ETS2 Truckstops, Truckfly App

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ETS2 Truckstops, Truckfly App

#1 Post by HRTrucking » 22 Dec 2019 13:12

Hello SCS, thanks for this game firstly.

Maybe the Truckfly app could help for looking up Truckstops in Europe.

I'm not a fan of the hotels that are in game. We sleep in our trucks. I sometimes go to a hotel to eat, or I stay in one for a weekend break.

But most of the times I try to stop at a autohof in Germany or a Les Routier in France.
Would like to see them in game as parking places. They're sometimes outside of villages on the N and D roads in France. Or next to Spanish N roads. Or the big one's are on industrial estates. Better then a small hotel parking in a city.

Autohofs in Germany are normally close to the exit of the motorway and have there own signs. Not sure if the signs for them in game. Germany isn't exactly my favorite country to drive in real life, seems to be ignored by me in game a lot as well :lol:.

Imageautohof-duitsland-300x225 by Haye Renders, on Flickr
Autohof sign I found on Google.

Hope this will help. The Truckfly App is something a lot of drivers use, hope it can help SCS in making some nice truckstops or Routier or other places for us to park.

And some random parking spots would be nice as well. Like on the side of a road on a industrial estate. Maybe a death end road you'd have to reverse in. I park a lot on industrial estates to sleep. Finding a parking spot is irl life a lot harder then in game, if it fits I sit is my parking style :lol:

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Re: ETS2 Truckstops, Truckfly App

#2 Post by swetrucker » 01 Jun 2020 00:24

SCS: For Sweden I highly recommend you to check out Truckstop Ljungby. It was the largest truckstop in Sweden 2017 when it was built, and might still be.

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