Sierra Vista, AZ - AI incorrect turning [78305]

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Sierra Vista, AZ - AI incorrect turning [78305]

#1 Post by flight50 » 24 Mar 2019 15:55
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AI turning from wrong lane ;[24/03/2019 10:33] (sec-0018+0008);-68607;62.2027;33912.6;-2.76785;-0.207236

With no where to go for the straight lane to go straight, the AI will turn. Any vehicle in the right lane and a human or AI is in the correct turning lane a traffic jam or crash will happen. The right lane should have construction cones to block it off or develop lane straight ahead by pushing the construction back at the least.

Real Life - ... !1e3?hl=en


Video of what's going on -
(38.69 KiB) Downloaded 2 times
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Re: Sierra Vista, AZ - AI incorrect turning [78305]

#2 Post by Filipkooo » 25 Mar 2019 08:58

Thank you for the report! 8-) QA[78305]

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