Portugal pre-research tips

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Portugal pre-research tips

#1 Post by Dirk » 18 Jan 2019 15:26

Hello everybody!

As we're doing some pre-research for ETS2, we'd like to know your opinion on some of the things which we shouldn't miss in the game in our future planned DLCs - in this case for the PORTUGAL state.

Unfortunately it can be very easy to miss some key spots when planning a future road network. We can judge only from what we read or see, while those who live there, have driven there or visited there, can point us towards some famous truck stops, interesting landmark, points of interest etc.

So we'd appreciate any tips which could be helpful for us and that could easily work with in-game mechanics. Try to keep in mind that we're interested in places connected with trucks and roads. So if you have some tips, we'd be grateful. Don't be shy to add photos / videos of said locations (in better quality, so our graphics can use them as pattern).

Please be aware, that states listed here mean absolutely no promise of what's the next DLC or what states will come first. Also we can't guarantee that we'll use the research you give us - it depends on many aspects (which can't be all written here).

Cheers! Image

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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#2 Post by NewCoolMapper » 18 Jan 2019 17:37

As many of you know, I'm from Portugal.
I have tons of suggestions for a possible DLC in the future in Iberia, including Portugal.

Let 's start from the south:
Anotação 2019-01-18 171754.jpg
This is the Guadiana River, crossing Spain to Portugal. This landscape is really incredible and I hope you include it in the release.
For assets suggestions, I think this sign welcoming you to Portugal looks real great!
Anotação 2019-01-18 171914.jpg
Near Faro, I know it's probably impossible to do much because of the scale. But related to that, I think an "old" road could fit well because it's located near the A2 and probably there isn't any city planned on the southwest coast, so the IC1 would fit well:
Anotação 2019-01-18 172039.jpg
Anotação 2019-01-18 172315.jpg
A little north, in the Alto Alentejo, I think the Caia gas station (in the A6) would be great, because it's near the border and acts almost as a border crossing:
Anotação 2019-01-18 172747.jpg
For Lisbon, I think you know what we want: both bridges would be great. If it isn't possible, it's completely understandable tho.

In the centre of the country (my favourite area) I think you should include the A23 (A1 to Guarda) and the A25 (Aveiro - A1 - Vilar Formoso (border with Spain).
I hope you can add Vilar Formoso (not as a city tho) and this border crossing:

Northern than this, I can't help more because it's all about areas I never visited, but I certainly hope this will help you coming from a native.
Any more questions about signs and such (that's my favourite part ;) ) you can ask me.
Portugal 1:8 lead developer

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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#3 Post by Frize » 19 Jan 2019 13:11


Great to see this, hopefully I can contribute with something useful for this. :D

I have some more knowledge about areas near Lisbon since I'm from a city near so I might be somewhat "biased".

About connections with Spain I believe that the main ones are in south (the bridge already mentioned near Vila Real de Santo António), Alentejo (A6), Vilar Formoso (I believe the highway is somewhat close to Serra da Estrela, that might make a nice landscape) and in the north I honestly don't know which one is the most used).

Some areas/cities I would like to see and think they are important: Faro, Vila Real de Sto António (due to the proximity with Spain + the road that goes through Mértola might be challenging and nice to drive), Sines (it has a port), Évora (connected by A6 but also N4 which I believe also has a big amount of trucks), Setúbal (it also has a port and it is near Autoeuropa, a car "factory"), Lisbon (both bridges would be really nice, but the scale might not allow it but they are both iconic). Near Lisbon there is Montijo (close to the bridge) which has some "unique" industries such as cork, flowers and even pork. More towards north, perhaps Leiria (Marinha Grande is/was know for producing glass), Coimbra (not sure about industries), Aveiro (it has a port as well), Porto (2nd biggest city, lovely bridges and it also has a port in Leixões) and Braga/Guimarães.

I will post more information as I remember more things to consider. :)

Looking forward to see Portugal in-game! :D

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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#4 Post by MrPidf » 02 Feb 2019 20:26

So, I'm from the north of Portugal, specifically from the city of Porto.

Important things in the Porto area:
  • 1
Ponte da Arrábida (Bridge): This bridge connects Vila Nova de Gaia with Porto and is part of the A1, considered to me the most important highway in Portugal, since it connects the 2 biggest cities: Porto and Lisboa (Lisbon)

Fun fact about the bridge: You can actually walk up the bridge arch, it's a touristic thing and a nice detail for the bridge.
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Porto de Leixões (Harbor): Porto de Leixões is in the top 3 biggest ports in Portugal. This port can harbor cargo ships and recently a cruise terminal. This port is of great importance to the northern region of Portugal and Galizia. It also has a dedicated mini highway called "Via Interna de Ligação ao Porto de Leixões", however I couldn't find photos of it since only trucks and autorized vehicles can use it.

Cruise terminal:

Cargo terminal:

Map of the harbor: Orange is the normal road that people use, the red is the roads inside the harbor and the yellow is the road that is exclusive to the harbor. There's other information there but i don't think you will be able to use it in such detail so I won't translate it here. If needed just ask.
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The A28: The A28 is another important highway in Portugal. It starts in Porto and connects Porto with Viana do Castelo, another important city in the north of Portugal.

That's what I know from the area because I don't leave much, just to go to Lisbon and that is already covered from what it seems. Sry if the pics aren't in the correct format because it's my first time using pics in this forum. If anything is needed just contact me.

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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#5 Post by Rovisco2300 » 03 Feb 2019 00:44

well, i am a truck driver in portugal, soon will start doing PT/ES, so, very excited about iberic DLC...

One main road u cant miss, is IC2. Longest national road of PT, more than 700 KM . Most used road by trucks who doesnt wanna pay for highways. Citys u guys should add is Faro, Evora, Lisboa, Leiria, Torres Novas (small city but with a large truck traffic since u have 2 container terminals there), Porto, Braga...

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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#6 Post by Ru13z » 14 Feb 2019 02:04

Hello there!

Might as well refer some very important/essential map routes that probably are the most common used coutry-wide. Also some other landmarks.

A1 - main North Highway, connects among others during whole route, Lisbon (capital) and Porto cities
A2 - main South Highway, connects among others during whole route, Lisbon (capital) and Faro (through A22) cities. This will include a very important landmark, 25th of April bridge in Lisbon.
A12 - connects Lisbon do Setúbal city, crossing A2 during route. This will include a very important landmark, Vasco da Gama bridge.
A6 - diverges from A2 at certain point, East-bound towards Spain. Crosses important cities like Évora, and leads to Elvas, the last city to pass before entering Spain.

On another note of my own knowledge: between Carregado and Azambuja (about 30km north Lisbon) and Pinhal Novo (about 40km east Lisbon, after the bridges) are known locations of concentrated Industry and Logístics, therefore, there are a LOT of companies in these locations, some of them big names either in logistic transportation or businesses. These includes names like Sonae Group, Staples, SIVA group (Volkwagem AG representative), Luís Simões, Rodocargo, and many, many more.
As a result, truck traffic and parking are constant in these. Since the latest DLC's allowed you to place the cities in a manner that you can cover the surrounding locations, this should be relatively easy to position on your scaled map.
Due to the good afluence of trucking in this area, a few dealerships are also located just outside Lisbon.

Some media for you:
https://i.imgur.com/ZAejA0P.jpg - North Lisbon entrance junction, where A1 (towards North) and A12 (towards East through P.V.Gama bridge) start.
https://i.imgur.com/MQc4XAc.jpg - Inside Lisbon, where A2 starts towards South, passing the iconic 25th of April Bridge
https://i.imgur.com/ByESdhB.jpg - Junctions as A1 is passing Carregado and Logistic Platform of North Lisbon.
https://i.imgur.com/N3UHhjC.jpg - Grabbing the N3 road from Carregado towards Azambuja, this is a small example of the very large scale industy in between them.
https://i.imgur.com/Z9PP74y.jpg - Volvo Truck and Bus dealer, in São João da Talha, just on the periphery north of Lisbon
https://i.imgur.com/EIN1dIA.jpg - (outdated Google photo) Mercedes Commercials dealer, in the city of Alverca (Between Lisbon and Carregado).

Keep up your good work, Portuguese fans have been waiting patiently for it! :)
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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#7 Post by blades87 » 15 Feb 2019 10:30


I am from Oporto, specifically Valongo/Paredes, in here we have some places significant about trucks, the A4 Highway passes in here, A 41 too

https://www.google.pt/maps/@41.1750731, ... a=!3m1!1e3 - some important factoris
https://www.google.pt/maps/@41.1821641, ... a=!3m1!1e3 - a good place for stop the trucks (gas stacion + garage)
https://www.google.pt/maps/@41.1877889, ... a=!3m1!1e3 - Valongo, ou have a good supermarkets (im worn in here: https://www.google.pt/maps/@41.1978383, ... a=!3m1!1e3 )

That Highway A4 connect to Oporto city and A1 (Highway from Lisbon)

A42 connect to Campanha (Oporto region) and a high region of truck stop in factoris and etc.

if you need more informacion, tell-me, and if it need, i will take photos and get informacion about everithing i can.

This is my first step, now tell me what do you want for work more hard

best regards

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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#8 Post by Freggs » 15 Feb 2019 15:32

I think NewCoolMapper's tips are spot on. I specially love the idea of having the Caia service station and Vilar Formoso border, specially since there aren't that many vital transport centres around (do correct me if i'm wrong), i believe they could fit in quite neatly with plenty of space for scenery and elevation.
While we're talking about Vilar Formoso and therefor the A25 i think it would be great if the Aveiro port area was incorporated as the A25 motorway ends exactly there.
As Rovisco2300 mentioned the IC2 i'd consider an important addition, but how it will fit alongside the A1 and squeezing in between towns through the whole length of it while still maintaining a good amount of scenery would be quite the task.

Other places that would be cool to see as historic scenery and landscape include: Coimbra (as the IC2/A31 goes over the city and river it could provide a great view), Mealhada (arguably one of the most passed-through towns on the IC2, if it was not much more than just a gas station and town scenery i would be satisfied), a considerable truck stop with the restaurant called "Okapi" and truck park across the road near Albergaria-a-Velha, Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro in Oporto (could provide a fun little job drop off or pick up point), and Stadium's by the side of the motorway in Aveiro (A25) and Oporto (Estádio do Dragão beside the A20) make for good scenery. There's probably way more places i'm forgetting, specially down south near the Alentejo, Lisbon and the Algarve.

Good to see Portugal being considered, even if it might not come to fruition any time soon it's still a nice little teaser.

Edit: Some license plate examples for AI, etc.
More example photos that include plates that are special, rare, not issued, or not in use anymore for reference.

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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#9 Post by ladson72 » 15 Feb 2019 17:47


Glad to know you are starting investigating Portugal for a map DLC! :D

I believe everyone will tell you to put the big logistics areas around Lisbon and Porto. Furthermore, you cannot forget Aveiro, Setúbal and Sines because of the sea harbours, but I believe you already know this.

I would just like that you remember Portugal although small has a lot of rural landscapes, a bit like Spain or Italy but in a smaller scale of course. You shouldn't pass the opportunity of adding a road that is called by many (it even appeared in the TV show Good Morning America) as the Portuguese Route 66 - EN2. It crosses Portugal South to North right in the middle, it has 739 Km crossing many different types of scenery from plains, mountains, spas, cork forests, pine forests and even wine plantations. Of course you can't put it all in the game due to the scale, but just a small strip would make a great asset. Bellow you can see some of its views together with a small map:

Keep up the Good Work!

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Re: Portugal pre-research tips

#10 Post by goncalo_gaming » 15 Feb 2019 19:16

I'm from Portugal and I'm really happy to know that will be a Portugal map DLC.
There are a lot of important things in Portugal that must be in the game, but I know it's not easy to put everything in the dlc so this are some of the most important thing that for me mut be in the game:

Cities(ordered by North to South):

Viana do Castelo

A12: connects Lisbon do Setúbal city, crossing A2 during route. This will include a very important landmark, Vasco da Gama bridge.
A1:northern highway goes from Lisbon to Porto
A23: Starts in A1 and finishes in Guarda
A2:Southern highway goes from Lisbon to Algarve
A6: Starts in A2 and finishes in Spain
A22: highway that crosses all Algarve from 1 side to other and finishes in Spain
IC2: Starts in A22 and finishes in Viana do Castelo

Bridges and harbours:
25 de Abril Bridge
Vasco da Gama Bridge
Sines Harbour

Important cities to Truck drivers:
Vilar Formoso
Carregado (it's a city near Lisbon with Logistic Platform of North Lisbon)

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