Spain pre-research tips

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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#211 Post by martinrx » 17 Mar 2020 23:05

I think you should put a lot of speedcameras for more realism.. not like in France where you putted not enough. You should Also put some police car stopped at the roadside which would be mobile speed cameras like in reality

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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#212 Post by NewCoolMapper » 17 Mar 2020 23:20

Some newbie driver wrote:
17 Mar 2020 19:29
I see another problem with the signals. In the third image of the blog post it can be clearly seen two different aspects for a speed limit signal. The nearest one has a white outer border. That's how the french signals look, but not the Spanish ones. The foremost one seems to have just the red border as it should be.

I hope they are just placeholders awaiting for the proper textures to be finished.

Also, for the moment, it doesn't seem that AI trailers show the trailer specific plate mandatory in Spain. I don't know if they are going to add it anyway; it's going to be a pain in the ass to have to modify all the trailers models and the plate system only for Iberia. But I hope they will accomplish it; that kind of details are the ones that made their game to be more than good, to be great.

I said that on the Portuguese topic. Those signs with the white border are portuguese, not spanish.
Portugal 1:8 lead developer

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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#213 Post by Some newbie driver » 17 Mar 2020 23:52

I saw your message after I wrote mine, yes.

I didn't know that Portuguese ones were that way too. I thought they were using French placeholder ones. Good catch about the exit numbers on highways too.

There's months before we can see even the beta. Let's hope they could fix all those tiny details we will keep finding.


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Police: Traffic Competences

#214 Post by Esproquet » 18 Mar 2020 12:27

I retake the police topic because I don't think it's completely dealt with. Spain is somewhat an asymmetrical federation, you can find different police corps depending on the region you are in. So let's try to summarize it:

According to Spanish Law (act LEY 2258/2010) ... jUAAAA=WKE

You will find these police officers in interurban roads or villages:
  • Guardia civil: in most places of Spain
  • Mossos d'Esquadra: in Catalonia.
  • Ertzaintza: in Basque Country.
  • Policía Foral or Foruzaingoa: in Navarra.
LOCAL POLICE: In larger towns and cities local police is the one in charge of traffic control.
NATIONAL POLICE: They handle borders and issues other than traffic.


Guardia Civil (most parts of Spain):


Mossos d'Esquadra (only in CATALONIA):


Ertzaintza (Only in BASQUE COUNTRY):


Policía Foral: (Only in Navarra)

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Spanish National Parks

#215 Post by Esproquet » 18 Mar 2020 12:42

This is a link to the wikipedia site with the Spanish National Parks, some of them can be found near main highways. ... s_of_Spain


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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#216 Post by Xack » 18 Mar 2020 14:55

Thank you so much to the developers for including such an iconic and important place like the Tabernas desert in Almería. It looks amazing, I can't wait to play it. Thank you also for taking into consideration the proposals from the forum.

It's a pleasure to be able to contribute ideas to this incredible DLC, so here's another very interesting suggestion: There is another extremely important area in Almería, specifically: El Ejido, where the largest extension of greenhouses in the world is located, and that's totally related to the Euro Truck Simulator since the whole area of Almeria is one of the biggest exporters of fruit and vegetable products in Europe, and that means having one of the biggest fleets of trucks and trailers in Europe. Hopefully you will add this important area to the simulator as well, as it has a total relationship with the game.

Some pictures from the area:
From National Geographic.

From NASA.

Thank you for all the work you are doing and greetings from Spain.
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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#217 Post by » 18 Mar 2020 20:16

Yes it's true.
Almeria is one of the world's largest producers of vegetables and the transport of all these types of materials used for greenhouses, and also for drip irrigation areas, are very interesting, and are transported by semi-trailer trucks.
So the greenhouse area should be in the game.
Vegetables leave semi-trailers from processing plants and farms across Europe.

El Ejido
a little bit of the economy and scope of the greenhouse area

delivery of materials to greenhouses -
The loads of greenhouse materials searched I found. Delivery of: fine sand, common soil (without stones or gravel), humus, solid manure.
Possibly there must also be delivery of fertilizers and other products. The video specifically is a sand discharge.

------- Transport of special agricultural machinery to greenhouse farms -----
1. Tractors Greenhouse

1.1 Tractors: Pasquali K105 & L80 - Reversibles. Video:
The horticulture tractor brand, among other models for other agricultural purposes, belongs to the BCS Group, since 1999, and has 3 factories in Italy (Abbiategrasso, Luzzara and Cusago). Product info: ... 6f0c197eb5

1.2 Tractor: BCS K105 & L80 - Reversible. Video:
Authorized dealer: Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain. Localization map: ... d2.0307716 Authorized dealer for agricultural machinery sales of the CBS group brands (Pasquali, CBS, Ferrari) for all Spain.

Authorized dealer for agricultural machinery sales of the CBS group brands (Pasquali, CBS, Ferrari) for all Portugal.
Benavente. PORTUGAL. Localization map Portugal: ... d-8.800766

Other dealerships in Europe: Others DLC's
To access and find other dealers' locations for other European countries: Germany, France, Austria, Hungary Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia , Slovenia, United Kingdom. Access the link:

1.3 Tractor: Ferrari - K105 - L80: Video:
Is one of the CBS group tractor brands.

1.4 Tractor: New Holland T4 FB. Video:
The factory that produces this type of tractor of small size and suitable for agricultural work in greenhouses in Europe is produced in the city of Jesi in Italy where New Holland has a factory. This plant produces the entire range of New Holland special tractors in Europe.

-------- 2.0 Tractor tractors working inside the greenhouse --------------
The farmer is creating artificial soil profiles, with overlapping layers of different types of materials.
  Like: natural soil, sand, humus, solid manure, to probably plant vegetables and other products inside this greenhouse.

-------------------------------- 3. Aagrarian couplings for greenhouse tractors ------------------------
3.1 Greenhouse sprayers
Tizona 35 - spray maneuverability
[youtube] ... mb_rel_end[/youtube]

3.1.1 Tizona 35 - sprinkling water on plants
3.1.2 Sprayer Amate Sprayer - Tizona 35
Almeria, Spain. Site: More info Tizona 35: ... na-35.html Localization factory: Map: ... d-2.420804

3.2 Fertilizer spreader Greenhouse

3.2.1 Tizona Fertilizer spreader
Reference: Carretillas Amate

3.3 Greenhouse winder. Video: Factory: Maquinaria Agricola Lose

-------------------------- 4.0 Greenhouse harvesters -------------------------
There are several types of harvesters for growing vegetables in Europe, and Spanish greenhouses are highly mechanized, just like those in Italy, and elsewhere on the European continent.
 The video below has approximately 20 minutes showing some models of harvesters for the different vegetables, which are also grown in Spain and Portugal.

The ones grown in Spanish and also European greenhouses is, in our opinion, of strategic importance for DLC IBERIA.
 SCS Software can bring to the game world, the transport of these agricultural machines to greenhouses will make it possible to transport this type of machinery to Spanish and Portuguese agricultural greenhouses.

Other DLC's:
 The insertion of agricultural machines for greenhouses, allows SCS Software to insert the agriculture that exists in many other European countries, with a much colder climate than the climate of the Iberian region, in the future in maps.

 This allows the simulation of vegetable load flows on a local scale, in several places as distant and isolated as a northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and even the beautiful island of Iceland, has greenhouse farming.

 The scale of this production and the existence of these agricultural areas is much smaller, but we must emphasize that even though this greenhouse agriculture is limited, it is very important in the local context.

 Because imports from Spain and Portugal decrease a little bit with regard to vegetables, although of course, vegetables from Spain and Portugal, arrive in all regions of Europe due to their great production, affordable price (within the European price standard) and quality .
 So it would be an agricultural and cargo activity, in the universe of SCS Software games (including American Truck Simulator) and Euro Truck 2 Simulator.

Agricultural machinery licenses:
The licensing of new types of agricultural machinery allows SCS Software to have an important future asset for creating even other games (if it so chooses), but it mainly means gaining credibility with Europe's industrial sectors.
Companies can have greater visibility to their products since the gaming community for SCS Software games is constantly growing due to the quality of their games, and the very kind dedication of their team, in developing the products, and corporate brands (and their equipment) as game loads.

So, the suggestion for SCS Software to develop the Iberia map of vegetable production areas, in the game and specifically this region of Spain.
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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#218 Post by » 19 Mar 2020 00:32

Transport delivering a boat to Spain. A suggestion for special transports All, "DLC Iberia', associated with the rework map to the United Kingdom.

The British logistics company ( South West Boat Transport) for the transport of boats and yachts has 2 logistics centers located in the United Kingdom.
Plymouth, Devon.
Lymington, Hampshire.

  It carries out naval transport between different products and marinas in Europe.

Some of these photos specifically for the DLC Iberia include destinations in Spain and Portugal, the following routes:
Bayliner 2855. Poole, Dorset, U.K >> to >> Palma del Maiorca, Spain.
Jeanneau Sun Oddyssey 36. Menorca, Spain >> to >> Weymouth, Dorset, U.K.
F&C 44. Alicante, Spain >> to >> Pwllheli, Wales, U.K.
Fairline Targa 39. Denia, Spain >> to >> Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Moody 42. Portishead, Bristol, U.K >> to >> Faro, Portugal
The link has several other boat transport routes, between different places in Europe.
  A tip for building new and long special transport routes for the ETS2 game.

There are many companies in Spain dedicated to the transport of catamaran boats, speedboats and Cupe boats. One of these companies is based in northern Spain in Salces - Cantabria, Spain. Reference: Instagram:

Catamaran Mint
Mint Yachts, in Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain.
Video: Site:

Coast 50

Catamaran from Segovia to Alicante, measures 35m long, 8m wide and 4.90m high
Route: ... 06!1m0!3e0
Other video catamaran ... mb_rel_end

More photos acess:


Fjord 44 Coupe
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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#219 Post by » 19 Mar 2020 00:33


In the special transport video we can see a Portuguese company (LASO - Transportes, S.A.) transporting wind blades to the engine port in Spain for exports.

Route: Daimiel (Vestas factory) - Port Motril.
Google Maps route: ... 489747!3e0

Street view: This is where the access to the special transport route starts from the industrial zone towards the highway and E5 towards the port. ... 312!8i6656

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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#220 Post by Esproquet » 19 Mar 2020 08:55

Xack wrote:
18 Mar 2020 14:55
Thank you so much to the developers for including such an iconic and important place like the Tabernas desert in Almería. It looks amazing, I can't wait to play it. Thank you also for taking into consideration the proposals from the forum.
You can complete the area surrounding Almería with these features:

Castillo de Tabernas - TABERNA'S CASTLE (11th Century) ... !4b1?hl=es


Circuito de Velocidad de Almería - ALMERÍA SPEEDWAY ... AXoECAEQAQ


Plataforma Solar de Almería - Almería sunfarm ... 3889?hl=es


Parque regional de Cabo de Gata - Gata Cope Regional Park



Observatorio de Calar Alto - Calar Alto Observatory (You can see it North of the city when you take A-92 towards Granada.

Image ... 7574?hl=es

Alcazaba de Almería - Almería's Arab Castle

Image ... 4005?hl=es

Puerto de Almería - Almería's Harbour ... AXoECAEQAQ


Levante Almeriense - Almería's Eastern Coast (small coastal towns like Mojácar, Vera, Carboneras...)




The Northern-Northwestern area of Almería is very mountainous and, opposite to the Southern and Eastern areas, lushy.

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