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Re: UK re-research tips

#31 Post by Janaff » 30 Mar 2020 22:28

How to Keep Track of Trains
I'm currently working on a larger post that goes in-detail on roadside landmarks and features for a specific part of the country. Previously, every time I've mentioned a rail line I've brought up which trains run on that line, but I realise that's awkward to do every single time, and that information will inevitably be incomplete because I'm not going to list every single place where a rail line runs close to a road. So here, I'm showing how to research what trains run where, with the hope that it helps with any sort of future map development.

First, the National Rail website has maps showing every passenger route in Britain. Of most use is the 'All Stations Train Operator Map', which lists every station, and shows which operator runs on which line. It is updated when necessary, so that link won't be accurate forever. With this knowledge, you can look for corresponding stations between maps, and work out lines from there.

For rolling stock, Wikipedia has a fairly accurate summary of the rolling stock used by each company, and extremely helpfully lists the lines that they are used on. Here's the TransPennine Express page for just one example, with the routes and stopping patterns listed a bit further up.

Freight is a lot trickier to track unfortunately. This map shows the loading gauge (the maximum height for trains) of major rail routes; W10 and W12 can accept trains with intermodal containers. It also shows major freight terminals (intermodal ones are useful to know as delivery destinations!), but the routes shown are not comprehensive. There are many locomotives in use, but the Class 66 is probably the most representative today.

Trafford Park, Manchester
Still working on that regional map post, but I had this research idea that I think is very important to note down in the meantime.

Trafford Park holds historical relevance as the first purpose-built industrial estate in the world (dating all the way back to the end of the 19th century), and it remains the largest in Europe. It is located just off the M60, and it's pretty much an auto-include for a trucking game.

Major delivery sites include warehouses for Adidas, Amazon, and L'Oreal, factories for Cargill, Proctor & Gamble, and Unilever. There is also a metal recycling centre, and an intermodal container terminal. There is the Trafford Centre for shopping, with an Asda supermarket opposite the site if you don't want to make all-new prefabs. There's even a MAN dealership you can use.

For landmarks, Trafford Park is also the location of the Old Trafford football stadium, home to Manchester United, one of the most recognisable sports teams on the planet. It is right next to that aforementioned intermodal container terminal.

Very recently, Manchester's tram network, the Metrolink, has opened an extension that travels through Trafford Park, mostly separate from the road (Map). Though images on Maps and StreetView mostly capture the line when it was under-construction, it does appear mostly complete and viable as a reference.
Currently, trams travel between Trafford Centre and Cornbrook, but after a future delivery of more rolling stock, the line will instead travel between Trafford Centre and Crumpsall, so for accurate destination headers on the vehicles it is best to use those two.
The rolling stock are Bombardier M5000's, in a yellow and grey livery.

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Re: UK re-research tips

#32 Post by Louella » 19 Apr 2020 01:25

There's a plan for a ferry from Rosyth in Scotland, to Eemshaven, just north of Groningen in the Netherlands. Right now, there's an occasional freight service between Rosyth and Zeebrugge.

The port at Rosyth is near the north end of the Forth Rail Bridge, and has a good view of all three of the bridges across the Forth.

There's also an Amazon warehouse nearby, which could be a facility ingame, and there's the Oceaneering Terminal, which could be a heavy cargo facility - the pics on google show they have a lot of cable reels, lol. The dockyard at Rosyth could also be a facility in itself, as well as the port.

There's also this cool ruined building at the entrance to the port complex, not sure what it is though, lol.

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Re: UK re-research tips

#33 Post by Janaff » 19 Apr 2020 03:21

That's a nice find! I did a search on the ruined building, and it's Rosyth Castle. wrote:The castle today comprises an externally fairly intact L-plan tower house, most of which dates from the 1470s, plus a surrounding courtyard with ranges on all four sides, in varying states of disrepair. The courtyard and ranges date back to improvements made to the castle in 1561. They replaced a simple barmkin or curtain wall which, to judge from the traces left on the corners of the tower house, could have been anything up to 40 feet tall: unusually high for the purpose.

The castle was built by Sir James Stewart of Rosyth. When built, it stood on an island connected by a causeway to the north shore of the River Forth only at low tide. It is amazing to look at the castle today and realise that all the land beyond it and to either side has been reclaimed from the sea within the last century or so.

I think Rosyth Port is a pretty good call in general; it's in a great scenic spot, has an interesting history to it, and from a game mapping perspective is pretty easy to access from a major road. I'd personally love to see it included in a rework of the Edinburgh area.
I would also point at this metal recycling centre as a possible delivery location. Bonus points for having some fun views on the way there (here, here and here)!

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Re: UK re-research tips

#34 Post by Plum » 24 Apr 2020 14:38

Another thing I just remembered, in UK cities you often have these sorts of VMS, they are quite small and if they aren't showing road closures/road works they usually show safety reminders like 'Don't drink and drive' or other safety messages as can be seen in this image: Image
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Re: UK re-research tips

#35 Post by » 06 May 2020 01:29

the map of the UK needs to be reworked to be at the same graphic quality standard as that excellent standard of quality that SCS Software was able to create with the "Beyond the Baltic Sea" DLC.
 SCS Software are always evolving and definitely, this is a country map that needs to be redesigned and expanded.
 The UK map also needs unique and exclusive content (even to uniquely characterize the British kingdom) and one of those things is its aerodynamic and also two-story DON-BUR trailers.
The inclusion of other companies that are manufacturers of road trailers as well, would be something interesting to create British trailer companies - licensed, although they are exclusive only to the map of the United Kingdom and Ireland.
 Although some of these trailers can also be seen running in Holland and Belgium, ie the benelux countries.

it would be important for players who like the UK map the tenth state looking at this content to give their opinion and also to insert new information, and SCS Software itself also do a job in this sense to bring new content from trailer companies to increase and make it more attractive the map of the United Kingdom, genuinely British.
Link: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=272153

Another suggestion I make is the availability of live fish transport trailers and it is very common in Scotland for example where there is a strong activity of fish culture with the creation of trout and salmon and are transported to other breeders in Europe as a whole and they are also sold to fish meat processing factories and these psiculture farms buy feed for the fish to be fed and developed for marketing.
Link: viewtopic.php?f=185&t=244954&start=20#p1281528

The UK also has truck trailer manufacturing company " Plowman Brothers Ltda", for transporting livestock and transporting sheep . Also be in a very interesting type of content to be placed on the country map when reworking. Players have the opportunity to play with British trailers on United Kingdom map would be very interesting
Link: viewtopic.php?f=185&t=244954&start=50#p1348003

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Re: UK re-research tips

#36 Post by Janaff » 31 May 2020 02:42

This post is a bit more detailed than my previous contributions, but since I am familiar with a portion of roads already represented in-game, I thought I'd mark out landmarks and noteworthy road features that could be included in a rework.

The A46
This road is already represented in-game as a minor, unmarked road. There is plenty of good, scenic stuff on this route to include, especially on the Lincoln to Grimsby stretch.

Leicester to Newark
To begin, the M1/A46 intersection near Leicester features Kirby Muxloe Castle just slightly to its west. It is a brick mansion that was never completed after its owner, Lord Hastings, was executed in 1483. It's one of those landmarks that you unfortunately can't really see from the road, but it'd be really cool if you could; I wouldn't mind a bit of messing with the landscape to put it in-game.

This road in its current dual carriageway configuration is relatively new; the Bingham to Newark portion was completed in 2012, and still hasn't been updated on Google Maps. A quirk of its newness is that this road has multiple partial cloverleaf interchanges such as here or here, something that is relatively rare on older roads. Consider the Leicestershire border sign, or the scenic elevation that some of the interchanges bring.

Newark - Lincoln
We drive around the town of Newark on a mostly single-carriageway bypass. Currently there are very early plans to upgrade this bypass into a dual-carriageway, so that's something to keep an eye on.

Key features of the Newark bypass include two bridges over the Lincoln-Nottingham line and East Coast Main Line, and an intersection with the A1. There is also a large truck stop here for resting. Newark Sugar Factory can prominently be seen from a few parts of the bypass.

The road between Newark and Lincoln is fairly uneventful, but in Lincoln we encounter another bypass which drives us past this area with a group of car dealerships as well as a Siemens warehouse and a recycling plant. This would be a decent delivery area if Lincoln were to become a small in-game city.

Lincoln Castle, Cathedral and Waterworks
First built in 1092, Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world between 1311 and 1548, when its spires were destroyed in a lightning storm. Today, the Cathedral and its adjacent buildings can be viewed from a great distance, including from the roads surrounding Lincoln. Example from the A46, it looks much clearer in person on a bright day, trust me.

Also of note is the Middle Street bridge on the bypass.

The A46 north of Lincoln is notoriously scary, and something I would not want to drive a HGV down. Here's the example of how bendy it is; keep in mind that the usual speed limit is 60 MPH. I would also include the town of Faldingworth to drive through, featuring this disused windmill. Also consider this pair of sharp right angle turns.

Middle and Market Rasen
My hometown! Driving through this part involves a pair of TOTSO's, so it's a good way of breaking up the monotony of driving forward. For Middle Rasen, I would feature the Nag's Head pub, the Methodist Church and it's opposing Post Office as points to capture the character of the place. A bit further on, you enter the Market Rasen part of the town; you pass a small industrial estate before turning left to continue following the A46.

A bit of a scenery hidden gem here is Top Road Corner. This corner features an abandoned, overgrown building right on the intersection between the A46 and A1103. With the forest in the background, I think it makes for quite a striking image. If you turn onto the A1103 here, you can find the Ten Acres Cafe, which I believe does allow for use as a truck stop.

The A46 from here to Grimsby is noticeably more forested and hilly than what came before it. Features include this level crossing, plus the towns of Nettleton and Caistor. I would also suggest including the hamlet of Cabourne, as the roads towards it involve steep elevation changes on both sides, and the road within the town features a sharp bend, potentially making it a fun bit of road to navigate. Finally, I would consider including the A1173 as a shortcut from the A46 to the north side of Grimsby as well as the heavy industry of Immingham. A more detailed look at Grimsby's industry may come at a later date.

Currently, only the portion of this road that crosses the Humber Bridge is included in-game. I believe that extending it to the A46 near Lincoln is worthwhile, as it makes accessing the Hull port from the South much easier.

The A15 curves around Lincolnshire Showground and RAF Scampton, pretty much the only time it's not perfectly straight for between the A46 and the M180. RAF Scampton is currently home to the Red Arrows display team, though it is set to close in 2022; the fate of its physical presence is not currently known.

Speaking of the Red Arrows, after RAF Scampton's closure they will move to nearby RAF Waddington, just south of Lincoln. It is relatively common for the Red Arrows to use Lincoln's airspace to practice their displays, and so it would be a fantastic detail to be able to see the Red Arrows fly over the city in-game.

Located around halfway between the A46 and the M180, you can find Caenby Corner, a roundabout with both a truck stop and petrol station.

The remainder of the road before it meets the M180 is mostly farmland. I will point to Gainsthorpe Medieval Village as a possible landmark; it's difficult to see anything from ground level, but from the air you can trace the groundworks of where a village used to be. Like Kirby Muxloe Castle, this isn't easily viewable from the road, but is close enough that a bit of artistic licence can be used.
Tip on groundworks: low light conditions are the best time to view them. On Google Maps, which was likely taken around noon, you can barely see anything, but under heavy shadows it looks great.

After meeting the M180 at an intersection that connects directly to Scunthorpe Steel Works, it follows it before turning off towards the Humber Bridge. Just before the Humber Bridge, you pass the town of Barton-Upon-Humber, home to a beautiful church that dates to 970 that is once again too far from the road to be visible if you're going for pure realism. There is a cement works to the west of this town that could work as a delivery destination; possibly with a minor road connecting Scunthorpe Steel Works to it, and then the Humber Bridge.

After leaving the A15 onto the A63, you enter Hull. The city of Hull I think deserves to be much bigger than it currently is in-game. You have a massive number of delivery locations right next to the main road, and it's not just a ferry stop to The Netherlands. If there is one must-include bit of road, it is Castle Street, which features landmarks such as Hull Minster, the Tidal Barrier and The Deep aquarium, and Princes Quay shopping centre when it's not being blocked by roadworks. Also look into these roundabouts, where through traffic get to drive straight across them; this roundabout has received the same modification, visible by going into street view.

Do note however that his part of the road is subject to improvement works to alleviate traffic that is not expected to be complete until at least 2024. A map of the plans can be seen here. This project will also feature a new distinctive pedestrian bridge, the Dr Mary Murdoch bridge constructed over the road, a leaflet for which can be read here. At this moment this is what it looks like under construction, and here's a render of it finished.

Thank you for reading all of this; I think this area has a lot of potential to be a really engaging part of the ETS2 map, and I hope this helped to uncover some of the hidden details.

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Re: UK re-research tips

#37 Post by Janaff » 17 Dec 2020 07:02

Royal Mail
When thinking of what sorts of country-specific vehicles could be added to traffic, I thought representing postal services could be a good idea, especially as American Truck Simulator already has a faux-USPS driving around.
Royal Mail vehicles are plain red with the company logo on the back panels, plus the royal seal and website on the door. The back typically features the company logo and website.

Old post boxes are most famously of the classic red cylinder design. Modern boxes are generally small and mounted on a post.

In Wales, the postal service is branded 'Post Brenhinol', but otherwise mostly looks identical.

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Re: UK re-research tips

#38 Post by Wacky Geek » 25 Dec 2020 15:16

I think one of the most iconic landmarks in England must be included when SCS re-creates UK

I love SCS Software 💖

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Re: UK re-research tips

#39 Post by Mohegan13 » 25 Dec 2020 16:06

Unlikely they'd be able to given map scale. They might just be able to get a part of the A303 in there, but it would be tight. Would be nice to see it though.
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Re: UK re-research tips

#40 Post by Janaff » 29 Dec 2020 01:10

So, this probably isn't the place to note this down, but I decided to create a map of how I would rebuild Scotland in a best-case scenario (assuming nothing gets cut due to scale/other issues). This is what I came up with; if there's anything major missing I'd love to hear about it, or if I've included something that's not plausible for truck deliveries. Please excuse my crude image editing skills.
Scotland Shetland.png
Scotland Orkney.png
Scotland Higherlands.png
Scotland Highlands.png
Scotland Lowlands.png
Here I've covered not just the Scottish mainland, but also Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides. I feel there is potential to allow you to visit these islands in-game and handle some deliveries of agricultural and fishing goods. Shetland in-particular is home to an oil terminal and a quarry which I've marked on the map. Making that trip through the Highlands and hopping across two ferries to get to that oil terminal sounds like a fun time, and the islands themselves have an extremely unique character to them not seen elsewhere in-game so far. I may make another set of maps for the rest of Britain and Ireland another time, or gather more research on what kind of industries you can find scattered around the Highlands.

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