[Nevada] Las Vegas - missing directional signs [130305]

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[Nevada] Las Vegas - missing directional signs [130305]

#1 Post by dj212 » 25 Aug 2020 01:20

The interchange between I-15 and US-93 North is missing directional signage at the exit from I-15 northbound:


The real-world location has poor Street View imagery, unfortunately, but from this angle you can see some of the signage:


game version: (64-bit)
reproducibility: Always

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Missing signage ;[24/08/2020 18:14] (sec-0021+0001);-83631.9;38.3341;5519.63;-2.08642;-0.111326
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Re: [Nevada] Las Vegas - missing directional signs

#2 Post by HaQ » 18 Oct 2020 11:27

Thanks for your report, it's been forwarded to the developers.
QA: 0130305
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