Sweden Jönköping: Missing speed signs

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Sweden Jönköping: Missing speed signs

#1 Post by odecif » 13 Jan 2021 00:47

Version of game: (64-bit)
OS: Manjaro Linux 20.2 (64-bit), kernel 5.4.85-1
Reproducable: Always


When taking the following exit, the speed limit reduces from 80 to 50, but there are no speed limit signs to back this up.

Code: Select all

No signs of speed limit change, yet it was lowered from 80 to 50 (missing signs) ;[13/01/2021 00:48:27] (sec+0003-0010);13853.5;5.40741;-38664.7;-0.904897;0.00378847
Screenshot illustrates exit with missing signs

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