Game crash - <ERROR> [dx11] Failed to create texture [150742]

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Game crash - <ERROR> [dx11] Failed to create texture [150742]

#1 Post by San_Sany4 » 28 Feb 2021 22:24

I was driving from the Deepgrove wood harvesting site in Grangeville towards Grangeville, opened the map by pressing M, the map window opened, but the map itself was not loading for a second or two, then the game crashed.

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00:12:29.127 : <ERROR> [dx11] Failed to create texture (/material/ui/map/map3.tobj) (0x887a0005)
Vanilla game, clean profile, Build: d3de68542581, Windows 10 x64.

EDIT: Started the game again, drove for a while, no problem with map. But somewhere past Grangeville the game crashed again, now while driving, same error, different texture.

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00:07:38.108 : <ERROR> [dx11] Failed to create texture (/model/rock/stones/stones_angular_nrm.tobj) (0x887a0005)
Game.crash.txt is re-uploaded, contains both crashes. Also it has a previous crash, that I don't remember, with apparently the same error.
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Re: Game crash - <ERROR> [dx11] Failed to create texture [150742]

#2 Post by davincillo » 01 Mar 2021 10:38

Thank you for the report! QA[150742]
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