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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#7361 Post by F4R35 » 19 Jun 2021 09:13

Read the Wiki Everything you want to know is there!
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#7362 Post by Some newbie driver » 19 Jun 2021 09:25

@Reis_6 what we have now are (truck) driving games, not logistic simulators. The whole cargo system needs an overhaul and the map should also had to change significantly for that shift to happen, independently if the game has or not multiplayer now or WoTr since a time ago.

Point is there was no reason to do that overhaul when the game lacked a lot of kind of industries or logistic connections (and still lacks several key ones). They keep adding that kind of things with every new map DLC, although there's some steps back too. For example, in Iberia they had added one specialized company hat only dispatch glass; a cargo that before was very rare to find and always without any context. Now if one wants to "role" to be a glass dispatcher, one knows where to go. But in other hand, the dispatch of fuel to petrol stations was lost after Italy DLC (I had hopes they add it to Germany once fully reworked, as its petrol stations company is defined as capable in the game files; but its not active).

In most cases what we have now is just a mix of companies in order to have variety of routes from, every source; but that doesn't reflect realistic logistic relationships and flows like there would be IRL.

At some point, hopefully they will finally address that part. In the meantime, pallets, packages... they are wildcards, cargoes that fit so many places that help them create routes. If we are talking about realism, I rather that kind of cargoes than deliver heavy haulage, bulk or tankers from/to a regular logistic warehouse suited to dispatch only paletized cargo.


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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#7363 Post by Truckdrivr » 19 Jun 2021 14:30

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#7364 Post by parasaurolophus67 » 19 Jun 2021 14:33

I really like the dam pictures :0

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#7365 Post by Reis_6 » 19 Jun 2021 19:25

Some newbie driver wrote:
19 Jun 2021 09:25
At some point, hopefully they will finally address that part.
I agree with you and believe that this part should be prioritized at some point in the development of the game or the improvement of Convoy.
Bandit & The Snowman wrote:
19 Jun 2021 08:01
I wonder if Morrelo being a staff member at Trucksbook means anything in connection with a similar functionality for WoTr…
I believe so... Perhaps morrelo has some 'finger' on the future logistics optimizations that will go in with the new multiplayer mode and World of Truck's integration...

@harishw8r, the Trucksbook is a ranking of km. In my point of view, in a rough comparison, it is like a World of Trucks event that happens all year long, monthly, where players compete to see who does more km... However, the ranking counts for company and player, in the speed categories (ETS2 0-100kmh/real, 100-180kmh/race and ATS 0-081mph real/081-112mph/race) and since January this year it counts with the category of just jobs from the World of Trucks, you can let the truck reach speeds higher than the indicated as real/race but being a WoTr job, it registers exclusively in the WoTr ranking...

I recommend you to register and read the Trucksbook website, it is very didactic and self explanatory.

@Graf_Boinenn I also believe that WoTr will be SCS gateway to try to bring logistics as close to real life as possible, mirroring a bit with what already exists in Trucksbook.

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Re: ATS 1.41 Open Beta discussion

#7366 Post by Robinicus » 21 Jun 2021 12:39

Wasn't sure where else to post this....passed a milestone over the weekend :)

1.39 combined engine pack now available

1.39 default SCS replacement engine pack now available

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Re: ATS 1.41 Open Beta discussion

#7367 Post by TINO » 21 Jun 2021 13:14

How? Do you keep it on open in background/taskbar? :D

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Re: ATS 1.41 Open Beta discussion

#7368 Post by Vinnie Terranova » 21 Jun 2021 13:16

@Robinicus Congratulations, but what has this to do with ATS 1.41 OB?

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Re: ATS 1.41 Open Beta discussion

#7369 Post by Tarso » 21 Jun 2021 13:17

Congrats, you have played 416 full days of the 1966 days since ATS launch.

I think I haven't even worked as many hours since 2016 on my full time job, that's a crazy milestone to think someone played that much

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Re: ATS 1.41 Open Beta discussion

#7370 Post by HagenXXV » 21 Jun 2021 14:48

who has the record of hours played? :O I'm only at 1916 hours. (since 2019 xD)

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