Sól).

ETS 2 - Poland has two agricultural machinery dealers from the Belarusian company and we will explain how it could be in the game in a little more detail.
It would be an incentive for players to travel routes transporting these products between Belarus and Poland and other Western European countries, by routes to basic.
1st route: Gomel/Гомель - Bobrisky/Бабруйск - Slutsk/Слуцк - Slonim/Слонім - Bialystok (PL) - Sokółka(PL). And arrival at the agricultural machinery dealership. ... m0!1m0!3e0
2st route: Gomel/ Гомель -Zhlobin/Жлобін - Bobruisk/Бабруйск - Slutsk/Слуцк - Navahrudak/Навагрудак - Hrodna/Гродна -
Sokółka (PL). And arrival at the agricultural machinery dealership. ... b4!1m0!3e0

Przyborów, this small Rural town is close to City; Nowa Sól,the where it would be most appropriate to create the city on the map of Poland and insert the agricultural machinery dealership ... 15.7679558

Pezinok ,(Near City:Trnava),the agricultural city is located between the capital of Slovakia Bratislava and the city of Trnava.
ETS 2 - For game purposes it would be very interesting that the city Trnava, can be inserted at some point, and in that significant Economic city in Slovakia, the machinery dealer can be represented.

The Kingdom of Spain, has an agricultural machinery dealership at the Belarusian factory located in Barcelona in the Catalonia region.
ETS 2 - In the Euro Truck 2 game, a suggestion is that this dealership may cover the delivery of machines to Portugal and Spain.

Budapest capital of Hungary has a dealership that meets the demand for agricultural machinery in Hungary.
ETS 2 - The suggestion for the Euro Truck 2 game goes through the agricultural machinery dealership to be able to distribute the machinery it receives directly from Belarus.
Delivering machines to farms in Hungary, western half of Romania (while the machine dealership in Moldova can supply farms in the eastern half of Romania).
Eventually there is also the possibility that SCS Software can regionalize, where distribution from Budapest can supply Serbia.

----- International exports to other continents -----
ETS 2 - The exports of the belarusian agricultural machinery manufacturing company appear to be carried out mainly to polish ports, but also those ports located in Lithuania, Latvia, as well as the port of Kaliningrad (RUS). Belarus appears to be dedicated to increasing exports another important export initiative being carried out is targeting Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, notably Odessa.


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