Germany re-research tips

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#31 Post by abasstreppas » 17 Mar 2019 12:05

@Higgybaby: Keep up the splendid work :D It would be a dream if SCS get Germany rebuilt at least close to the same standard as Beyond Baltic :D

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#32 Post by Dirk221 » 17 Mar 2019 12:13

Yeah! I hope the 1.35 update comes somewhere in June, then they have more time to make Germany beautiful :)

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#33 Post by Wacky Geek » 17 Mar 2019 13:11

Germany will be the most realistic country!
I love SCS Software 💖

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#34 Post by Higgybaby » 17 Mar 2019 17:44

Hello there,
@abasstreppas: Thanks for your Kind words, and I agree, it would be wonderful if SCS manages to keep the high Standards from their latest dlc, while reworking Germany.
Sadly until now, we haven't got any new stretch of road or highway built, only old routes reworked, especially looking to the western part of Germany SCS would leave out many potential (Rhein-Rhur Area for example)

That is a good link, to the next part of A3 I want to talk about,
starting from "Frankfurter Kreuz" (A3/A5) we leave the actual built map. But since this is such a major highway I think I should talk about it.

Like I said in my last post, next to "Frankfurter Kreuz" we have the "Frankfurt Rhein-Main International Airport" (EDDF) sitting south of A3. It is the biggest airport in Germany., ... !1e3?hl=de
North of the A3 we can see the "Flughafen Frankfurt Fernbahnhof", a high speed rail station and a big Hotel on top of it, both are connected with the airport by a pedestrian bridge., ... !1e3?hl=de
Hotel and Station Building at Frankfurt Airport (seen from the West),8. ... 2048?hl=de
The street north of the station is B43 this is the actual road connecting with the airport, so most airport traffic first gets to B43 and then gets sorted to the different highways and city streets.
B43 and B40 also connect A3 with a western suburb of Frankfurt, "Frankfurt Höchst", especially it is the direct connection to the truck entrance of "Industriepark Höchst" (formerly Farbwerke Höchst") a big chemical industry area.
B40 to Höchst:, ... !1e3?hl=de
Industriepark Höchst: ... 9381?hl=de
The marker is at the main truck gate ("LKW Zufahrt")

After we passed the two main terminals of Frankfurt Airport, we run through two tunnels, above the A3 the newest runway (north of the A3) gets connected to the rest of the airport (south of A3), ... !1e3?hl=de
Directly after leaving the second tunnel is "Mönchhof Dreieck" (A3/A67). A67 leads towards Darmstadt and later Mannheim, with connections to A5 southbound (Karlsruhe, Basel), A6 east/west bound and A60 westbound (Mainz)., ... !1e3?hl=de
And via A67 and A60 we can reach the City of "Rüsselsheim" and the "Opel" factory and Headquarter.
Rüsselsheim and the Opel factory (marker is the factory, northeast is "Mönchhof Dreieck"),8 ... !1e3?hl=de

Until now A3 was mostly an East-West Highway, but now we start going north.
At Raunheim we cross river "Main", for the last time. Next to the highway bridge is the bridge of the highspeed train line "SFS Köln-Rhein Main", running mostly parallel to the A3 all the way up to Köln (Cologne)., ... !1e3?hl=de

At "Wiesbadener Kreuz" we meet A66, going west towards the city of "Wiesbaden" and to the west heading back to the northern parts of Frankfurt am Main.
The railway line still next to us., ... !1e3?hl=de

Now the landscape changes again, reaching the mountain area of "Taunus" we start to climb up and down some hills.
Before the hills start to raise, we can stop at "Rastanlage Medenbach"., ... !1e3?hl=de

Now running through the mountains, we cross near the town "Niedernhausen" the bridge over "Theißtal", the smalltown is visible in the valley to the east, west of A3 is again the highspeed train line., ... !1e3?hl=de

Inside the exit "Bad Camberg" the offramp to the rest area "Raststätte Bad Camberg" is included, so we need to take the correct lane, not to leave the highway:, ... !1e3?hl=de

Now we reach the smalltown of "Limburg", a nice town inside the "Lahntal". Here we cross the river "Lahn" and its valley on the high "Lahntalbrücke Limburg".
To the east we see the highspeed train line again, crossing on its own briddge.
To the west we can see the historic oldtown of "Limburg" in the valley, with its outstanding cathedral on a hill in the city center., ... !1e3?hl=de
View towards Limburg,8. ... i800?hl=de

After we crossed the river "Lahn" the highway makes a turn towards the west again (and runs down into the valley), inside this turn is the actual exit "Limburg a.d.Lahn". Here we reach B54.
Why do I mention it?
Maybe you remember the 2 lane local street ingame running from A45 (near the junction with A5) to Cologne, well, the first part could be B54 from A45 to Limburg. Here we can leave B54 and head on B8 to Cologne, following a simmilar path to the ingame road.
Exit "Limburg":, ... !1e3?hl=de
B54 heads north towards A45, B8 heads west to Köln (Cologne).

Made a Change of plans, I willnow move on a little further on A3 from here.

Edit2: Damn, I did a complete text about the area of Limburg, but forgot one of the most importand things (why did nobody tellme "Hey you forgot…").
When leaving Limburg and the valley of the river "Lahn", we climb up a really steep hill called "Elzer Berg". ... 3056?hl=de
This hill is so steep, in the other direction (down to Limburg/Frankfurt) trucks are limited to max 60 kph and right lane only (cars 100kph)
This is controlled by the so called "Blitzerbrücke"
The infamous "Blitzerbrücke",7 ... 1728?hl=de
Going down:,8 ... 2920?hl=de

Looking down into the "Lahntal",8 ... 2592?hl=de
In the distance you can see "Lahntalbrücke" on the other side of the valley
On the other side of "Elzer Berg" we leave the state of "Hessen" and enter the state of "Rheinland Pfalz"

The next noticable town is "Montabaur" with ist ICE Station on the highspeed Train line next to the A3., ... !1e3?hl=de
My new point of ending this article is "Dreieck Dernbach" (A3/A48) close to "Montabaur", the reason you will see in my next entry., ... !1e3?hl=de

See you next time
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Re: Germany re-research tips

#35 Post by Higgybaby » 18 Mar 2019 09:26

Well hello,

last time I stopped my essay at "Dreieck Dernbach" (A3/A48) near the town "Montabaur",
today I like to make a detour, and write About the E44 Corridor from "Dreieck Dernbach" towards "Aire de Billigwasser" at the border between Germany and Luxembourg.

So let's start at the beginning of A48 at "Dreieck Dernbach", ... !1e3?hl=de

Important About A48 is the fact it was built to be a 4 lane Highway, but mostly it is used as a 6 lane highway. Without being rebuilt for the extra 2 lanes, thats why A48 mostly misses a hard shoulder, instead it has so called "Nothaltebuchten" (emergency lays?) every few Kilometers. (Every "Nothaltebucht" is signed)
Example of a "Nothaltebucht" on A48, ... !1e3?hl=de
Sign to tell you about an upcoming "Nothaltebucht" ... O_2006.svg

A48 starts deep in the mountain range, mostly running through forests.
But near the town of Koblenz, we reach the famous "Mittelrheintal" (Central Rhine Valley), here the river "Rhein" (rhine) cuts a steep valley into the mountains.
Since A 48 is way up high on the mountains, a steep gradient is needed to get to the bottom of the valley. Therefor the highway makes a sharp turn, then follows the mountain down to the Bottom, here it turns again and now crosses the actual river on a Bridge.
Turns, Gradient and Bridge of A48 at the rhine river, ... !1e3?hl=de
On top of the mountain a small rest area "Auf der Zeg" (cars only) is located offering a beautiful view over the banks of rhine,7. ... i534?hl=de
The bridge across the river "Rhein" ("Bendorfer Brücke"), ... !1e3?hl=de
On the other side of river "Rhein", the valley is much bigger, here a possible new town is located (would fill the huge gap between Cologne, Luxembourg and Frankfurt)
The city of "Koblenz":
Koblenz is at the south of A48 and in the City Center river "Mosel" runs into river "Rhein" at the "Deutsches Eck" (a local sight, but not interesting for Truckers I think), the most industrial areas are located around the exit
"Koblenz Nord", including some stores, logistical companies and a small port at river "Rhein".
Exit "Koblenz Nord" and Commercial area, ... !1e3?hl=de
Port area in Koblenz, ... !1e3?hl=de
The road at the exit is B8, this may or may not be the 2 lane ingame road from Cologne to Mannheim, since it mostly follows a simmilar path.
B9 is mostly a 2 lane road, but near bigger towns (like "Koblenz") it can be a 4 lane road, and it follows the scenic path through "Mittelrheintal" (sadly not the first choice for truckers in real life)
The actual town of "Koblenz", ... !1e3?hl=de

Behind the exit "Koblenz Nord" we start to climb uphill again, and at "Kreuz Koblenz" we meet A61 (this may or may not be the 2 lane road Cologne-Mannheim ingame),7 ... !1e3?hl=de
From now on A 48 runs through a mix of forest hills and fields. Now we need some rest, maybe we can do it on rest area "Raststätte Elztal":, ... !1e3?hl=de

Directly behind the rest area, we cross the creek "Elzbach"on a small highway bridge:, ... !1e3?hl=de
The area here gets more and more a mountain range (called "Eiffel") with old volcanoes.
At "Dreieck Vulkaneiffel" (A1/A48) A48 ends, ... !1e3?hl=de
This section of A1 is not connected to the rest of A1 in northern parts of Germany, a part between these two highways is not yet constructed.
Because of this gap between somewhere north of "Dreieck Vulkaneiffel" and somewhere south of Cologne, most traffic uses A48 between Luxembourg and Germany
We now move on towards the city of Trier and Luxembourg on A1:
Still running through the old volcano mountain range, we reah rest area "Eiffel", ... !1e3?hl=de
At Wittlich we meet A60 at "Kreuz Wittlich" (A60 heads to Liège in Belgium), ... !1e3?hl=de
We stay on A1, running mostly downhill now, towards the valley of river "Mosel", at the town of "Schweich" we cross the "Mosel" and reach "Dreieck Moseltal" (A1/A602), ... !1e3?hl=de
A1 heads down south to Saarbrücken, but we leave A1 here, and drive on A602 a short time heading towards the city of "Trier"
Trier is one of the oldest cities in Germany (founded by the romans), but we only follow A602 until exit "Trier Ehrang", ... !1e3?hl=de
This Looks like an old SCS prefab :o (soory could not resist)
Here we "leave" the freeway to cross the river "Mosel" again, ... !1e3?hl=de
On the other side of river "Mosel", the 4 lane road becomes a freeway again called A64 and climbs up a steep hill
(really weird construction in this area), ... !1e3?hl=de
While crossing the valley of river "Sauer" we finally leave Germany and enter Luxembourg, ... !1e3?hl=de
the bridge:,6 ... 1920?hl=de
The former border control station is now "Aire de Wasserbillig" right behind the border in Luxembourg, a big rest area:, ... !1e3?hl=de

Thats it for now, next time I'm back on A3 at "Dreieck Dernbach"
See you there
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Re: Germany re-research tips

#36 Post by Higgybaby » 19 Mar 2019 17:37

back from our detour to Luxembourg.

Again we start at "Dreieck Dernbach", but this time we stay on A3 heading towards "Köln" (Cologne), ... !1e3?hl=de
Many mountains around A3 we now reach the rest area "Raststätte Landsberg an der Warthe" (Cologne bound only), this rest area may be interesting, since it has only a small restaurant and no fuel station, and not parallel to the highway., ... !1e3?hl=de
towards Frankfurt we have rest area "Autobahnparkplatz Sessenhausen" a few meters ahead, ... !1e3?hl=de
Both rest areas:, ... !1e3?hl=de

Next major interesting location is the bridge "Wiedtalbrücke":, ... !1e3?hl=de
But we are not talking about the highway bridge here, more famous is the high speed train line bridge right next to it, because it climbs up northbound way higher than the highway, making it look a bit like a roller coaster
"Wiedtalbrücke" Looking southeast (with ICE3 on the tracks), ... 1286?hl=de
the highway bridge,7. ... 2988?hl=de
high speed train line from seen from the highway, ... 2448?hl=de

A little later we leave the state of "Rheinland_Pfalz" and enter the state of "Nordrheinwestfalen", the most populated state in Germany.
But at the start we don't really see much of it, still running through forests and mountains.
But only a short time later we reach the valley of the river "Sieg" (leaving the most of the mountains behind), here we first meet the "Kreuz Bonn/Siegburg" (A3/A560) A560 is a short highway and follows mostly the path of B8 towards the former german capital "Bonn"
At the town "Siegburg" we cross the river "Sieg", ... !1e3?hl=de
An dhave a narrow rest area inside the town leaving not much space for resting "Raststätte Siegburg", ... !1e3?hl=de
Now A3 makes a wide turn, to pass "Köln Bonn Airport" in the distance (not much can be seen from the highway), ... !1e3?hl=de

Now we finally reach the area around "Köln" (Cologne), at "Dreieck Heumar" (A3/A4/A59).
Here A4 from the west enters A3 and both highways run a short time on the same route.
A 59 connects to the airport of Köln Bonn,7 ... !1e3?hl=de

Since now two major highways use the same route, A3/A4 is a 8 lane highway for a short time, ... !1e3?hl=de

At "Kreuz Köln Ost" A4 leaves again A3 to the east towards A45
The western highway ends directly after the junction, becoming one of Colognes main city entering Streets (labeled as B55a) from the east reaching the are of "Köln Deutz" and the cologne fair ("Köln Messe"), ... !1e3?hl=de
B55a entering Köln (Cologne) from the west, ... !1e3?hl=de
"Köln Messe" and "Köln Deutz" (the port of "Köln Deutz" in the south, this is the actual ingame Location SCS represented as "Köln") ... 3276?hl=de

With Cologne, we now enter the greater area of "Rhein Rhur Gebiet", Germny's most populated area.
Directly north of "Köln" (Cologne) we reach the town of "Leverkusen", a town mostly known for being home of the company "Bayer", a big chemical factory (pharmaceuticals)
Exit "Leverkusen" and "Bayer" factory in the west directly at river "Rhein", ... !1e3?hl=de
At "Kreuz Leverkusen" (A3/A1) we see the stadium "BayArena" home of the local football team
A1 leads west to the northern and western parts of "Köln" (Cologne) and east towards "Dortmund" and further, ... !1e3?hl=de
A3 now has only 6 lanes again
At "Dreieck Langenfeld" we meet highway A542 (definetly not interesting ingame), ... !1e3?hl=de
A bit further north is rest area "Raststätte Ohligser Heide", ... !1e3?hl=de

Here I'm going to make a break, see you next time.
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Re: Germany re-research tips

#37 Post by S43 Gaming » 19 Mar 2019 18:27

About Stuttgart:
A8 and A81 share the same track for a few kilometres between Dreieck Leonberg and Kreuz Stuttgart, when you go east there is the rest station "Sindelfinger Wald", going west there is just a parking. This part has 4 lanes per direction. As access for the city itself you could add the A831 from Kreuz Stuttgart (A8/A81/A831) via Schattenring/ B14 and the B27 from the "Echterdinger Ei" (A8) via the Neue Weinsteige, from the north the city can be reached via B27 from Ludwigsburg Nord (A81) or B10 and B27 from S- Zuffenhausen (A81).


Re: Germany re-research tips

#38 Post by Rutherfordium.267 » 28 Mar 2019 18:16

I try to credit every person, who mentioned several ideas before. I am sorry, if I forgot someone. Thank you Niklas1997 for the inspiration for the presentation.

Points of interest (POI):
  • A3 between Frankfurt am Main and Köln (Cologne): Implementation of the A3 autobahn between both cities. It may replace the road between Mannheim and Köln by the A3 autobahn from Frankfurt am Main to Köln or add it between this road and the A45 autobahn from Frankfurt am Main to Dortmund, if it is not too narrow. (krmarci)
  • A3 near Frankfurt am Main: The A3 autobahn passes the Frankfurt Airport (see possible companies). The airport is south of A3 autobahn, while a characteristic and futuristic looking combination of a regional railway station and an hotel is north of A3 autobahn. A massive footbridge connects the airport and the railway station. Part of the railway station is the Hilton hotel right above it. (Higgybaby)
  • A3 between Nürnberg (Nuremberg) and Frankfurt am Main: The A3 autobahn passes Würzburg in the south. The Talbrücke Heidingsfeld crosses the valley. The new bridge is currently under construction and will be 10 m lower than the old bridge. There is a short tunnel before crossing the bridge (east of the bridge). (Higgybaby)
  • A5 between Frankfurt am Main and Mannheim: Although we all love the stinky Diesel exhausts of our trucks (lol), it would be a nice gimmick to have the eHighway test field implemented in the game. The system is installed on the A5 autobahn between the Zeppelinheim/Cargo City Süd interchange at the Frankfurt Airport and the Darmstadt/Weiterstadt interchange. (Higgybaby)
  • A9 north of München (Munich): The A9 autobahn passes the Allianz Arena, which is located north of München directly at the A9 autobahn. The Allianz Arena is home of FC Bayern München (FC Bayern Munich), the most successful club in German football history. It is the first stadium in the world with a full colour changing exterior. Although I am not a supporter of this football club, it would be a cool gimmick at night. (Niklas1997)
  • A99 near München: The A99 autobahn is an important beltway around München, connecting the A8 autobahn (Stuttgart – München – Salzburg) and A9 autobahn (München – Nürnberg – Leipzig – Berlin). (Niklas1997)
Possible companies:
  • Frankfurt: Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport in Europe by cargo traffic, as well as the busiest airport in Germany and fourth-busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic. (Niklas1997)
  • Leipzig: Location of chemical industry and refinery (e.g. Total) in Leuna, west of Leipzig.
  • Leipzig: Leipzig Airport is the second-busiest airport in Germany and fifth-busiest airport in Europe by cargo traffic.
  • Mannheim: BASF SE is the largest chemical producer in the world, with its headquarter in Ludwigshafen near Mannheim. There is a whole district in Ludwigshafen only for BASF SE, being the largest integrated chemical complex in the world. Ludwigshafen is west of river Rhein (Rhine), Mannheim east of Rhein. Currently in ETS2, the industrial part of Mannheim is located east of Rhine, although it should be located west of Rhine (only the harbor is located on the east). (doktorpixel14)
Truck stops:

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#39 Post by Ruward » 04 Apr 2019 18:15

Dirk wrote:
18 Jan 2019 15:27
Hello everybody!

As you know, GERMANY rebuild project is currently ongoing - and we can use your knowledge about parts we didn't rebuild yet.
Hi Dirk, I only just found out about these topics and I like it!

As a Dutchman, I would like to share my research tips for THE NETHERLANDS.

Could you open a topic for The Netherlands re-research tips?
Greetings oet Grunn!

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#40 Post by krmarci » 04 Apr 2019 18:36

I would also like to see one for Hungary, even though it's probably in the distant future...

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