Netherlands re-research tips

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Re: Netherlands re-research tips

#11 Post by Ruward » 29 Apr 2020 14:39

Unknown# wrote:
20 Dec 2019 06:51
@adymike - What about east central Netherlands? That part seems a bit empty. We could have at least ONE city over there like, I dunno, Enschede.
Grolsch beer factory?
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Re: Netherlands re-research tips

#12 Post by _Avto2000_ » 29 May 2020 17:55

Rework & Adding of the Maasvlakte/Europoort/Botlek will by nice

The Maasvlakte: ... 1241?hl=en
The Europoort: ... 9833?hl=en
The Botlek: ... 2608?hl=en
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Re: Netherlands re-research tips

#13 Post by Pan Logistica » 19 Aug 2020 11:24

Some good suggestions have been made since I checked in. Good work!

Not long after my last edit here I found out that there is at least one relatively well known truckstop in the country. It's called Truckstop 8 and lies along the A2, which means it has a relatively inland position which makes it more useful for players (as you can pass by it on your way somewhere). It has quite a bit of truck parking space, a restaurant and a gas station and it sits on a block with a garage and a tire service. Maybe sort of unfortunately though it lies pretty much inside the city of Eindhoven, so it's not much of a separate entity in its own right.

When coming back to post about this today I also discovered a website that lists (or aims to list) all truckstops in the Netherlands by province. Many of them seem pretty much regular roadside restaurants though, so ones again I'm not sure which of those (and they have quite a few of them listed, in some provinces) have the street creds to show up ingame.

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Re: Netherlands re-research tips

#14 Post by VabisSuperDesigns » 26 Sep 2020 19:48

Would be awesome if we had Utrecht in ETS2, I mean one of the biggest distribution centres of DHL and Jumbo are here where I live.
Not to mention the fact that it is a beautiful city haha :lol: and also iindeed Eindhoven would be cool, together with like the Hague or something.
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Re: Netherlands re-research tips

#15 Post by dsf.fernando » 28 Sep 2020 08:39

Einshoven is a must, but Hague may be too close to Rotterdam
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Re: Netherlands re-research tips

#16 Post by M95 » 01 Dec 2020 18:54

I do have summarised some road-technical aspects of the Netherlands. Hope it helps in the research phase and when modeling stuff for a possible rebuild if needed and desired.

Additional border signs, besides the speed limit sign and the europe sign there's also a sign showing the transition of the road number.
Belgium border: ... 384!8i8192
German border: ... 384!8i8192

Usage of foreign road numbers:
When close to the border the road number of the country you'll approach will be shown, this only happens on large scale around Germany: ... 312!8i6656

Speed limits in the netherlands:
The following speed limits are common in the Netherlands
30 (only in zones and construction works on secondary roads)
50 (inner city, near big junctions or near construction works on roads classified for 70/80 km/h)
60 (Rural roads outside city limit which accesses farms)
70 (City expressways and roadworks on 80 roads)
80 (all non-autoweg roads, either one or two+ lanes, city highways)
90 (construction works on highways)
100 (autoweg roads, secondary roads but signed with a car sign)
100 (6-19h) (highway speed limit by day)
120 (19-6h) (highway speed limit)
130 (19-6h) (highway speed limit)

Road markings on secondary roads:
The speeds and overtaking resctictions are visible on the image:

Highway signage:
Highway far: ... 384!8i8192
(in this case you enter a city ring, these signs also occur without the ring addition)
Highway medium: ... 384!8i8192
(can also occur on the overhead portal when not too big)
Highway exit: ... 384!8i8192
(Underlined RING-west part represents the fact you enter a city ring road)
Highway information for industries: ... 312!8i6656
This sign says the important destinations you could reach via the named exit number

Traffic light posts:
The traffic light posts irl have some greytone at the top as visible here: ... 312!8i6656

Main gas station companies:
The most common gas station companies in The Netherlands are Shell, BP, esso and Total.

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