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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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How important is Mozyr to Belarus' economy? Enough to be featured as a city?
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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dsf.fernando wrote:
01 Oct 2020 00:20
How important is Mozyr to Belarus' economy? Enough to be featured as a city?
Mozyr is a fairly large industrial center for the Belarusian economy.
There's an oil refinery there
This is one of two factories. The second is located in Novopolotsk.

As well as a salt production plant
Here are some other enterprises in Mozyr ... .by/&tl=en
Unfortunately, some sites are only in Russian

In addition to buses, the city has a tram service. The length of the line is over 20 kilometers. One route is valid Main tram route to oil refinery
River transport is not developed, although the port of Phov is the largest in the country.
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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АО "Мозырский машиностроительный завод" (JSC "Mozyr Machine-Building Plant" - JSC MTZ)

This post is only intended to supplement information about companies in the Mozyr city.

Main products is: Crawler tractor factory for agriculture, Tractors, backhoes, forestry machinery, coupling equipment.

1. Group product crawler tractor: Tractor BELARUS 1502, Tractor BELARUS 2103.

2. Group product Forestry machinery (number of models manufactured): 1 forestry harvester, 3 universal forestry tractors, 3 forestry loading and transport machine, 1forestry semi-trailer, 4 forestry chopper 2 hydraulic manipulator, 1 multifunctional machine
Link: ... -tekhnika/

3. Special coupling equipment and special machinery (number of models manufactured):
1 Drilling crane, 1 tipping crane (work basket), 1 "bermadora" (Portuguese) or "bermatriz" (Portuguese) "brush cutter" (cutting crane; for grass. Coupling to the tractor), 1 backhoe.

4. Front loaders

Main video:
Manufacturer of crawler tractors, forestry machinery, agricultural tractors, road construction and drainage machinery, among other equipment for BELARUS tractors, as well as spare parts for them.
Below some videos about the main tractor produced by the company the BELARUS 2103.

1.BELARUS 2103
These images on the Belarus 2103 tractor can be very useful for digitally building the vehicle for the Euro Truck 2 game, as a Belarusian cargo.

2. Belarus-2103
Serial production of the Belarus-2103 agricultural tractor, which is produced at the Mozyr Machine-Building Plant, which is part of the Minsk Tractor Plant holding. This powerful general-purpose crawler tractor belongs to traction class 4.0 and is designed for agricultural work when aggregating mounted and trailed machines and implements. The Belarus-2103 tractor has a frame structure of a classic layout. A power unit is installed on the frame - a single unit consisting of an engine, a clutch housing, a gearbox and a swing mechanism, as well as a rear drive axle. The tractor is equipped with a diesel six-cylinder in-line turbocharged engine with intercooled air MMZ D-260 manufactured by the Minsk Motor Plant. The D-260 engine displacement is 7.1 liters (cylinder diameter - 110 mm, piston stroke - 125 mm), rated power - 212 horsepower at 2100 rpm, maximum torque - 920 Nm at 1500 rpm. The capacity of the fuel tanks is 500 liters. It should be noted that engines of two modifications can be installed on the Belarus-2103 tractor - with a Common Rail fuel system (D260.4 S3A) or with an in-line multi-plunger injection pump (D260.4 S2).

3. Belarus 2103

Crawler tractor "BELARUS" 2103 with a 212 hp engine. p., 4th traction class is designed for various agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines, as well as implements with a range of traction resistance from 30 to 40 kN at operating speeds, including plowing medium and heavy soils and loosening them, fertilization, pre-sowing soil preparation with simultaneous soil preparation, moisture closure, harrowing, sowing, harvesting, other general-purpose work on waterlogged soils.

4. Transport Belarus 2103 serial. year 2014.

Reference: ... ZnWgD0JgUg

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