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Signage errors in Romania [107182]

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Signage errors in Romania [107182]

#1 Post by krmarci » 07 Apr 2020 19:09

The following city/village entrance and exit signs in Romania (still, since 1.36) are not multilingual, while they should be based on reality (consistently to Târgu Mureș/Marosvásárhely and Sântion/Biharszentjános):

Timișoara - Temeswar - Temesvár - Темишвар (Google Maps)
Cluj-Napoca - Kolozsvár - Klausenburg (Google Maps)
Uileacu de Criș - Pusztaújlak (Google Maps)
Luncani - Aranyosgerend (Google Maps)
Corunca - Koronka (Google Maps)
Saschiz - Keisd (Google Maps)
Reghin - Szászrégen - Sächsisch-Regen (Google Maps)
Toplița - Maroshévíz (Google Maps)
Borsec - Borszék (Google Maps)
Tileagd - Mezőtelegd (Google Maps)

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Re: Signage errors in Romania

#2 Post by Majkyto » 07 Apr 2020 19:35

Hi, I remember you reported this :D As you mentioned, the issue is still not fixed, but it is reported with ID 107182.

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