Neverending detour loopings

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Neverending detour loopings

#1 Post by Vinnie Terranova » 01 Aug 2020 19:40

Ver: ATS v1.38
DLC: all official
Mod: none
Pc: Win10 64-bit

There are quite some problems with detours. So I decided to put them all into one bug report. I believe the detour function has to be looked at closely because of all those problems.

1. Las Vegas - North of Las Vegas, I-15, northbound
Location: (sec-0021+0001);-83624.9;46.6174;5520.16;-2.34814;-0.314159
As you can see in the screenshot (route advisor) the suggested route would take me several miles back to Las Vegas. But if you take the road as I'm about to drive, you can easily pass the cause of that detour (I believe it was a car crash).
There is however one small problem: you can drive on that road I'm about to drive but that piece of road is not visible in the route advisor. Because of that, the route advisor calculates a detour route which brings me back to Las Vegas. If I would have done that, it would also got me back to the I-15 with the same car crash: I would be in a loop.
The solution to this detour is quite simple: that small piece of road must be made visible in the route advisor.

2. Kennewick - North of Kennewick, I-182/US-12, eastbound
Location: (sec-0023-0014);-89605.3;23.2412;-53548.3;-1.62619;-0.314159
As you can see in the route advisor, this detour brings you in a neverending loop, too.

3. Barstow, west of Barstow, I-15, northbound
Location: (sec-0025+0003);-97979.5;45.5836;12470.9;-0.757746;-0.314159
Coming from the left on the I-15 you cannot enter the CA-58 to Bakersfield at this interchange, due to the crash on the CA-58 further away. The suggested route brings you to Barstow, and then back on the I-15 (from the right) to the same interchange, where you still cannot enter the CA-58...

Obviously there is something serious going on with unlogical detour suggestions...

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