[WA] Port of Seattle, Wrong direction after loading

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[WA] Port of Seattle, Wrong direction after loading

#1 Post by plykkegaard » 03 Aug 2020 22:00

Washington, Port of Seattle, vehicle faces wrong direction after cargo was loaded

To load the carfo for double and triple ownable trailers you drive straight forward, stop the engIne and press enter to activiate the loading process, then truck and trailers are turned around 180 degrees

It is good in most situations but not at the Port of Seattle in this case you keep driving from the entrance towards the exit, one way
But after loading you face towards the entry point and you not to turn around to get to the exit

Code: Select all

Wrong way after loading ;[03/08/2020 20:02] (sec-0026-0016);-100491;8.29937;-62561.8;2.98365;-0.0537183
Win 10 64-bit, DX11
Game version
Always reproducible
No mods, vanilla game
(142.29 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Sorry, out of office

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