[Mechanics of food trailers] Logistics

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[Mechanics of food trailers] Logistics

#1 Post by Taburetka_ » 08 Apr 2020 21:59

I think each of us understands perfectly well that milk in the tank will not be transported for 2,500 kilometers.
Again, rarely when unpacked milk is transported between companies when the first is not a farm (this applies to trailers in traffic)

My suggestion: limiting the distance for transportation of goods (if possible) to 500-600 kilometers (maximum).
Also limit the delivery of milk to food tanks only from farms.
In the future, if the addition of juice is repeated, as was done in ATS, then from firms similar to Posped.
It’s just very strange to see the food tanks of companies that are involved, for example, in wood processing (TREE-ET), or BCP, which is far from dealing with food.
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Re: [Mechanics of food trailers] Logistics

#2 Post by SAMARA63 » 09 Apr 2020 06:22

And if the milk is pasteurized, there is very little cargo for the food tank,and You also want a distance that would be 500-600 km and only from farms, I think this is unnecessary

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