Leipzig concessionaire map icon

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Leipzig concessionaire map icon

#1 Post by Some newbie driver » 18 Oct 2020 20:18

I just discovered the DAF concessionaire at Leipzig on a recent profile where I had not all the map discovered. In completely entered inside the yard with my truck and the yard was painted yellow on the map. But the concessionaire icon in the mini-map or the whole map keeps showing the white ? over gray square of an undiscovered location. When I noticed it, I went to the concessionaire again (I was a few streets away), enter it and the icon finally appeared right when I drove over the green floating action point icon (the moment when the route advisor warned me the concessionaire was close due it was late at night). Usually those icons should turn from the ? to the appropriate one just driving near the place (when the route advisor shows the message of "new concessionaire discovered")

Last 1.38 version, x64 DX11 executable. Profile clean of any mod since always. I cannot say if it's reproducible (I should start new profiles to check it again, no eagerness to do it TBH) neither I've noticed any other similar failure even if happened before it's perfectly possible I didn't noticed.


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