[AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

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[AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#1 Post by Kraake » 12 Feb 2021 10:01

With gradual updates of our maps we would like to update our fire truck skins (paint scheme look) as well.


Thing we are interested in are colour variants of fire trucks for each of our already released countries in ETS2.
  • Please, keep in mind we are interested ONLY in the COLOUR SCHEME, NOT in the manufacturer, model year info etc...
  • We know there are usually different regional firestations with unique color shemes. In this case we need to bend it a bit and create universal color scheme for each country. We will add yellow trucks, if the majority is yellow, etc.
  • Details we would like to get are stickers (logos, emblems, lines), writings & beacon light patterns for each country. There is not written "FIRE & RESCUE" in Germany as there is not written "FEUERWEHR" in the UK...
  • If possible, the main inspiration should be taken from the COUNTRY/STATE FIREMEN truck.
  • In case you can provide us images from front, boths sides & back - you will make us more than happy.
  • HERE is a little overview of released countries.
Thank you very much in advance! Image

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Re: [AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#2 Post by plykkegaard » 12 Feb 2021 10:04

Kewl 🤩🙃
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Re: [AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#3 Post by DKDBEM4 » 12 Feb 2021 11:30

In the Netherlands the firetrucks are usually seen with an integrated cab design.
The new markings (broader stripes, updated in 2019) are as follows:

The sides have the markings in a different order:
Left side:
-White stripes above Blue stripes
Right side:
-Blue stripes above White stripes
-Asymmetric markings on the front.

-White and blue on the left an white and red on the right:
https://thumbs.truckfan.nl/groot/v/volv ... -volvo.jpg

Light paterns:
Mostly alternating double-flash patterns are used.
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Re: [AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#4 Post by isaac_mihai » 12 Feb 2021 11:39

Romanian Fire trucks are usually simply red with "POMPIERI" writings in front and sides and 112 emergeny call. Sometimes they have a yellow stripe too.

https://www.gazetadambovitei.ro/wp-cont ... -MAN-3.jpg
https://rasunetul.ro/sites/default/file ... mg2690.jpg

Edit: I added a short video of a firetruck in action so that you can see it from more angles and also the beacons and lights
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Re: [AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#5 Post by Fenway » 12 Feb 2021 11:55

In addition to DKDBEM4
Dutch fire brigades are operating a lot of different brands for their vehicles. I guess all major big 7 could be found. DKDBEM4 allready showed the new Volvo, but more angles in this tweet:
https://twitter.com/ziegler_nieuws/stat ... 21601?s=20

Also a new Mercedes in prodoction:

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Re: [AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#7 Post by VitMax » 12 Feb 2021 12:56


Paint schemes may differ a bit between cities and vehicle models, but there are few standard things that are present everywhere.
Main color of trucks is red with white front doors and white front bumper. Those are mandatory things you'll find on any firetruck.
Besides, there are some optional things that exist on most trucks, but are omitted on some paintschemes.
Those are:
1. Two vertical white lines on the front of the cab, and on the back of the truck.
2. A horizontal white line on the side of the box.
3. Top part of the cab painted white.
4. Yellow reflective tape placed by the same standards as on commercial trucks.
Here are few examples:
https://61.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... 0x2000.jpg
https://61.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... 0x2000.jpg
https://61.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... 0x2000.jpg
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy ... YuXp06gij8

Writings and markings:
1. On the front doors there are vehicle number and name of the city it works in written in red.
https://don24.ru/uploads/2019/11/%D0%BF ... P5exbe.jpg
If vehicle belongs to a region instead of a city, markings may be different. On this example there are no city name on the door, instead there is Ростовская областная пожарно-спасательная служба (Rostov oblast fire-emergency service) written on the side of the box. If you want to make a livery that is not region-specific, it would make sense to leave only Пожарно-спасательная служба (Fire-emergency service) without name of the region. It seems that trucks like this with no city name written on the door are rare -- I could only find one photo of such vehicle.
2. Instead of a vehicle number on the door, there might be a abbreviation like СЧ, СПЧ, СПСЧ, ЧАС, МПЧ and so on. I would suggest going with simplest, which is СЧ, or omit it altogether, because it isn't the most common thing.
https://82.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... 0x2000.jpg
https://kubnews.ru/upload/iblock/241/24 ... a8776d.jpg
https://61.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... 0x2000.jpg
https://61.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... 0x2000.jpg
3. Phone numbers. They are written on the box and can look differently, depending on the city.
Here it is written on top left Телефон 01, 001 https://61.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... 0x2000.jpg
Here it is on the top right Телефон 001 01 https://udmurt.media/upload/resize_cach ... 728d8a.jpg
Here it is written on the horizontal while line https://61.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... 00x800.jpg
Here it is written in blue on the white rectangle https://kubnews.ru/upload/iblock/241/24 ... a8776d.jpg
Phone numbers may differ depending on the region, but the most common one is 01. There can also be 001, 101, and universal 112.
4. White markings on the box like ПСА 2,5-40/4 or something like that. Those are technical data different for each equipment model, so just ignore them.
5. Logos. Somewhere on the side of the vehicle there will be a logo of emergency ministry (МЧС, MChS). On this photo you can see it in high enough resolution.
https://kubnews.ru/upload/iblock/241/24 ... a8776d.jpg
Words on the logo are МЧС РОССИИ Предотвращение, спасение, помощь (MChS of Russia, Prevention, rescue, help)

Emergency lights:
They are simple -- two blue light on the roof of the cab. They can be either together in one unit, or spread apart. Here are examples of both placements.
https://aif-s3.aif.ru/images/015/793/5f ... d0a60e.jpg
https://aif-s3.aif.ru/images/020/154/b5 ... 4508e2.jpg
https://61.mchs.gov.ru/uploads/resize_c ... ermark.jpg
There also might be one or two bucket-like blue lights on the back, like here
https://static.ngs.ru/news/2020/99/prev ... _399_c.jpg

So, to reiterate. Red truck with white front bumper, white front doors, two white vertical lines on the front and back, and yellow reflective markings, that might also have horizontal white line on the side and white top of the cab. On the door there might be city name, truck number, and abbreviation like СЧ. On the box there is a phone number and a MChS logo. On the roof of the cab there are two blue lights. On the back of the box there might be one or two additional lights.
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Re: [AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#8 Post by Wacky Geek » 12 Feb 2021 13:25

Finland fire truck

I love SCS Software 💖

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Re: [AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#9 Post by Pumizo » 12 Feb 2021 14:08

From Portugal!
(CTRL + click to enlarge)

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

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Re: [AI GENERIC] Fire truck looks update

#10 Post by AlexxxF1 » 12 Feb 2021 18:48

fire truck


fire truck


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