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Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 03 Apr 2019 19:22
by natjer3
I am starting this topic to give suggestions in case Malta was considered to be added to the game. I will be writing a number of posts

Disclaimer: I am not sure if/if not Malta will be added.

Wikipedia page:

See my replies for my tips

Feel free to add any tips.

I hope that the developers take my suggestions into consideration. If you have any questions about the country do not hesitate to ask

General Information

Posted: 04 Apr 2019 06:54
by natjer3
Malta is an archipelago.
Due to its size, the scale needs to be different than that of the main map. In Malta cars drive on the left like the UK and cars are right hand drive. There are no highways on the island.

Islands I suggest

Number plates:

Whenever a number plate ends with 'Z' it is a rental car.
Whenever a number plate uses the words 'BUS' it is public transport.
Police cars have 'GVP' written on their number plate.

Picture of police car:
c848ddcaa5beb941a68886110da80561-1609960273-1300964978-4d8b2672-620x348.jpg ... ons.306278

Please note that my next post will be regarding ferries


Posted: 04 Apr 2019 08:33
by natjer3
Before I post about the ferries, I have come across a video of someone driving in Malta. There are a number of signs shown in the video. The road at 3:31 has just been rebuilt in the Marsa junction project (more on that in another post). It now has a total of 10 lanes and is called Aldo Moro road (ex Italian president)

Link to video


Posted: 04 Apr 2019 11:09
by natjer3
I am suggesting two ferries:
1. Pozzallo - Valletta
This could connect the island to the mainland. It would require the addition of Pozzallo in the Italia DLC. This would not be a connection to the base game. This connection is very popular.

Website of the operator

2. Cirkewwa - Mgarr
If the island of Gozo is added, this is a required connection. In the future there is a tunnel project which is planned.

Website of the operator

I would like to ask the developers if it is required for a ferry to connect to the base game as this might be slightly difficult

Re: Ferries

Posted: 05 Apr 2019 03:59
by krmarci
natjer3 wrote:
04 Apr 2019 11:09
I would like to ask the developers if it is required for a ferry to connect to the base game as this might be slightly difficult
No, it isn't. There are plenty of ferries already that don't connect to the base map.


Posted: 07 Apr 2019 16:48
by natjer3
In the video that I attached in the post named 'Videos', you might have seen a few signs.

Here I will be showing some more.
Roundabout signs.jpg
This kind of sign is seen when you are going to go around a roundabout.
Choose your lane.jpg
This sign might not be as common in other ETS2 countries but it is seen when there is a lane which becomes a slipway in Malta and normally 'Choose your lane' is written.

Other signs include
signs 1.jpg
signs 1.jpg (7.09 KiB) Viewed 976 times
signs 2.jpg
signs 2.jpg (11.64 KiB) Viewed 976 times
signs 3.jpg
Our traffic signs tend to be written either in Maltese or English as they are both our official languages.

There are certain letters which are used in Maltese but not in English which you might have seen in these signs. These are:

Ċċ Ġġ Ħħ Żż

The letters 'Cc' and 'Yy' do not exist in Maltese.

Extra info:

'għ' and 'ie' are considered as one letter even though there are two letters

EDIT: Sorry but I forgot

This is a link about technical guidlines by Transport Malta about traffic signs ... guidelines

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 27 Mar 2020 08:30
Some types of urban trucks and also semi-trailer trucks. This is that type of truck for the Euro Truck 2 game only trucks from the country of Malta:

Route: Germany - Austria - Italia - Italia (Sicilia) - Malta.
Here is an example of a semi-trailer truck journey with cargo between Germany and Malta.
A journey of 4,500 km, and has 3 ferries to reach the destination. The destination is probably some city on the island of GOZO.
  The second largest island, and corresponds to the northern region of the country of Malta.

Trip to Malta. Part 1.
Trip to Malta. Part 2.

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 27 Mar 2020 10:48
(Customs) DWANA - MALTA
Very interesting this Customs Scanner truck that Malt,a has is a beautiful attraction to be on the map of Malta.
Maybe in the game we can pass with the truck and the trailer loaded by the scanner of this trailer of the Customs service of Malta, when we delivered cargo in the port, or we were leaving the port with some cargo. It is also a good suggestion for a truck and trailer to be added to Euro Truck 2 at the ports.

Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 28 Mar 2020 13:51

The source of the news states that since the year 2012 action ambulances in the Country of the Republic of Malta are standardized within the specifications recommended by
the European Union. ... ght.450496
For the year 2012 the country had 11 ambulances in total for the island of Malta, not to mention the island of Gozo.
  The implementation of this system cost 2.5 million euros.
  In 2012, Malta received about 25,398 ambulance calls that required displacement. There were 929 traffic accidents that required ambulances to travel in the country.
  In the period 2,700 calls referring to heart attacks, 3,300 due to respiratory complications, 700 strokes.

1 Emergency Response and Rescue Corps (ERRC) - Voluntary emergency service.
Image Logo.

The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps (ERRC) is a voluntary, charitable and not for profit organization based in Gozo, Malta.

ERRC offers water rescue service on the popular beaches of Gozo and Comino during the summer months, ambulance services and first aid posts during public events.
Site: Facebook:

1.0 fast response vehicle, from the Island of Gozo, Republic of Malta.


1.1 Ambulance

1.2 Ambulance

2.0 SĠG (Sptar eralenerali ta 'Għawdex) - emergency hospital service.
Ambulances and the emergency car.
2.1 Ambulances and the emergency car.
2.2 Ambulance.


3. Sptar Mater Dei
The hospital is one of the main hospitals in the small European island country, has more than 250 thousand square meters of built area, with a capacity for 825 beds, and has 25 operating rooms.
  The hospital is part of the University of Malta, and contains: faculties of health sciences, medicine, dental surgery, surgery and surgical specialties.
  It also houses the Health Sciences library, and is part of the library complex at the University of Malta.
The hospital still has the most important radiotherapy center in the country, offers chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, and medical MRIs, and is therefore a reference hospital in the country. The link has a complete study on the country's emergency system: ... Joslin.pdf
Video of ambulances parked at the hospital:
Video of ambulances from the hospital in Activity [youtube][/youtube]



Doctor car - Emergency Response



4 Emergency Malta - private emergency service.
Emergency Malta is a Private Ambulance Company operating and providing emergency & patient transportation, ambulance hire, patient repatriation, providing medical coverage during large and small events throughout Malta and Gozo.

The company is specialize also in ambulance repairs which makes us the leading ambulance provider in the Maltese Islands.
Image Logo


4.2 emergency vehicles Island of Malta ,Republic of Malta.

4.3 emergency vehicles Island of Malta ,Republic of Malta.

4.4 emergency vehicles Island of Malta ,Republic of Malta.

4.5 emergency vehicles Island of Malta ,Republic of Malta.

4.6 emergency vehicles Island of Malta ,Republic of Malta.




Re: Malta pre-research tips.

Posted: 28 Mar 2020 21:48
by natjer3 thank you for the images and videos. Quick point to make regarding your previous post, the second picture has ambulances different to the rest. They have written SĠG (Sptar Ġenerali ta' Għawdex). Basically that means that they serve the island of Gozo and its hospital (in fact thats where the picture was taken, at the emergency). They won't be found on the mainland (Malta). Thanks for your contribution.