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A suggestion for mod threads

#1 Post by R0adrunner » 08 Oct 2015 13:00

Sorry, this isn't a mod, but asked a moderator for advice where to post, so here it is.

Recent discussions in some mod threads got me thinking, what if modders could (if they wish to do so) make two parallell threads upon releasing a mod, such as a [RELEASE]-thread and a separate [REQUESTS and COMMENTS]-thread. They can obviously do exactly that right now, but in addition they would have the option to lock the [RELEASE]-thread, whereas the [REQUESTS and COMMENTS]-thread would be open for discussion, like for example:

Truckmod xyz [RELEASE] - locked, posts only by modmaker


Truckmod xyz [REQUESTS and COMMENTS] - open, posts by anyone

Hence the [RELEASE]-thread would be a clean space for the modders where they may post information on releases, updates, future plans or whatever they feel is relevant. They could of course keep an eye on and/or comment on the [REQUESTS and COMMENTS]-thread too if and when they choose to do so.

For the rest of us - like myself - who aren't talented enough to make our own mods, but truly enjoy and appreciate the countless hours of work and dedication these guys put into creating fantastic stuff for free, it would make sense too.
  • A tidy clutter-free [RELEASE]-thread with just the essential info provided strictly by the modder, would make it easier to keep up with what's going on, what's released, when it's updated and so on.
  • In the [REQUESTS and COMMENTS]-thread we could, as usual, show our gratitude, post pics, make requests and whine about why mod X don't work with mod Y in game version Z
IMO an arrangement like this would benefit all parties. As things are now it's sometimes quite a task to find relevant and useful information in a release-post, which might have up to a 1000+ replies.

As said, i'm no modder, so i have no clue what their opinion might be, but maybe something like this would take a bit pressure off them too and let them focus on what they do best.

Just a thought...
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Re: A suggestion for mod threads

#2 Post by Axel Slingerland » 09 Oct 2015 17:22

This would a lot more work for both the Moderators and mod makers, given the way things are set up on this board. Since members of the forum can not lock and unlock their own threads, the Moderators would have to do it for them. It is far easier to search for something, then search the results of that search.

For example, let's say you search for "chassis". When the search results are displayed, look on the right side of the screen for Search these results:, with a search field and a Go button. Now you can type in a more specific search such as "mercedes chassis" and press Go. Or you could do a general search for a specific member, then a specific search of the results to find a specific mod or something that member made. And this is just using the forum search. There is also this: !!! Advanced Search Tool by MartinoPio !!!
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