Germany re-research tips

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#21 Post by Higgybaby » 03 Feb 2019 13:57

Okay this is gonna be a bit Shorter than the others,

I'm making an excursion from Bad Oeynhausen to Osnabrück.

A30 starts with a Long turn around the City of Bad Oeynhausen, with Exits, towards the City and the Exit to B61., ... !1e3?hl=de

Somewhere in the middle between Bad Oeynhausen and Osnabrück is a rest stop located: "Raststätte Grönegau", ... !1e3?hl=de

Ingame A30 ends at Osnabrück becoming a city street, instead you could use exit "Osnabrück Hellern" to get from A30 to Osnabrück, ... !1e3?hl=de

In Osnabrück a big metal works plant is located ... 0307?hl=de
And here is "Volkswagen Osnabrück" plant (former Karmann factory, in case you remember the old, famous Karmann Ghia) producing VW Tiguans and Skoda Karoq cars mainly ... 8481?hl=de

While A30 comes to Osnabrück, more from the southeast, B65 comes to Osnabrück from the northeast (just like the ingame small street, thats why I recommend it to you)., ... !1e3?hl=de

B65 makes a turn towards Osnabrück at "Ostercappeln", and a straight trough street leads towards A1 near Bramsche (exit and street ingame)., ... !1e3?hl=de
But instead of being a T-junction it is a roundabout:, ... !1e3?hl=de

Heading back towards Bad Oeynhausen, now on B65, at "Bad Essen" we cross the Mittellandkanal twice on small bridges, ... !1e3?hl=de
Both bridges look the same, ... 2322?hl=de

South of the City of Minden we Change the street from B65 eastbound to B61 southbound on a big street Junction., ... !1e3?hl=de

B61 then runs through a tunnel towards "Porta Westfalica" and the "Kaiser Wilhelm memorial" and finally to Bad Oeynhausen again, ... !1e3?hl=de

Okay that was the excursion to Osnabrück and back
See you again at Bad Oeynhausen and the A2 for the next part.

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#22 Post by Higgybaby » 03 Feb 2019 14:44

Let's start going westbound from Bad Oeynhausen on A2 (I hope it was the last time to write that name),
to be honest, now the really hard part starts, many industrial cities can be found along this route, since we slowly reach for the "Rhein Rhur area" the most populated area in Germany.

The town of Herford is mostly passed through a forest, so more easy to skip it.
Next would be City of Bielefeld, this is a fairly big City, but not in the game.
Next city is Gütersloh, this city missing hits me bad, since we have many industries in this town: Miele (a company for household machines like dishwasher, refrigerators...), a furniture factory, and a Food factory (meat).
Exit Gütersloh with industrial area (only Miele is missing, since it is more Downtown), ... !1e3?hl=de
After we passed Gütersloh, we meet a rest stop: "Raststätte Gütersloh", ... !1e3?hl=de

At Rheda Wiedenbrück a beautiful castle exists quite close to the A2, but as far as I remember you can't see it from the Autobahn, because of trees (if somebody knows better, say it), ... !1e3?hl=de

Near to the city of "Hamm" we cross the "Datteln-Hamm-Kanal" a side canal to the "Mittellandkanal", South east of the bridge you can see a big Coal Powerplant "Kraftwerk Westfalen" ... 5798?hl=de

Now we pass a really big Rest station:"Raststätte Rhynern", ... !1e3?hl=de

Okay, that was the easy part.
Now we reach the "Kamener Kreuz" (A1/A") one of the most infamous junctions in Germany.

1: Kamener Kreuz is northeast of the City of Dortmund
2:A45 is not at Kamener Kreuz
3: In the middle of the junction a helicopter can be seen as a memorial
The "Kamener Kreuz", ... !1e3?hl=de
The helicopter: ... 5666?hl=de
The main road to Dortmund from A2 is B236 at exit "Dortmund Nordost":, ... !1e3?hl=de
But for truckers more important could be exit "Dortmund Mengede" since it leads us better to the port of Dortmund an the industrial area around the port. But before we rach this exit, A2 crosses the "Dortmund Ems-Kanal"
Exit "Dortmund Mengede" and bridge over "Dortmund Ems Kanal", ... !1e3?hl=de
Port of Dortmund(the big street to the east leads towards A45, the middle sized street "Huckarder Str towards A2):, ... !1e3?hl=de
After the exit "Dortmund Mengede" we reach "Dreicek Dortmund Mengede" (A2/A45) which is more a not completely built X-Junction, ... !1e3?hl=de

Until here we can say SCS built A2.
Next time I'll write about the missing part to A3 near Oberhausen.

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#23 Post by Higgybaby » 03 Feb 2019 15:16

Okay, last but not least, the "missing part" from A2 starting at "Dreieck Dortmund Mengede" and stretching to A3 near the City of "Oberhausen"
We can say this is a fairly short part, but it is deep in the most densely poulated area, the Rhein Rhur area.

After we left "Dreieck Dortmund Mengede" we cross the "Rhein-Herne Kanal". Enjoy the green, it will get less., ... !1e3?hl=de

Now we get more and more towns and cities around the highway.

At Recklinghausen we have "Kreuz Recklinghausen" (A2/A43) but I think you'll skip it.
Google Maps Shows it during a big reconstruction., ... !1e3?hl=de

More interesting could be slightly further west is "Landschaftspark Hoheward".
This mountain is a huge landfill made of the excavations from mining industries. ... 9888?hl=de
The reason for a landfill is directly aside, an old coalmine "Zeche Ewald", ... !1e3?hl=de

Further West is rest area "Rasthof Resser Mark" (Only westbound, eastbound is only a rest area with only parking spot), ... !1e3?hl=de

Now A2 uses a small tunnel to go through a small part of "Gelsenkirchen Erle",7 ... !1e3?hl=de
Behind that tunnel you can see a bit in the distance the "Veltins Arena" a sport stadium., ... !1e3?hl=de

"Dreieck Bottrop" (A2/A31) I think is skippable.,6 ... !1e3?hl=de

More interesting could be "Rasthof Schwarze Heide" near Bottrop.
This time the big rest station with fuel, shop and parking is on eastbound direction, while westbound only parking is possible, ... !1e3?hl=de

South of the rest are you can see parts of the city of Bottrop, north of the rest area is again an old coal mine "Bergwerk Prosper Haniel", ... !1e3?hl=de

Last but not least: "Kreuz Oberhausen" (A2/A3/A516) Take care, this junction is built as a cloverlief, but nobody told the highway numbers XD,6 ... !1e3?hl=de

Of course A3 is missing in this area too, but I think, this is a real problem in ETS2. Missing major highways in western Germany
Maybe SCS gonna close these gaps (let's hope the best)

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#24 Post by Niklas1997 » 06 Mar 2019 17:56

In addition, the following road sign models in Germany have wrong textures ("source" contains a link to the correct texture for each sign):

- narrowing road de (source)
- no overtaking de (source)
- no_entry de (source)
- no_parking de (source)
- no_stopping de (source)
- stop de (source)
- tunnel de (source)

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#25 Post by neolithos » 11 Mar 2019 16:17

What I miss most is:

Did you mention the chemical plants around Bitterfeld? They are are huge landmark in the night.

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#26 Post by Higgybaby » 17 Mar 2019 09:36

Hello everybody,
have not been writing for quite a time now. Lot of work)

@neolithos: No I haven't mentioned the are of Bitterfeld, since I mostly stay in not yet rebuilded Areas. The area North of Leipzig (including the area of Bitterfeld) is already reworked by SCS.

Today I want to talk About one of my most favourite highways: The A3.

I'm going to start in Austria (here it is called A8) at the "Grenzübergang Suben", a big rest area ( and a place to get the "Vignette", when entering Austria)., ... !1e3?hl=de

At the northern end of the "Grenzübergang Suben" we cross the river "Inn" and at the same time the border to Germany. While making a turn tu the West., ... !1e3?hl=de

Now the highway turns north again, and we pass the first rest area in Germany "Raststätte Donautal", ... !1e3?hl=de
and right after that, we cross the river "Donau" next to the town of "Passau", ... !1e3?hl=de

Now A3 turns north-west, moslty running through fields and following the river "Donau"
After a short time we reach an already ingame location: "Donaubrücke Deggendorf", ... !1e3?hl=de

Right after the bridge, we cross A92 (München-Deggendorf) at "Kreuz Deggendorf" (it is mostly the ingame 2 lane road from München to Czech highway 5)., ... !1e3?hl=de

At Deggendorf A92 ends near the city center, after it crossed the river "Donau" and runs as B11 (In Deggendorf mostly Underground) towards the czech border and the city of Plzen (maybe a good candidate for a czech rebuild) :D, ... !1e3?hl=de, ... !1e3?hl=de

Back on A3 we cross the river "Donau" again. On aquite simmilar Looking Bridge as the "Donaubrücke Deggendorf", ... !1e3?hl=de

Now we follow again the valley of the river Donau through fields. And in the north we can see the mountains of "Bayerischer Wald", a famous mountain area.
And we pass the "Rasthof Bayerischer Wald"., ... !1e3?hl=de

Near the town "Wörth an der Donau", we cross the river "Donau" again. (Many bridges on this route) This time it is only a standard concrete highway bridge, ... !1e3?hl=de

Now we meet the town of "Regensburg", an interesting candidate for a new town (since we have a huge area without towns between Nürnberg and Linz).
For truckers most important is exit "Regensburg-Ost", following B15 from here to the south, we meet the BMW factory of Regensburg.
Following it towards the north, we reach the industrial area of port of Regensburg including many logistic companys.
Exit "Regensburg Ost", ... !1e3?hl=de
BMW factory, ... !1e3?hl=de
Port area of Regensburg:, ... !1e3?hl=de
A little later, we cross A93 at "Kreuz Regensburg"., ... !1e3?hl=de

This is the first part of A3, see you on the next part, to Nürnberg.

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#27 Post by Higgybaby » 17 Mar 2019 09:55

And on we go,
after we left "Kreuz Regensburg" (A3/A93) we climb up a nice hill, and then we cross the river "Donau" (again), but this time on higher Bridge. not only bridging the river, but also a small valley .,1 ... !1e3?hl=de

Now A3 finally leaves the valley of Donau and follows a more hilly route towards the city of Nürnberg.
Nearly halfway between "Regensburg" and "Nürnberg" is rest area "Raststätte Jura" sitting on a small hill., ... !1e3?hl=de

The next interesting location, is "Kreuz Altdorf" (A3/A6), which is ingame only a T-intersection ("Dreieck"), but should become a full "Kreuz" to close the gap of A6 near Nürnberg., ... !1e3?hl=de

Now A3 runs through a big forest area (no tunnel in real life), and has a small rest area (parking only) "Parkplatz Ludergraben", ... !1e3?hl=de
Next is the "Kreuz Nürnberg" (A3/A9). A huge "Dotso"-junction. Notice the direct connection between the A3 west and the A9 south.,1 ... !1e3?hl=de

This was a quite short section, but since Nürnberg needs a more complex rebuild/text i'll stop here for now.
Next is the area of Nürnberg.

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#28 Post by Higgybaby » 17 Mar 2019 10:34

Okay, now we start with the area of Nürnberg,

First let's talk about the main things, which needs repairs:
1.: Close the gap of A6 between A9 and A6.
2.: Relocate Nürnberg to the west of A9 (East of A9 mostly forest can be found)

I think we can use two possible reworks,
let's start with the easy one:
turn the ingame Nürnberg, so it heads southwest, and use exit "Nürnberg Nord" on A3, ... !1e3?hl=de
that way, the ingame industrial area could become "Industriegebiet Schafhof", ... !1e3?hl=de

A bigger (but more realistic one) could be:
Change the ingame Exit West of "Kreuz Nürnberg" to become the "Kreuz Fürth/Erlangen" (what I think it is ment to be actually, making the local street towards Erfurt become A73 and B4.
Kreuz Fürth/Erlangen:, ... !1e3?hl=de

Southbound A73 leads towards Nürnberg city center (Inside the Nürnberg City area it is called N4 and not a freeway). Mostly interesting would be the areas of "Nürnberg Sandreuth" (mostly commercial area) and "Nürnberg Katzwanger Straße" (industrial area), including a Siemens factory, a Bosch factory and most important a MAN factory., ... !1e3?hl=de
Now we interchange with "Südwesttangente", connecting with the port area of Nürnberg in the south and the street becoming A73 again in the south east direction., ... !1e3?hl=de
At "Kreuz Nürnberg Süd" A73 meets A6, ... !1e3?hl=de
At "Dreieck Nürnberg Feucht" A73 ends inside of A9 towards München., ... !1e3?hl=de
On Highway A9 we have the rest area "Nürnberg Feucht" and between both Highways A73 and A9 runs the ICE highspeed train line "Nürnberg-Ingolstadt".

An Overview of the are of Nürnberg:, ... !1e3?hl=de
Overview of the industrial Areas:, ... !1e3?hl=de
A73 Comes from Southeast, and as "Frankenschnellweg" from the north
Industrial area with MAN plant is directly in the middle. (Schweinau/Gibitzenhof)
Port area is in the south
East end of the "Südwesttangente" would be B8.

Hope you understood what I wanted to say with this text (Nürnberg is not an easy layout…)
See you next time back on A3

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#29 Post by Higgybaby » 17 Mar 2019 11:21

And I'm back on A3, leaving the area of "Nürnberg" starting again at "Kreuz Fürth/Erlangen" (A3/A73):

West of the Kreuz, we cross the "Main Donau Kanal" on two steel bridges as a 6 lane Highway:, ... !1e3?hl=de
Google Maps Picture is during a construction, it is two bridges of the same type next to each other.,1 ... 2988?hl=de

A Little further west, we pass rest area "Rasthof Aurach", ... !1e3?hl=de
But more interesting could be "Autohof Geiselwind", an american styled truck stop, famous for housing big truck Shows, or Festivals (like the International ACDC fan Meeting):, ... !1e3?hl=de
Website (Sorry it is in German, but you can see some of the events):

Near "Mainsondheim" we cross the river "Main", ... !1e3?hl=de

Later we reach "Kreuz Biebelried" (A3/A7), near "Würzburg". (The 2 lane ingame road may, or may not be A7), ... !1e3?hl=de

At "Würzburg Randersacker" we cross again river "Main" on a concrete bridge, the valley of river Main is quite a deep cut into the hilly landscape., ... !1e3?hl=de

A really interesting rest area is "Rasthof Würzburg", especially "Würzburg Nord", sitting high above the "Main river valley" with a wonderful view towards the city of Würzburg", ... !1e3?hl=de
View from "Rasthof Würzburg Nord" towards Würzburg (Würzburg Castle visible in the center),9 ... i972?hl=de
The castle of Würzburg visible from A3 (zoomend in),9 ... 1064?hl=de

After we passed the "Rasthof Würzburg" we cross a valley on a high bridge, again we can look towards the town of Würzburg
Google Maps Shows the area during a reconstruction (But maybe it would be nice thing, a bridge construction), ... !1e3?hl=de

At exit "Würzburg Kist" we meet B27, I mention it here, because the 2 lane road (ingame) towards the north may or may not be B27 between Würzburg(A3) and Bad Hersfeld (A4), ... !1e3?hl=de
Directly west of "Würzburg Kist" we meet "Dreieck Würzburg West" (A3/A81), don't know if the ingame gap needs to be closed, but I mention it:, ... !1e3?hl=de

That's it for now, next time we leave Würzburg and go to Frankfurt

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#30 Post by Higgybaby » 17 Mar 2019 11:49

Hello there,
now I'm heading towards Frankfurt am Main,
starting near Würzburg, the highway A3 is now in a mountain area called "Spessart". Here the river "Main" created it's famous valleys formed like a "W", the highway does not follow the curvy valleys.
But A3 is still quite curvy with ups and downs in this area.
Near the town Wertheim we meet an american truck stop styled rest area "Autohof Wertheim", one of the biggest outlet malls of Germany "Wertheim Village" and we cross river "Main", ... !1e3?hl=de
Fun notice, "Wertheim Lengfurt" is the only exit on A3 in the state of Baden Würtemberg", we left the state "Bayern" (Bavaria) a few kilometers before an reenter it at the bridge across "Main".

Deep in the "Spessart" hills (famous for housing many thiefs and other criminals in ancient history), we meet "Rasthof Spessart", ... !1e3?hl=de

Near the City of "Aschaffenburg" the famous Train line "Hanau-Würzburg" (famous for its steep hills, before it got reconstructed, making helper loco Services for freight Trains necessary) crosses the Highway on a Bridge
Railway line seen from the highway,9 ... 2322?hl=de
Marking the end of the mountain area, now we enter a more flat area.

After we passed the Bridge westbound, we meet the exit "Goldbach", intersting is the "Sound barrier" putting A3 into an artifical tunnel, ... !1e3?hl=de
Later we cross the river "Main" again on a 6 lane Highway Bridge, ... !1e3?hl=de
the other bridges are from an Exit ramp (not importand for the game).
Now we leave the state of "Bayern" and enter the state of "Hessen", and meet the "Seligenstädter Dreieck" (A3/A45), ... !1e3?hl=de
Next rest area is "Rasthof Weiskirchen",8 ... !1e3?hl=de
And exit "Hanau" (B45) but not important)
Next is "Offenbacher Kreuz" (A3/A661), which is already ingame (but only as a T-Junction), but I think it is only a placeholder until the rework is done here., ... !1e3?hl=de

Next is "Frankfurter Kreuz"(A3/A5), here the ingame A3 ends, but real life A3 moves on towards Köln, Düsseldorf, Duisburg and the Netherlands., ... !1e3?hl=de

Next to "Frankfurter Kreuz" is the airport of Frankfurt, one of the biggest airports in Germany,8 ... !1e3?hl=de

Next time we head on not builded paths on A3 further on.
See you

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