BtBS traffic no use turn signal [135867,135872,135877,135879,135881,135884,135885,135886,135889,135896,135911,135927...]

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BtBS traffic no use turn signal [135867,135872,135877,135879,135881,135884,135885,135886,135889,135896,135911,135927...]

#1 Post by myks35 » 16 Nov 2020 08:44

Game version
No mods
Win10 64bit
Always Reproducible

DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea

For some time now, I have noticed that in Beyond the Baltic Sea, traffic at many road intersections does not use signposts (turn signal).
Josh0 written about something similar (viewtopic.php?f=277&t=291770). But he only reported one prefab. So I found a few others where traffic doesn't use turn signals.
Most often these are entries and exits from expressways but not only on this places. Here is list where traffic should use turn signal.

Code: Select all

list of prefab where traffic no use turn signal:

how much is used		asset				unit name		random uid of prefab		description
2x 			balt gas1 joint mirrored tmpl		prefab.dlc_balt_8	0x2568A880E64E0000
2x			balt gas1 joint2 mirrored tmpl		prefab.dlc_balt_9	0x2568A1F034CE0001
1x			balt hw1 r2 merge mirrored tmpl		prefab.dlc_balt_97	0x2587402CE40F0001
1x			balt hw1 r2 merge tmpl			prefab.dlc_balt_96	0x25873FC4E68F0001 
1x			balt hw2 hw1 merge mirrored tmpl	prefab.dlc_balt_22	0x23FDACFCF3050001 
1x			balt hw2 hw1 merge tmpl			prefab.dlc_balt_85	0x241C4E38CBC50001 
48x			balt hw2 hw3 merge mirrored tmpl	prefab.dlc_balt_99	0x22B04D148B8A0001 <- important prefab because the most common
2x			balt hw4 hw3 merge mirrored tmpl	prefab.dlc_balt_102	0x2513618049C6006D 
10x			balt r1 r1 joint double			prefab.dlc_balt_114	0x24162B3CC1060001 <-(THIS ONE PREFAB ALREADY BEEN REPORTED, link: works only one side when traffic enter but not work when leaving 
42x			balt r1 r2plus2 trans tmpl		prefab.dlc_balt_145	0x23E6E64C0606004E <- works only one side when traffic enter but not work when leaving, second important
1x			balt r1 tram exit			prefab.dlc_balt_255	0x2742D53CFB8A0001 (intersection)
4x			balt r2 one way x r1 narrow tmpl	prefab.dlc_balt_242	0x25EC2BAC63520001 <- works only one way 1/4 (intersection)
20x			balt r2 plus 1 x oneway in		prefab.dlc_balt_92	0x233471608ACD0001 <- third important (intersection)
6x			balt r2 r3 merge mirrored tmpl		prefab.dlc_balt_101	0x23EDD77451420001 
16x			balt r2plus1 r1 mirrored tmpl		prefab.dlc_balt_141	0x2344594814C20001 
1x			balt road1 hw balt hw 2 merge tmpl	prefab.dlc_balt_28	0x24EEA43CCA4A0001 <- works only one side when traffic enter but not work when leaving
1x			balt switch 2 1 road tmpl		prefab.dlc_balt_20	0x26F956F8A68A0001 <- works only one side
2x			balt tram r2 balt tram x r1 exit	prefab.dlc_balt_259	0x27D5B5307E850000 <- does not work when traffic turns right
1x			balt_r1_merge_r2			prefab.dlc_balt_240	0x2B9B005860060001 
16x 			balt hw2 sr fork long tmpl		prefab.dlc_balt_196	0x241637E01B4E0001 <- works only one side
Random sample screenshots:


I have hope the topic will be helpful.

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Re: BtBS traffic no use turn signal

#2 Post by Tom » 23 Nov 2020 13:00

Thanks for report.
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