Germany re-research tips

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#41 Post by Higgybaby » 19 Apr 2019 10:01

Well Hello, time to reactivate this thread a Little bit,nice ideas were coming lately to this thread, but now I'm going to end my travel along A3 in Germany.
(Sorry got sick and had after that, I had much work)

So, last time I stoped at "Raststätte Ohligser Heide" near the city of "Hilden" (in case you forgot about the location:, ... !1e3?hl=de

While the City "Hilden" is not that important to the game, the "Kreuz Hilden" (A3/A46) just North of it may be really interesting., ... !1e3?hl=de
A46 heads to the west to the (ingame) City of "Düsseldorf". Actually it is already ingame, it is the 4 lane local road leading to "Düsseldorf" from the Southwest.
But it would be nice if it gets rebuildet as a proper Highway.
A46 between A3 and the City of "Düsseldorf", ... !1e3?hl=de
To the west A46 leads towards the City of "Wuppertal" with the "Sonnborner Kreuz". This would be a cool spot to rebuilt, even though the "Sonnborner Kreuz" itself is not interesting, here the famous
"Wuppertaler Schwebebahn" crosses A46
Sonnborner Kreuz:, ... !1e3?hl=de
"Wuppertaler Schwebebahn" crosses A46 at "Sonnborner Kreuz", ... 6656?hl=de
Train of "Wuppertaler Schwebebahn" ... trasse.jpg
But here is enough to see, for making a complete new entry on A46 later.

Thats why I'm now heading back to A3
North of the "Düsseldorf" area, is "Dreieck Ratingen Ost" (A3/A44), ... !1e3?hl=de
But I don't think it is interesting for the game.

Again further north, is "Kreuz Breitscheid" (A3/A52)., ... !1e3?hl=de
A52 leads back to "Düsseldorf" or north east towards "Essen". But still the route is not that interesting for the game (The scale is to small for Rhein Rhur area)

The really interesting junction is now "Kreuz Kaiserberg" (A3/A40) near "Duisburg".
Not only is A40 the most important entry road to "Duisburg", it connects the "Rhein Rhur area" with the Netherlands (actually it is the 2 lane local road ingame north of Duisnurg).
But it also is a rare "spaghetti bowl junction",6 ... !1e3?hl=de
Inbetween the junction many railway bridges cross A3 or A40.

Directly north of "Kreuz Kaiserberg" we cross the river "Rhur", ... !1e3?hl=de
Directly next to the highway the railroad crosses "Rhur" too.

Here I will stop, next is a text about "Duisburg area"
See you soon

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#42 Post by Higgybaby » 19 Apr 2019 10:27

Okay, we finally reached the "Kreuz Kaiserberg", a Spaghetti Junction in Germany (really not often to be found),6 ... !1e3?hl=de
Map of the layout ... erberg.svg

To enter the City of "Duisburg", we leave A3 here and travel westbound on A40.

The next Junction is "Kreuz Duisburg" (A40/A59)., ... !1e3?hl=de
A59 to the south leads into the actual town of "Duisburg" running directly through the City Center, ... !1e3?hl=de
But northbound we cross the river "Rhur" and reach the port of "Duisburg Ruhrort", europeans biggest Inland Harbor., ... !1e3?hl=de
Many big logistic companies have warehouses or docks here, and a big steel mill is also located in this area
Arcelor Mittal steel plant:, ... !1e3?hl=de

That's it for the central area of "Duisburg", so we go back to A3, here we run through "Oberhausen", and run underneath many train freight Yards near the Exit "Oberhausen Lirich", ... !1e3?hl=de
And cross the "Rhein Herne Kanal" with the "Schleuse Oberhausen Lirich" visible in the east, ... !1e3?hl=de
The bridge itself is a really interesting steel construcion (like many bridges in the area)., ... !1e3?hl=de

At "Kreuz Oberhausen West" we meet A42 and reach the northern part of "Duisburg", ... !1e3?hl=de
Mostly interesting is A42 leading to the west, connecting with A59 at "Kreuz Duisburg Nord" and reaching the city part of "Bruckhausen", with a second (and really big) steelplant in the area, ... !1e3?hl=de

The steel plant north of A42, ... !1e3?hl=de

Area overview of "Duisburg", city center in the southern mid area, Port in the picture middle, and the "Thyssen Krupp" steel plant in the north, ... !1e3?hl=de

On A3 we now reach "Kreuz Oberhausen", here 3 highways meet, A3/A2 and A516. While A 516 is not importand for the game.,6 ... !1e3?hl=de
Funny is, if we stay on the main road here, A3 becomes A2. To stay on A3 we have to leave the highway and enter the new A3.
So it is a "Tostso" junction, but it is still built as a classic cloverlief.

See you on the last part of A3 to the Netherlands soon.
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Re: Germany re-research tips

#43 Post by Higgybaby » 19 Apr 2019 10:40

So at "Kreuz Oberhausen" we left A3 to enter A3 northbound to the border.,6 ... !1e3?hl=de

From now on A3 is no longer a 6lane Highway, it is now only a 4 lane Highway.
Mostly running through a nice agricultural quite flat area, but here and there you can see big hills, so called "Halden". These are manmade mountains out of the unused earth from mining (Spoil?).
Like this one near the city of "Dinslaken", ... !1e3?hl=de

At the town of "Hünxe", we have first rest area "Raststätte Hünxe", thenm the actual exit of "Hünxe" and finally we cross the "Wesel Datteln Kanal" and the river Lippe on a bridge.,6 ... !1e3?hl=de
And finally leave the greater area of "Rhein Rhur".
Now we drive through a mostly flat and agricultural are until we leave Germany and enter the "Netherlands", ... !1e3?hl=de
Now the German A3 becomes the A12 in the Netherlands and leads towards Den Haag and the Rotterdam area.

Finally, I made it along A3, that was a long way to go (also it is not the longest highway in Germany....)
See you next time

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#44 Post by ArikTheBuilder » 19 Apr 2019 14:56

After doing some quick research around German cities, I have quickly determined that they have a lot of IKEA stores, Hamburg for example, have 3 IKEA stores in real life yet not even a single one in Hamburg of ETS2, then I hope that you will implement IKEA (IKA in-game) stores across Germany, I have been in Germany 3 times in my life and I noticed IKEA stores everywhere, and another, more general request is to implement more complec prefabs of junctions in cities because where I have been in Germany you see everywhere complex ones but in the game we don't even have ones with separate left turn traffic lights, and that's after the rebuild of northern Germany, maybe also using the new crane asset instead of the old one would add realism, and more variaty in companies and some assets in Germany will help demonstrate the scenery in cities and roads better.
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Re: Germany re-research tips

#45 Post by Unknown# » 27 May 2019 13:20

If there were cities in Germany that I want to see be rebuilt in the future, that'll be Stuttgart and München. I mean, WHY wouldn't they be rebuilt? You'd have to be a madman not to rebuild them.

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#46 Post by K_Robin » 27 May 2019 19:47

Hello everybody,

as I live near Frankfurt and work in the airfreight business at Frankfurt airport, I would love to see a complex rework of the area around the Frankfurter Kreuz (intersection between A3 and A5) and the Frankfurt airport.

1st reason: The Frankfurter Kreuz is one of the most important intersection for international traffic around Europe. A huge amount of West <-> East and North <-> South long haul traffic runs through there everyday.

2nd reason: The Frankfurt airport is the biggest airport in Europe in terms of cargo. There are two Cargo Cities here with multiple airline warehouses handling goods from all over the world. Trucks from all around Europe stop here everyday to pick up and deliver airfreight. Also many road feeder services start and end here. Road feeders arrive and depart from/to all major cities, like Luxembourg, Paris, London, Madrid.

3rd reason: The area is a nice landmark, you have the terminal buildings of Terminal 1 and 2, the "Squaire" with the passenger rail connection and the intersection of the taxiways for the aircraft to the northwest runway.

If you consider implementing this and need more informations and details on how it looks around there and how things work here around the airport, feel free to contact me as a "local". Since I see the importance for cargo here everyday, it would be nice to see it in my favourite truck sim.

Best regards and keep up the great work!

[Edit] This is the English website of the airport operator Fraport with lots of info about the Cargo areas. ... kfurt.html
When typing "Frankfurt airport cargo city map" in Google you can also find a detailed overview over both business parks (I can't attach that PDF doc here). As I said, if you need pictures or info about some places, I can help you with explaining or showing you things (within the legal limits of things that I can show of course)

Another thing: I just checked, sadly the Google Street View pictures are incomplete and really old. Since the former air base was removed and preparations are done for terminal 3, a lot changed here.
Frankfurt Airport location.jpg

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#47 Post by Noah_Lukas » 13 Jun 2019 21:34

In my opinion it would be more important to have the A7 extended further south instead of an extended A13, A5 or A27 but a longer A7 seems to be planned when having a look on their latest progress map.
Having the rest of A20 in the north would be nice as well.

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#48 Post by Dirk » 08 Jan 2020 10:21

Hey guys, time to stir the things around here a bit :)

Here is the question, which landmarks you would want to see in the rest of the germany rebuild?
I noticed some nice tips here, but I would like to have more.
I mean any kind of landmark objects really, factories, statues, historical buildings, even interesting natural phenomena.

The key words are, anything that catches your eye when you drive past it.
You can use the old map as a reference point of where to look, but I guess I don't have to tell you guys that :)
(also please keep the focus mostly outside of towns and cities)

cheers Image

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#49 Post by krmarci » 08 Jan 2020 11:31

I would recommend the Allianz Arena at the crossing of A9 and A99 near Munich: ... 11.6246939

Also, if the minor route between Munich and the A3 (towards Prague) would be changed into the A92, you could include Munich airport: ... 11.7750263

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Re: Germany re-research tips

#50 Post by Aries » 08 Jan 2020 22:45

By making my Austria-rework map&Topic i put the München area into it because Austria and this part of Germany are traditional ally's and have a strong coorperation, beside that: all main routes goes that way! (Bayern/GER)

MÜNCHEN City can change its look without any big Problems or hard work and be a ➔ Wow!-city... the most Buildings are ingame, only minus they have to be PLACED on their rigt place.
As i created the rework of München's highways, i come on the idea to take that as advantage to create new city area.
On my pic you see existing models of buildings in München compared with city area rework example...only put the building like the numbers on their place and add the Streets...left only to camoflague everything between and add companies like in all cities and we have a realistic looking München. Only 2 buildings missing here are the Allianz-Arena and the Uptown-Tower.


MÜNCHEN SURROUNDING AREA ingame is hilly and closed...verry unrealistic...München area is wide and flat in North,West and East direction, only in South it starts to be hilly and then the Alps in direction we need also some corrections...


HIGHWAYS & ROADS here i replaced the rural road to Innsbruck with the ➔ 95, replaced rural road to Prag with the ➔ 92 ande make the 99 bigger around the city. Everything here visible on my AT-Rework map


and at direction Salzburg on the A8 there are 2 Points everybody know and they are the "highlight" on the southern part of A8 ➔ Irschenberg (A8 goes Up'n'Down) and ➔ Chiemsee (big lake where A8 pass some meters from coast)



Hope, somebody gonna like the idea :D
Cheers people

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