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Gearbox simulation error in automatic mode

Posted: 14 Jan 2021 14:43
by Restruct62
Quotation from real AS-tronic gearbox manual: "Driver can upshift or downshift gears without switching from automatic mode to manual one. Selected gear keeps for 7 seconds, after 7 seconds the gearbox will take control again". But in game there are no 7 seconds, when I go downhill and try to downshift 1-2 gears to use engine for braking, the gearbox resumes high gear again in 1-2 seconds :(... So, when I activate retarder, I need about 1800 rpm, but when I low 1-2 gears and get 1800, gearbox returned high gear again... But in the real truck I would have at minimum 7 seconds. So my proposition: if driver adjusts gears, gearbox should switch in manual mode for 7 seconds, after that autoswitch overrides.