[Utah DLC] I-70 - Salina - "Next Services" Signing (sec-0017-0002)(sec-0018-0002)

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[Utah DLC] I-70 - Salina - "Next Services" Signing (sec-0017-0002)(sec-0018-0002)

#1 Post by supersobes » 17 Oct 2020 21:28

Interstate 70 in Utah between Green River and Salina an iconic and famous part of the Interstate system because it is the longest distance on the entire system with no traveler services. However, in ATS, SCS has the signing of this iconic landmark wrong! They have the "Next Services - 105 Miles" on the Westbound approach to the Salina exit rather than the Eastbound approach like it is in real-life. The "Next Services - 105 Miles" sign should be removed from the Westbound sign, and one should be added to the Eastbound sign.

Date of Bug Report: 17 Oct 2020
Game Version: Experimental Public Beta
Operating System: Windows 10 - 64-bit
No Mods
Always Reproducible

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[Utah DLC] I-70 Westbound - Remove "Next Services" Sign - Salina ;[17/10/2020 17:21:55] (sec-0017-0002);-67977.3;91.0572;-6066.35;1.57289;-0.0902089

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[Utah DLC] I-70 Eastbound - Missing "Next Services" Sign - Salina ;[17/10/2020 17:22:23] (sec-0018-0002);-68891.9;91.2843;-6198.67;-1.73887;-0.0556553


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