Spain pre-research tips

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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#231 Post by krmarci » 26 Mar 2020 07:37

Some useful information about tolls from the ETS2 teasers thread:
HRTrucking wrote:
25 Mar 2020 07:55
These toll booms are true to life though... In France they're hit and miss at 30km/h, 28 or lower seems to work better. In real life when you hit them they fly off :lol: . Had that happen once or twice. [...] Spanish are like the French. And all lanes have the toll booms.
They don't have lanes without them [...]
Some newbie driver wrote:
25 Mar 2020 09:00
Booms in the telepass lane are really a nuisance. In Spain they are worse than what HRTrucking says because... you will never know if they are going to open super-fast or they are going to be delayed. :evil:

The exception is the "La Roca" toll on the AP-7 north of Barcelona, that has two special lanes of fast autopass. They have no booms, wide lanes and max allowed speed 60 (even I know they work at 70 at least :roll:). Suposedly they are not for trucks, but a few times I've seen a trailer taking those lanes. I don't know if there exist any other tool like that in Spain.

Portugal on the contrary, if I know it well, has no normal tolls but vignetes and are controlled by camera gates. So, they are in the XXI century while on Spain we still are on the XX. :roll:

andmas199 wrote:
25 Mar 2020 20:17
In portugal there are some roads where you can pay with money or card and others where you have to use ''easytoll''(mainly located in the north of the country) ... agens/home
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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#232 Post by » 29 Mar 2020 12:12

Special Transport.
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Re: Spain pre-research tips

#233 Post by dahaka » 29 Mar 2020 20:36

I loaded recently at a windfarm next to Pamplona. The road was challenging, interesting, and VERY scenic., ... 6656?hl=en

And SCS is in luck, because the whole road is on google street view!

This could be a great chance to include a loading/unloading place, which is not only in a very scenic and challenging place, but also offers unique opportunities for future additions, such as cargo related to windfarms like wind turbine parts (oversize or not) and special transport.
Me and 2 of my colleagues went there with flatbeds to pick up 3 containers, which had built in loadbanks, transformers and other electrical equipment.
Here is a photo of my truck on the way to the top.
The google street view link I included is where the loading occured, there is already a wind turbine standing there which is not on the google street view picture. I also have 2 separate videos of me descending the mountain loaded, and one short bad quality one as im driving up empty. I could send them to SCS by google drive or something, they are quite large in size, let me know if you guys need them! (although google street view should give you all you need)

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