OpenVR/Vive 1.37 (SDK 1.40) HMD Screen black

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OpenVR/Vive 1.37 (SDK 1.40) HMD Screen black

#1 Post by SECOFR » 21 May 2020 16:14

OpenVR/Vive 1.37 (SDK 1.40)
game_version ""
Windows 7 x64 (version 6.1) / Service Pack 1
Always Reproducible
[mem] physical total: 16336M
Graphics Card Geforce 1050Ti
HTC VIVE Headset.

Starting with Version oculus/vive 1.36 my HTC Vive Screen turns Black as soon as the Game is Started. I am using the start Parameters -openvr -nointro.
I did not bother to post a bug report before, because up until now i could go back to oculus/vive previous 1.35. This was the last Version which was working for me. But after 1.37 came out steam updated my Game to oculus/vive 1.36 which was never working for me. So to test i then switched to Oculus/vive 1.37 hoping this would work. But it doesnt.
I first start SteamVr , wait until the Headset works and shows the dashboard. Start ETS2 (First version on the Top of the List) .
ETS2 starts - HMD goes Black
The HMD Display stays black until i shutdown and restart SteamVR.
Pressing F11 does not help as soon as the HMD Screen is Black. Pressing F11 just helps me to navigate the Menus on the monitor.
SteamVR Status Window shows in VR View what i SHOULD see on the HMD. Head Movement is tracked fine.
Whats strange is that as soon as ETS2 starts the VR Status performance graph shows a lot of Display errors. This not with other titles. See attached pictures.

Every other VR title like Haflife Alyx, Beat Saber, SuperHot etc. work like a charm

So what i did to resolve this was:
Update my Geforce 1050Ti driver to the latest 445.87-desktop-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql
Ininstall SteamVR - Reinstall SteamVR (after the latest Hotfix!)
Delete the ETS2 config folder in \My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ completely
Tried every SteamVR Setting
Unplug all the Vive Equipment from my computer - Replug and test
Tried the other ETS2 starting options : DirectX11 64 / OpenGL 64 / Safe Mode 64 / DirectX11 32/ OpenGL 32/ Safe Mode 32
Firmware of HMD and Controllers and beacons is up to date.

Nothing helps.
steamvr_ETS2_error2.PNG (48.31 KiB) Viewed 80 times
steamvr_ok.PNG (74.69 KiB) Viewed 110 times
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Re: OpenVR/Vive 1.37 (SDK 1.40) HMD Screen black

#2 Post by SECOFR » 23 May 2020 17:14

Ok. After finding out, that Assetto Corsa had the same Problems i began to dig deeper. A hint on Reddit for Assetto Corsa saying that you have to use windowed mode finally brought the solution.
Untick fullscreen checkbox in Graphics configuraton. Then ETS2 works again in VR! Its reproducible. As soon as you enable Fullscreen the HMD turns black and cannot be turned on again until you Restart SteamVR.
Maybe the VR guide should be updated because i didn't find a hint there.
So now i can enjoy the immersion again!

What i find odd is that you have to go into a Player Profile to change general Settings that affect the game's main Menu.

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