Missing enviromental textures CTD [MODS]

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Missing enviromental textures CTD [MODS]

#1 Post by Ernie D » 15 Apr 2020 01:45

I just had a CTD, right before it CTD, I was accessing the truck dealer, I checked the log, it mentions Failed to open file '/material/environment/interior_reflection.dds' in the read_only mode. and <ERROR> [dds] Can not load '/material/environment/interior_reflection.dds', I have a opened base files for 1.36 and 1.35. I looked in both of their material/environment folders, and in both, the TOBJ files are there, but no texture dds file, also ocean_reflection is missing the dds file, but its TOBJ file is there. Is there a fix for this?
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Re: Missing enviromental textures CTD

#2 Post by Madkine » 15 Apr 2020 07:37

This is not an SCS issue, it's a mod issue.

This one is broken and should be removed (or get an updated version):
JNJ Truck Pack.zip

This one has errors and should be updated:

Mack_MH613_Ulrta-liner 3.0 by Crystal Daigle.scs

The two interior errors are both likely to be mod related, in that you have mods pointing to files that SCS have since removed.
The two I mentioned are possible causes of the error.

And then due to the errors your Graphics card ran out of memory and crashed.

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