Russia pre-research tips (European part)

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Russia pre-research tips (European part)

#1 Post by Dirk » 18 Jan 2019 15:26

Hello everybody!

As we're doing some pre-research for ETS2, we'd like to know your opinion on some of the things which we shouldn't miss in the game in our future planned DLCs - in this case for the RUSSIA state. To be clear - its European part now.

Unfortunately it can be very easy to miss some key spots when planning a future road network. We can judge only from what we read or see, while those who live there, have driven there or visited there, can point us towards some famous truck stops, interesting landmark, points of interest etc.

So we'd appreciate any tips which could be helpful for us and that could easily work with in-game mechanics. Try to keep in mind that we're interested in places connected with trucks and roads. So if you have some tips, we'd be grateful. Don't be shy to add photos / videos of said locations (in better quality, so our graphics can use them as pattern).

Please be aware, that states listed here mean absolutely no promise of what's the next DLC or what states will come first. Also we can't guarantee that we'll use the research you give us - it depends on many aspects (which can't be all written here).

Cheers! Image

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Re: Russia pre-research tips (European part)

#2 Post by ResTed » 18 Jan 2019 17:02

It's very nice to see that you show interest in the features and this is an unusual format of interaction with fans.

First of all, I would like to know, since the territory of Russia is very large: you are interested in the sights of new territories or existing ones?

I will explain my question: I happily saw my city in the last expansion of the map - Lomonosov, but in the game I saw only a small village, while it is an interesting city with interesting sights...
Of course, I understand that you are limited by the scale of the map and there is no possibility to add a full copy of the city, but my city has a large park, interesting roads, a fountain, a historical monument of the hero-city and a port.

We have winter now and a lot of snow, so I think I could take live photos of my city in the spring.
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Re: Russia pre-research tips (European part)

#3 Post by Snark » 28 Jan 2019 19:46


First of all, most of main roads between cities in European part of Russia is covered by Google Maps Street View panoramas. Also there is local map service - Yandex Maps with panoramas and fresh satellite imaging.

Also, there is classification of road types in Russia:
M - federal roads, that connects Moscow to other countries or major cities, that are capitals of regions.
P - regional or federal roads, that interconnects administrative centers of regions.
A - regional or federal roads, that interconnects M-roads, connects administrative center and other cities in region, or connects city to port or airport.

There is a page in Wikipedia about Russian federal roads (Has English vesion)

So, the main roads in European part of Russia is:
M1 «Беларусь» (Belarus): Moscow - Smolensk - Minsk. Doubled in Moscow region by toll road ("Обход Одинцово") and by regional road A100;
M2 «Крым» (Krym / Crimea): Moscow - Tula - Oryol - Kursk - Belgorod - Ukraine, part of European route E105. Has from two to four lanes in each direction from Moscow to Tula, then it turns to just 1 lane in one directions (as most of other Russian roads). Doubled by road 46K-2002 (Старосимферопольское шоссе / Starosimferopolskoe shosse);
M3 «Украина» (Ukraina / Ukraine): Moscow - Kaluga - Bryansk - Ukraine;
M4 «Дон» (Don): Moscow - Voronezh - Rostov-na-Donu (Rostov-on-Don) - Krasnodar - Novorossiysk. Toll road. Has doubled by free road in Moscow and Lipetsk regions;
M5 «Урал» (Ural): Moscow - Ryazan - Penza - Samara - Ufa - Chelyabinsk etc.;
former M6 (now it has number P-22) «Каспий»(Kaspiy): M4 - Kashira - Tambov - Volgograd - Astrakhan;
M7 «Волга» (Volga): Moscow - Vladimir - Nizhniy Novgorod - Kazan - Ufa;
M8 «Холмогоры» (Kholmogory): Moscow - Yaroslavl - Vologda - Arkhangelsk;
Cities from M7 and M8 roads are included in famous Russian Golden Ring: Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov (Velikiy, in Yaroslavl region).
M9 «Балтия» (Baltiya): Moscow - Rzhev - Velikie Luki - Latvia;
M10 «Россия» (Russia / Rossiya): Moscow - Tver - Vyshniy Volochek - Velikiy Novgorod - Chudovo - Sankt-Peterburg (St. Petersburg). One of the most congested roads in Russia.
M11 Moscow - Saint Petersburg, toll road, that doubles M10. Under construction, about 75% is in use now.
P21 «Кола» (Kola): St. Petersburg - Petrozavodsk - Murmansk - Norwegia

There are three congested roads around Moscow - MKAD (Moscow Ring Road), that has five or even six (on southern part, instead of safety lane) lanes in each direction. Two other ring roads is A-107 (unofficially called "Malaya Betonka") and A-108 ("Bolshaya Betonka"). Nowadays there is construction of CKAD (ЦКАД) - Central Ring Road, A113, that will include some parts of A-107 and A-108. Will be toll road in future.

Trucks (> 12 tonns) without special pass is forbidden on MKAD and inside city between 6:00 and 22:00. Also there is special restrction from 1st of May till 1st of October: trucks are forbidden on weekends and fridays from 6:00 till 24:00. Also, inside city trucks allowed only on some roads that included in "Gruzovoy Karkas", layer can be found in map settings at

Also there are a lot of roads that interconnect regional centers. Usually there is a monument on a border of regions (in Russian region called "область" - oblast), and on a border of a city. Sometimes there is a monument for something connected with WWI in city outskirts, like this monument of "Soldiers-drivers" near Bryansk;

You should know, that federal roads is usually good in Russia, but very unsafe. Regional roads is bad. Also there is a lot of underground and overground pedestrian crosswalks in major cities, cities designed for cars, not for pedestrians. Almost every regional city have tram or trolleybus network from soviet times.

Drivers in Russia are recklees (a lot of dashcam videos can be found on Youtube), in case of traffic jam they use safety lanes or roadside for overtaking. There is no penalty for speeding up to +19 km/h, so a lot of drivers drive at 79 km/h in cities, and up to 109 km/h at countryside without being fined. Maximum speed limit in Russia is 130 km/h, it's only on toll roads. On a public expressways limit is 110 or 90 km/h. Speed limit on MKAD is 100 km/h, trucks not allowed to go further than second lane.

Driving rules have changed in 2018, so circle now is a main road on roundabouts.

Wideness of lane even in cities are about 3.5 meters or more. Usually there are a wide (about 2-3 meters) roadsides in countryside.

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Re: Russia pre-research tips (European part)

#4 Post by Wladimir » 01 Feb 2019 09:11

Dirk wrote:
18 Jan 2019 15:26
in this case for the RUSSIA state. To be clear - its European part now.
Hello! Will you expand to Syktyvkar?
I live in this city. I can take photos of my city, if you need snow, even now I can. ... 50.8339029

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Re: Russia pre-research tips (European part)

#5 Post by adamrybak960 » 21 Feb 2019 21:19

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Re: Russia pre-research tips (European part)

#6 Post by antikal. » 10 Apr 2019 17:24

M7 «Волга» (Volga): Moscow - Vladimir - Nizhniy Novgorod - Kazan - Naberezhnye Chelny - Ufa;

Never Forgot Naberezhnye Chelny My Family lives there :)
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Re: Russia pre-research tips (European part)

#7 Post by Janaff » 20 Mar 2020 03:31

Border Control Vehicles
Since the Black Sea DLC introduced border patrol vehicles for Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, I thought I'd contribute examples of equivalent vehicles for Russia and the other Baltic Sea DLC nations.

Russian Federation
'Пограничная служба' (Border Service)
Primarily seem to use UAZ Patriots. As a branch of the military, they use black licence plates; the number '12' represents the Border Service.
My searching seems to have found both silver and dark green liveries; I'm not sure what the difference between them is, or if one is newer than the other.
(Silver Livery), (Front), (Rear)
(Dark Green Livery)

'Rajavartiolaitos/Gränsbevakningsväsendet' (Border Guard)
Use vans, including the already in-game Volkswagen Transporter.
(Front), (Rear)

'Politsei- ja Piirivalveamet' (Police and Border Guard)
From what I can gather, the Estonian border guard uses standard police vehicles, as the two services are fully integrated.

'Valsts Robežsardze' (State Border Guard)
Use pick-ups and SUV's.
(Fleet), (Detail)

'Valstybės sienos apsaugos tarnyba' (State Border Guard Service)
Use a range of vans and SUV's.
(Volkswagen Crafters, already in-game), (Renault Trafics), (Toyota Land Cruiser)

'Straż Graniczna' (Border Guard)
Mix of patrol cars and pick-ups/SUV's. Registration plates of the Border Guard begin with 'HW'.
(Toyota Auris Estate), (Skoda Octavia Combi), (Rear), (Ford Ranger), (Toyota Land Cruiser)

Feel free to call me out if any of this info is inaccurate or outdated; information on uniforms of border inspectors would also be cool to find.
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Re: Russia pre-research tips (European part)

#8 Post by » 20 Mar 2020 09:25

I humbly ask the moderator to tolerate the rule of answering the topic above.
  I just want to alert the friend that some of the links are broken in the post above:
- (Volkswagen Crafters, already in-game).
- (Dark Green Livery), (Front).

Good morning, my young man trying to collaborate with your research on Russia, I found this type of vehicle that the Russian Border Police seems to use.


So feel free to go to the link and get the photos to add to your good research work.
  A great day.

tip: just a tip Pinterest also allows you to store photos from the internet. So link problems getting broken can sometimes be solved Pinterest gives a little bug but you just need to refresh the page and go back to the folder you saved the image in. Then you will have the link to the photo
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Re: Russia Pskov plant "Titan-Polymer"

#9 Post by » 24 Oct 2020 06:04

Pskov plant "Titan-Polymer" (ООО " Псковский завод« Титан-Полимер" )

Here you have some basic information about one of the most important industries that is being implemented in Russia at the moment, is a company that produces plastic films and is located on a route that already exists in ETS2. This allows SCS Software to then, when developing a map of Russia make the production chain the plastics of this company can supply the food production industries for example.

Site Company: City: Pskov ( Псков ).
The basis of the production facilities of LLC Pskov Plant Titan-Polymer will be technological units for the production of polyester (PET granules) and its products (BOPET films).
The plastics factory is located near the city of PSKOV in western Russia in a New Industrial zone: PSEZ PPT "MOGLINO" ( ОЭЗ "Моглино ).
More info PSEZ PPT "MOGLINO", link: (english)

Street view entrance PSEZ PPT "MOGLINO" in A-212 (E77): ... 312!8i6656
Localization Google maps: ... a=!3m1!1e3

During production, semi-continuous and continuous production schemes will be used, which will gradually increase the production of PET granules to 170 thousand tons per year by 2022, and the production of BOPET films - to 70 thousand tons per year.
Potential markets for PET and BOPET plastic films: regions of Russia, CIS countries, Eastern and Western Europe.

Video company: Applicability for the company's plastic films. Basically summary for the food industry.
Link: ... 1931397091

Note: Just to add to the knowledge, the plastic film production industry has at least 3 main types of material production and their applicability is very variable. So let's quote:


PET ... ephthalate


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