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Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 29 Mar 2020 00:38
1.Transport special: chillers. Logistics operation involved transporting 14 refrigerators to the hospital - Spital Mater Dei.

2.Transport special: 4 transformers ( 62-ton transformer ) and equipment for the Malta Power Plant.

3.Transport special: 8 Exaust gas Boilers (15.10 X 5.55 X 4.00 meters). 92,750 kg each. Boiler: 93 ton.
Route: Malta Free Port (city: Birżebbuġa) to Delimara Power Station (city: Marsaxlokk) ... 159914!3e0

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 30 Mar 2020 08:03
Yes, thank you very much for your help too, because I was a little confused finding some different images for the same thing.
  It was only after your post that I started to understand that there is a difference in the logo of the ambulances for the island of Gozo and for the island of Malta, I also just discovered that there are actually more than 4 emergency services in the country:
I found that there are:
2 Hospital emergency services, 2 voluntary community services, and there are other private emergency services, and also related religious charities very interesting, the country at this point of emergency.
Iva, grazzi ħafna għall-għajnuna tiegħek ukoll, għax kont ftit konfuż li sibt xi immaġini differenti għall-istess ħaġa.
  Kien biss wara l-kariga tiegħek li bdejt nifhem li hemm differenza fil-logo tal-ambulanzi għall-gżira ta 'tgawdija u għall-gżira ta' Malta, skoprejt biss li fil-fatt hemm aktar minn 4 servizzi ta 'emerġenza fil-pajjiż:
Sibt li hemm:
2 servizzi ta 'emerġenza fl-Isptar, 2 servizzi komunitarji volontarji, u hemm servizzi ta' emerġenza privati oħra, u wkoll karitajiet reliġjużi relatati interessanti ħafna, il-pajjiż f'dan il-punt ta 'emerġenza.

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 30 Mar 2020 08:11
Rapid Intervention Unit (RIU)
The Rapid Intervention Unit (RIU) which is based at Ta' Kandja Police Complex in the limits of Siggiewi, became operative on the 1st July 2013 after merging two former units together; the Special Assignment Group (SAG) and the Mobile Squad.

The overall objective of the RIU is mainly to have a stronger Police presence on the roads 24/7, assisting both the general public and the rest of the Police Divisions/Units in tactical issues and resourcefully within the least possible time among other tasks and roles.

The RIU has its own training wing, where RIU personnel are trained in-house. The training wing also assists in delivering specific courses to other Police units.
Reference: ... -Unit.aspx

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 08 Apr 2020 15:45
by Fly_Mind
Despite its small size, Malta has a very unique architecture and road network which makes it very interesting to drive on. I hope that SCS adds this small but very interesting piece of europe one day.

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 08 Apr 2020 18:56
by natjer3
@Fly_Mind as a Maltese person I agree with you. The road network is unique mostly as it has many bypasses connected by roundabouts (we are full of them). It would be nice if the suggestions given above are considered by SCS

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 27 Apr 2020 19:05
This post is open for collaborations by all people and interactions, for the construction of cargo transport routes in the Republic of Malta.
We work as collaborators and passionate about the country of Malta trying to build a basic route of highways where trucks and their trailers travel with cargo.
  At a later time we can dedicate ourselves to the economic part.

1. FERRY INTERNATIONAL - U.E: Pozzallo (Italy) - Valletta (Malta). HSC Saint John Paul II.
In the video we can see semi-trailer trucks with loads entering the ferry bound for Italy. However the idea of this video is to do the exercise of imagination of transport flow in the opposite direction to the arrival of trucks through Italy and still on your Island of Sicily. Here then is the starting point for building a viable route to the map of Malta.
Although I am much more adept at the idea of building a route from the southernmost city in the Republic of Malta and which has a port and ferry, the maltese city of Birżebbuġa. Because as shown in other videos many special cargoes arrive in the country through the Free Port located in this city.

2. Malta Road: to Marsaxlokk.

3. Malta Road: Airport to Valletta.

4. Malta Road: "Malta Heart of the island"
This road route is very interesting but I didn’t know how to identify. Where the modern route is located on the island of Malta and as you can see there is good truck traffic through this area on the island of Malta.
The great advantage of this route is that it is located in the center of the Island of Malta, so it would not have many difficulties to be recreated for the ETS2 map.
it still has some moments and the landscaping on the highway is also very beautiful and the rural scenery scenarios is also a great possibility for farms.

5. Malta Road to Mgarr.
It's a very interesting journey and some semi trailer trucks can be seen in the video. One thing that draws a lot of attention is the iconic gas distribution trucks in the republic of Malta with their colorful gas canisters.

6. Malta Route: Dingli to Imdina.

7. Malta Roads: Naxxar - Mosta - Burmarrad.
Map:, ... 350414!3e0

8. Malta Roads: Coast Road
9. Malta Road: to Mellieha.

10. Malta Road: Valletta to Cirkewwa - Ferry Station (Ferry to Gozo).

11. Cirkewwa - Ferry Station: Ferry to Gozo.

12. Gozo Island. Mgarr. Ferry Station: Ferry Gozo.

13. Gozo Island. Mgarr - Victoria (Rabat)


14. Comino Island (No concept roads in the map ETS 2)

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 15 Aug 2020 15:40
by Louis trucker 33
Republic of Malta

Below the official Document on Road Traffic Legislation


from site:

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 09 Oct 2020 19:31
by natjer3
Something that SCS might want to know.

Virtu ferries, Malta's main ferry provider to Sicily, as of yet makes ferry trips to Pozzallo only, meaning that Sicily would need extra roads to connect Malta with Italia DLC. However, in the first quarter of 2021 they will be starting a regular ferry service to Catania and Augusta. In a few words, no need for extra roads to connect Malta to Italia. ... 2276338977

Re: Malta View Etna vulcan.

Posted: 18 Oct 2020 00:03
Sicily's Mount Etna rises behind Mdina
this information Maybe it could be useful in some way Maybe to create some new photography technique for SCS Software games in terms of trucks for the island of Malta.
Mount Etna with the Hyblean Mountains and Mdina in the foreground. Photo: Daniel Cilia.
Reference and more info: