AI traffic in UK problems [130777,130778,130779]

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AI traffic in UK problems [130777,130778,130779]

#1 Post by jason78883 » 18 Oct 2020 11:08

Several AI has some problem in their 3d model (UK version of ai):
Game Version :
bug/problem list :
1. Wiper on Reanult Magnum ai traffic UK version is misaligned, it used eu model of wiper

2. Man TGX e6 UK ai traffic has wrong side for front and side mirror ( it should be on the left side of the truck) and the ai doesn't have wiper in it

3. Scania Next gen R series ai traffic UK version is also misaligned, it used eu wiper instead of uk wiper

Always reproduceable
win10 64 bit

i know a lot of people will see this report as ridiculous because its only ai that people won't notice, but i notice it and its a bit annoying especially for player like me who likes to drive in UK / Right hand drive countries.
sorry for my english :D :D :D

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Re: AI traffic in UK problems [130777,130778,130779]

#2 Post by Tom » 22 Oct 2020 13:59

Thanks for report!

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