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Missing DX11 texture? [MOD]

Posted: 09 Apr 2020 01:03
by Ernie D
Im not sure if anyone had this issue and reported it, but it was early morning in the sim, I was traveling to coastline mining in St George, UT, when I was approaching the red light before the T intersection, my frame rates dropped immensely, stuttered a second or two, then went back to normal, right after that happened I paused the sim, Alt tabbed so I could access my game log, and I had some vertex errors dealing with a DX11 map texture Im assuming :?: , but I copied the game log and saved it, yes this log has some mods, but I repeated it with a vanilla profile I have, stayed over nite at the truckstop to replicate the same conditions and it did exactly the same thing, but I forgot to save the log on the vanilla profile, sorry, but I figured since it did the same exact thing again this log should be sufficient, I would hope at least.
I know about the obsolete attributes errors on the lodeking trailer, I havent took the time to fix it, until before posting this.
Hopefully with 1.37 this could be addressed, thanks