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Re: Traffic rules

#11 Post by Some newbie driver » 19 Dec 2019 13:31

You are right, regular green traffic light doesn't supersede pedestrian green traffic lights, that's why those pedestrian traffic lights are installed together a single orange blinking light (the one you mention) faced towards the vehicles that could be turning.. There's one thing I said it could be misleading and I already edited it.

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Re: Traffic rules

#12 Post by Bandit & The Snowman » 19 Dec 2019 13:36

[Germany] @Woodeye speed limits do NOT automatically end at an intersection or on-ramp. That's a common myth. It takes a sign that either ends the speed limit or all current limitations (white sign with black stripes, with or without the canceled limit in gray color). Exception: if the speed limit was issued because of a dangerous situation (sharp corner, steep grade, obstacle etc.) then it was combined with a warning sign and the limit ends when the end of the danger is obvious (implicit cancelation). Source (in German)
Even the yellow diamond-shaped priority sign does not end a speed limit. (Another myth)

In general: This site in English does a good job describing traffic rules in German.

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Re: Traffic rules

#13 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 19 Dec 2019 13:40

There is always a sign in Germany to tell you what the situation is, not without reason we have a sign every 13m here in Germany :lol:
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Re: Traffic rules

#14 Post by d4nn » 19 Dec 2019 14:35

Not country specific but I think it belongs here. Before getting any specific rules to the game I think the AI should follow basic rules and stop giving us right of way when they should have it, that must be the first improvement.

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Re: Traffic rules

#15 Post by Bandit & The Snowman » 19 Dec 2019 14:59

Tbh I don't know if it's best to simply collect traffic rules that "stick out" (cf. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=268977)... there are lots of guides on the internet that describe traffic rules from the view of a stranger to a certain country, with the additional benefit that you can find those guides in your own language.

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Re: Traffic rules

#16 Post by Holzauge » 19 Dec 2019 15:24

@Bandit & The Snowman Thanks for the explanation. You learn something new every day! :D

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Re: Traffic rules

#17 Post by TheGuest » 20 Dec 2019 07:24

In the Netherlands the speedlimit for cars will drop from 130 to 100 kph on highways in a few months to reduce carbon emissions.

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Re: Traffic rules

#18 Post by Eugene » 20 Dec 2019 14:38

Wolfi wrote:
19 Dec 2019 10:36
Welp, I'll start with something fairly random that was bugging me from the early days of the game.
In Poland "green arrows" are super common on intersections with traffic lights.
This allows you to make a right turn even on red light, but you still need to give way to pedestrians (if there's a crossing) and obviously to the cars that drive through the intersection.
This is also common in Russia. Current system with separate traffic light for left turn is quite unrealistic.
Also, regarding speed limits. They are set correctly in the game, BUT, in reality you can exceed the speed limit by 19 KM/H without a fine. Which means that with 70 KM/H speed limit, trucks can go 89 without a fine.

Next, the roundabouts. SCS has implemented a roundabout where you don't have a right of way on the roundabout. Such roundabouts were in place several years ago, but now most of roundabouts have "european" rules applied, so i think it should be changed. Speedtraps are also common in big cities like St. Petersburg. This is how many steedtraps look like in St. Petersburg.

As for the 1st post of the topic, In Russia, there is also a sign that cancels the speed limit, but it also can be canceled by any marked intersection.
Overtaking is also ruled by two signs, one that bans overtaking, and another one cancels the ban. here they are. There is a separate sign that bans specificly Trucks from overtaking. There is also a sign, that cancels every previous ban, here it is.

Also, by Russian traffic rules, all tractor-trailer combinations must have 3 orange lights on front-top side of the cab.
Unlike Europe, in Russia trucks can be longer. Instead of 16,5 meter limit, Russia has 20 meter limit,which is why we can operate American trucks with EU trailers :)

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Re: Traffic rules

#19 Post by cip » 20 Dec 2019 14:54

I find a good thing that SCS finally seems to give more attention to traffic, and make some specific country rules. what I would like to see is also smarter Ai in (non)respecting the rules. for example I would like to see at a very low rate, that one Ai just pass on yellow (after green) and even more I would like to see improved overtaking. Ai are still very rigid when overtaking, it starts slowly, sometimes even push the brakes, than accelerate but slowly and caution. many times for some reasons, Ai cancel and goes back behind. in some cases Ai just start to overtake when there is no place because the lane is busy ahead and cancel immediately.
I would like to see faster acceleration, not stopping if an Ai is at 500 meters away, no cancelling if road lanes switches to continuous lane (I corrected this via road look edits), and definitely it will be nice to see some frontal accidents of failed overtaking rather than infinite cancelations and face to face stops
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Re: Traffic rules

#20 Post by Motorsheep » 29 Dec 2019 12:52

In many countries, a town sign also signals the nation's standard speed limit for towns.

Austria is one of them. But it is very common there to see a speed limit sign on top of the town sign when entering a town/city/village, where the speed limit sign is higher than the nation standard.

By the way:
Dirk wrote:
19 Dec 2019 10:02

In most European countries the speed limit determined by "speed limit" sign, is defaultly canceled by any marked intersection.
Well not with our friends in Germany, where there need to be "end of speed limit" sign present for it to end.
Not quite. The speed limit ends both at unmarked intersections AND at intersections where the road loses its priority.

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