[CO] Cars flying into the air at detour event

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[CO] Cars flying into the air at detour event

#1 Post by ShatnersBassoon » 21 Nov 2020 15:28

When a detour is generated on Route 76 north of Denver, 2 vehicles can spawn in the same place:


When I drive close, the cars fly into the air (and I get fined for a collision if they land on my truck):

Video Link

Version Win10 64 bit
Detour bug ;[21/11/2020 14:12:01] (sec-0010-0002);-38545.1;109.005;-7244.81;-3.06455;-0.198659
Reproducible: The detours are random, but it's happened for me several times at this location - the event and the parked vehicles can change randomly even when reloading a save game just before it happens, it seems to happen with the 2-car collision in the screenshot, and the overturned dumper trailer event.
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