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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49211 Post by supersobes » 05 Aug 2020 15:07

Scania trucks are the best, but the Peterbilts are good too.
Road signs are just as important as the road itself.

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49213 Post by harishw8r » 05 Aug 2020 18:29

Wow! Another stream
Paint everything black! :idea:
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49214 Post by Rocksteady » 07 Aug 2020 06:41

Was any interesting information on stream?

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49215 Post by TheTiger » 07 Aug 2020 07:25

Nah, was more about what does Nemiro like, normal conversation in general. :D
There was a hint, about unload manually your trailer but maybe we will find to wait another 10 years.

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49216 Post by flight50 » 07 Aug 2020 07:50

I forgot about the stream. I probably would have listened at least while I worked. Well quite week for the most part. Friday is here. Blog/No Blog today, I'll be okay. I have some good driving today no matter what.

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49217 Post by mackintosh » 07 Aug 2020 09:17

Nothing interesting as far as the games are concerned, lots of interesting trivia about Nemiro, though. This will most likely become a series, with a new co-host joining Alex every stream.

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49218 Post by Marcello Julio » 07 Aug 2020 12:29

I liked yesterday's stream! Nothing important was said, only Nemiro told him several curiosities and the story of how he joined SCS and What was he doing before working at SCS. Something he said was a question asked by Alex, that what functionality would he like to be introduced in both games, and he said the possibility for you to load and unload deliveries by the player leaving of the truck. But of course that was just a random question, it doesn't confirm and deny anything.

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49219 Post by Virgo91 » 07 Aug 2020 13:25

That has to be optional,if that ever happens.I've been playing ETS 2 for 7 years,ATS for 4 years.I've been playing older truck games some years ago.I'm used to how it currently is(and i'm fine with that),and that's why i want it to be optional.
But let's be real : if that feature ever happens...there will be people asking to walk around the map :lol:

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#49220 Post by Bumer » 07 Aug 2020 13:36

TheTiger wrote:
07 Aug 2020 07:25
wait another 10 years.
You mean 100 years old? :mrgreen: 8-)
Translated from Martian to English via google translator. :lol:

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