Belarus pre-research tips
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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Bragin - city in the Gomel region. Very damaged during the Chernobyl disaster.

Map: ... 30.2745438

It is located close to the current one, Palieski State Radioecological Reserve.
It is located Has road access with Chernigov / Чернігів and Chernobil / Чорнобиль both located in the north in Ukraine.
The small town is therefore located at a crossroads of highways being directly connected by P35 and with access to P 32 within Belarus.

The road to Belarus 2. The road to Belarus 2. Kiev - Vyshgorod - Slavutich - Bragin/Брагін - Loev - Rechitsa - Svetlogorsk - Papornoe.

City Брагін/Bragin - Drone view
Monument - Tribute soldiers 2°WW.

Driving Bragin streets -
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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--------------- Grodno/Hrodna/Гродна -----------

This is an important city in Belarus, and it is a main level city, and it should be in the game Euro Truck 2, map Belarus.
It is a big city, has many industries, and many economic activities, very beautiful cultural monuments.
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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Lithuania - Belarus: Special cargo transport .
It is also important to insert a special transport route in the PS2 game that connects Lithuania with Belarus.

Special cargo transport for "Grodno Azot" crossed the Belarusian-Lithuanian border.
Huge pipe 50 meters high and weighing 300 tons is intended for the new nitric acid plant of the enterprise "Grodno Azot".
Transport of absorption towers to Belarus.
Dimensions: length - 70.8m, width - 6.42m, height - 7.2m, weight - 303t Distance covered in Belarus: 350km
Special transport: From Klaipeda (LT) to Grodno (BY).
Almost 300 tons of total weight on 200 tires, 65 meters long x 7.20 high x 6.40 wide. From Klaipeda (LT) to Grodno BY (route almost 1000 km).
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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Driving in Real Time Route: M1 Moscow -Brest (border Poland). Part 1 Trip.
Driving on the E30 track in Russia and Belarus from Moscow to Brest (border with Poland)
Трасса М1 Москва-Брест в реальном времени.

border between Russia and Belarus: 4:23:44

Route Map: E30 (Russia), M1 (Belarus). ... 996507!3e0

Driving in Real Time: (Poland, Slovakia, Austria) Part 2 Trip.
Польша-Чехия-Словакия-Австрия в реальном времени

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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

#16 Post by Skoot » 31 Jul 2020 01:04

Brasilian guy is the only person who does public research in a thread about my country? I must correct that.

First thing first,
Is it called potato country for nothing?

Then (I don't know whether I should laugh or cry here) Belarus has next to no presence on Google street view. And no, it's not banned from here.

I'll edit this post as soon as I get any good ideas because now I want to sleep. :P
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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Good morning my friend .... good morning .... good morning ....

I was offline for quite a while, but thanks for the kind words. I wouldn’t know how to answer in more detail, because there can be sometimes translation errors. I can only say that I am fascinated by the country of Belarus; for its agriculture, its machinery industry, its castles, landscapes.

Then we found another video of highways that are accompanied by beautiful landscapes.
It would just be interesting to know the list of cities where this video itinerary is traveling.

Domachevo-Brest and further east along the M1.

1. Leplovka (Ляплёўка) time : 0:22
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Brest - meat processing factory.

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Today we are going to talk a little bit about one of the main meat processing companies in Belarus.

1. OJSC Meat Processing Plant Brest.

Logo company:

City: Brest ( Брэст )
Site : our (English)
Localizaation google maps: ... a=!3m1!1e3
yandeex ru: ... 84&z=16.25

I recommend it to the research team who may be accessing this link, because there are many other products, in addition to those listed below (which would be the main ones).
Main products:
Cooked sausages
Frankfurters / Wieners
Other sausages
Raw smoked / Dry-cured sausages
Rolls and Pastes
Semi-finished products
Smoked food
Smoked poultry
Smoked-scalded / Semi-smoked sausages

Exports: Poland, CIS countries (Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), Jordan, (Hong Kong) China, Pakistan, Vietnam.

Factory: ... 72fdad.jpg ... 5bcc94.jpg ... a1ea2b.jpg ... 24x683.jpg ... g&usqp=CAU ... nat_12.jpg

Acess M1 \ E 30 to factory:

Here is the road access to get to the company, it is the route that trucks take. ... 19405&z=16

This link is the continuation of the route with it is possible to reach the factory. ... 23566&z=15

Truck transport cows processament factory: ... 19405&z=16

Truck company ... bd77b1.jpg ... rmn8DoyJwQ ... 843914.jpg
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Milk factory (Turov ) & iconics truck milk

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In today's post we are just going to show you some very interesting milk transport trucks in Belarus (they could be vehicle IA - Artificial Intelligence), and an iconic company close to Ukraine. ... 76_900.jpg
Milk tank monument GAZ-51A in Turov, Gomel region, Belarus.

Obtained on this interesting website about technical and technological monuments of Russia and neighboring countries.
These are lesser known monuments, but they can be very interesting for SCS Software's European truck games in Eastern Europe. ... _59971.jpg
Road train milk carrier based on MAZ-5340 AK 3677-2 and a two-axle trailer. ... 90afd80709
Long trailer - milk carrier.

The link below has a lot of valuable information for the SCS Software team.
It has information on milk production in the Brest region, its main districts that had an increase in productivity in total liters, and liters per cow in its 8 lactation months. ... lasti.html

Turovskiy Molochnyy Kombinat ( Туровский молочный комбинат )

And the peculiar dairy company in the city of Turov (it has a monument to the dairy truck - model of the Soviet Union Era).

City: Turov \ Turaŭ \ Тураў
city attractions and monuments: ... askovichi/
The Turov settlement is an original Belarusian landmark.
Link company:
Localization: ... 27.7630091

The company is export oriented (producing Italian cheeses), currently more than 80% of its products are supplied to the foreign market, to the following countries: Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Türkmenistan, Emirates United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Jordan, China (Hong Kong) and other destinations in the mainland, Moldova, Japan, Ukraine.

This company is famous for producing cheese. known as "filata pasta", it is a group that has for example "Suluguni", "Cheddar", also produces the following types of cheese:
- Semi-hard cheeses -
Provoletta, Scamorza, Fio, Edam, Gouda, Suluguni, Mozzareella.
- Soft cheeses -
Ricotta, Cremolla, Kremchiz, Mascarpone

"Cheese Fables"

The cheeses of the Turov Dairy Plant are presented on the shelves of the largest retail chains, including: Magnit («Магнит»), Auchan ( «АШАН») , Lenta («Лента»), Perekrestok («Перекресток»), Pyaterochka («Пятерочка»), METRO (METRO), Karusel («Карусель»),
O'KEY («О’КЕЙ»), BILLA (BILLA), Hyperglobus ( «Гиперглобус» ),
Selgros (Selgros), Olivier («Оливье»), Prism («Призма»),
Dixie («Дикси»), K-RUOKA («К-РУОКА»), Azbuka Vkusa («Азбука вкуса»), Avoska ( «Авоська»).
reference: ... /?mobile=N

It develops its own farms in the Zhitkovichi district of the Gomel region - Priozerskoe-Agro OJSC, Dyakovichi OJSC. And it develops a growing network of milk suppliers.

Link below you can see some images of the company in photography and also the iconic truck. ... elaru.html ... j_kombinat ... 193681.jpg

some pictures of the dairy company ... rovas3.jpg ... c/kafe.jpg ... agazin.jpg ... 185e2a.jpg ... 08b52/XXXL ... bdae1/XXXL ... 78ead/XXXL ... 918f0/XXXL ... 635fc/XXXL ... 0d8dd/XXXL ... 9ba1f/XXXL ... y/2617.jpg ... y/2618.jpg ... y/2626.jpg ... urov/1.jpg
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Re: Belarus pre-research tips

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Today we are going to show you a little about a very important border crossing between Belarus and Ukraine.

Localizzation map: ... a=!3m1!1e3
It is an important border road crossing, which connects the city of Gomel (Belarus) - Kiev (Ukraine).

Checkpoint Novye Yarilovichi (Ukraine) \ checkpoint Novaya Guta (Belarus)
checkpoint Novye Yarilovichi (Ukraine).

Checkpoint Novaya Guta (Belarus) detailed information about the layout of this checkpoint can be accessed at this link:
Note> as the images are in Flash they are not very good when the link for viewing is made. So I'm just putting a link.

Checkpoint Novye Yarilovichi (Ukraine).

Checkpoint Novaya Guta (Belarus).

References: ... SCgev5VOiQ ... 3533-2020/

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