First credit-limit too low/Truck-prices too high(?)

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First credit-limit too low/Truck-prices too high(?)

#1 Post by roidal » 19 Jul 2020 18:45

Taking a look on ATS a beginner Truck costs about 118,000$ while the first credit-limit is 130,000$.
This allows a player to buy it's own Truck after finishing the first (non-tutorial) contract.

The same was for ETS2 long time ago. A beginner-Truck costed about 100,000€ while also having 100,000€ credit-limit.
But then Truck-prices were raised to about 118,000€ while the credit-limit stayed the same.

Now i'am wondering if that is by intention or a oversight?

Also the beginner-"Iveco hi-way" with a price of more than 157,000€ making it much more expensive than all other trucks while having the worst performance because of using the default torque-curve.

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