Wrong navigation route [NOT A BUG]

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Wrong navigation route [NOT A BUG]

#1 Post by jay_trucker » 14 Jul 2020 23:19


The route advisor suggests that I turn in the middle of a highway, before the actual place to turn.
Windows 10 64bit

coordinates: wrong navigation ;[14/07/2020 19:58] (sec+0008-0006);35409.1;10.063;-23319.5;2.33956;-0.190471
As you can see on the map, the road ends a little bit further and then you are able to turn, to take the opposite lane.
It is blocked to turn where the navigation suggests.

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Re: Wrong navigation route

#2 Post by Tom » 15 Jul 2020 07:58

"not a bug"
from navigation point of view there is no place where you could get to that lane so it shows closest place no matter if its possible or not.
as navigation does not use company prefabs and such as places where player could turn around.
its more of a map design imperfection. where this segment was designed with company as target point without considering that player may not always want to go there.

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